Yumaju Coffee Cool Cafe at Central Bandung

Yumaju Coffee

Bandung advertiser – Yumaju Coffee Cool Cafe at Central Bandung , Coffee lovers are always looking for a reference for a place to be able to drink coffee by enjoying a variety of comfortable, calm and certainly has its own characteristics. In Bandung, Cafe Yumaju can be an alternative choice that can be visited by coffee lovers.

Yumaju Coffee is the right choice for coffee lovers. Yumaju Coffee itself has two branches. Yumaju Coffee 1 which first stood on Jalan Maulana Yusuf Bandung, and Yumaju Coffee 2 in the Siliwangi Stadium Area on Jl Manado, Merdeka, Sumurbandung District, Bandung City.

Each branch has a different concept and design for the place and atmosphere. Yumaju Coffee 2 presents an outdoor concept that is really suitable for people who want to refresh their brains with natural nuances. Meanwhile, Yumaju Coffee 1 has a more indoor concept and looks official. And suitable for formal meetings such as meeting activities.

Yumaju Coffee 2 which is on Manado street is more designed with a relaxed and chill atmosphere. The location of this cafe is also easy to find using a google map, so for those from out of town, there is no need to feel confused about finding the location.

Yumaju Coffee 2 provides a comfortable, relaxed, and clean outdoor atmosphere. The towering pine trees make this place shady and cool. Even during the day, this place feels cool and not hot even though he is in the middle of the city. It feels like being in a mountainous area.

Yumaju Coffee
Yumaju Coffee

In addition to outdoor, Yumaju Coffee 2 also provides an indoor room. In the indoor room there are 3 tables with a capacity of approximately 6 people. Smaller than the outdoor one, but still comfortable and of course clean.

Yumaju Coffee 2 is open from 07.00 to 21.00 WIB. Quite early for the size of a coffee shop. Picking up a fortune from the morning coffee shoppers, maybe that’s the concept they are planning at this time.

Due to its early opening hours, Yumuja Coffee 2 is really suitable as a resting place after Gowes activities, morning walks and other morning sports. With a comfortable outdoor feel, and cool air, it can make the body relax after exercising.

What’s even more special here, when opening hours are many types of pastries and cakes that have been served. Pastry and cakes are served with a protected glass hood, so as to maintain cleanliness.

Not many cafes already provide complete drinks and food during their opening hours and that gives additional points for Yumaju Coffee 2.

Yumaju Coffee 2 provides several facilities for visitors. In addition to being a comfortable place, there is also a Wifi network that visitors can use when hanging out at Yumaju coffee 2, with speeds of 22mbps down and 8mbps up.

There are also electrical outlets available there. A smoking area for smokers and a Non-smooking area which is wider than the smoking area.

Yumaju Coffee

The services provided by the employees are also additional points for Yumaju Coffee 2 itself. According to the reports from the gokuliner.com and google sites, the friendliness and response of the Yumaju Coffee 2 employees in serving visitors received a fairly high and satisfying score. Visitors feel satisfied and comfortable with the friendliness of Yumuja Coffee 2 employees.

Other facilities provided by Yumaju Coffee 2 are delivery service, Drive-through, delivery without meeting and take-out. so for visitors who don’t have time to eat on the spot, or run out of seats, they can still enjoy the existing food menu with the services provided by Yumaju Coffee 2.

The menus served at Yumaju Coffee 2 are varied. What is certain is that various types of coffee are available here, such as, Espresso, Ice Cappoccino, and many more. There are also non-coffee menus, such as macha, dark chocolate, and many more, plus several types of pastries such as Double Choco Banana Cake, salted caramel roll, and others that are very suitable to be enjoyed with coffee.

Heavy meals are also available here, so don’t worry about getting hungry if you hang out at Yumaju Coffee 2.

For the problem of taste, it is quite recommended by visitors. Reported from the data issued on the site gokuliner.com. Visitors to Yumaju Coffee 2 gave a rating of 3.9 out of 5 for the flavors served in the menu.

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While the prices for each menu are standard, not too expensive. Starting from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 70,000 depending on the menu ordered.

What is unique here is that every visitor who has finished enjoying their food and drink is asked to put their cutlery and drink on the stacking rack next to the coffee bar table.

In other places, when visitors finish eating and drinking, they just leave the food utensils that have been used lying on the table and will later be cleaned by the staff, but here visitors are asked to tidy up their own food and drink containers. In addition to easing the work of employees and providing comfort to the next visitor,

also practice good habits for the visitors.
So far, no visitors have complained about Yumaju Coffee 2’s policy regarding visitors having to put down their own food utensils after finishing. With the friendliness of employees to visitors who provide an understanding of the policy, visitors do not feel offended and do it with volunteers, even appreciate the policy.

Visitors to Yumaju Coffee 2 are quite busy. Especially after the visit of the Governor of West Java Ridwal Kamil and Sandiaga Uno who posted their chess playing activities at the cafe on January 23, 2019. Yumaju Coffee 2 is getting more and more crowded.
Even during the pandemic, Yumaju Coffee 2 was also quite crowded with visitors, by implementing strict procedures.

Yumaju Coffee 2 visitors spent a long time there, some spent hours doing assignments/work, some spent time chatting, meeting, meeting clients and others. According to Google’s description, visitors to Yumaju Coffee 2 spend an average of 15 minutes to 1.5 hours sitting and hanging out there.

This place is friendly for all ages, from babies, children to adults. Whether you want to go there alone or in groups. Yumaju Coffe 2 is a hangout suitable for all ages. A strategic location in the middle of Bandung, a very supportive atmosphere, satisfying employee service makes Yumaju Coffee 2 one of the best Coffee Shops in Bandung.

Yumaju Coffee 2 is also a cool place to hang out, especially if you hang out with family, friends or co-workers. With the convenience that is presented will further strengthen the existing relationship. So don’t hesitate to come to Yumaju Coffee 2. To add to your references, you can also see the official Yumuja Coffee Instagram at @Yumaju. Good luck!!!

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