Witnessing the Beauty of the Rengganis Crater

Witnessing the Beauty of the Rengganis Crater.

If you have a schedule to travel to Bandung, enter the Rengganis Crater attraction on your visit list.

This Rengganis crater tourist spot has been popular for a long time, many people come not only to see the scenery around the crater, but also to do other activities that are more meaningful.

Here you can see the beauty of the Rengganis Crater, which was formed by natural processes millions of years ago.

Based on geological data, the crater was created by the eruption of Purba volcano.

Natural phenomena that occur in the area of ​​Mount Sunda Purba and Mount Patuha, like in the White Crater of Ciwidey, have a big impact on the time and the emergence of the Rengganis Crater.

This crater releases geothermal energy sources that can be enjoyed by steam or hot water for bathing.

Activities that can be done around the Rengganis Crater

Rengganis area is managed by the management of Rancabali Lakeside Glamping tourist attractions.

When you want to enter the tourist area of ​​Rengganis Crater, you must first check the gate of the crater, then buy a ticket from Glamping Lakeside.

In this area, tourists can do some geotrek activities.

Activities that are generally carried out by tourists in this region include relaxing walks to add information and narratives of natural knowledge.

You can observe the shape of the crater, explore, and sit around the crater.

If you have a lot of time, you can stop by the local villagers who live close to the Rengganis crater.

You can interact with local residents and exchange information with them.

Local residents must have a variety of experiences about the Rengganis Crater.

This method is also an effective way for you to have more experience while traveling outside your own area.

Interacting with local people makes you have an understanding more related to their local culture

How to reach the location?

To get there, it takes about two hours to travel from Soreang.

If you depart from Ciwidey, you can reach it faster.

Rengganis Crater Area is on the left side of Ciwidey, approximately 15 minutes or 2 kilometers from Situ Patengan.

In this area, you can already see the signposts leading to the Rengganis crater.

Road access to the new crater area can be traversed by two-wheeled vehicles.

So if you bring a car, you have to park on the side of Jalan Raya Rancabali – Ciwidey or near the gate.

The parking location is close to the gate, so you should take the next trip on foot.

After buying a ticket, you can rent a motorcycle, motorcycle taxi, or walk to the crater.

If you choose to walk, you will travel for about 15 minutes to the top.

After following the two meter wide road, you will see the Kawah Cibuni village or the crater village.

If you stop by the village, you can interact with the local population.

The beauty of the Rengganis Crater Area

During the trip to the top of the Rengganis Crater you will see a beautiful view of the plantations along the way.

When it’s near, you can smell the typical sulfur aroma and the yellow limestone rocks that pop out from behind the bushes.

The natural beauty of the Rengganis Crater is not inferior to the Putih Crater or Kamojang Crater which was already popular.

In the Rengganis Crater, the smell of the sulfur is not too intense.

The advantage of the Rengganis Crater is that the water can be used for bathing and bathing.

You can relax on the large rocks scattered in the river.

For the Millennials, the Rengganis area can also be an Instagram selfie location.

Facilities in the Bathing Area

Some bathing pools are equipped with showers.

Many people bathe there because they believe sulfur baths can be an alternative treatment.

The atmosphere of the hot spring pool is very natural, similar to a hot spring in Japan called Onsen.

There are several showers of hot springs and some pools of steam, which can be used for natural saunas.

In the Rengganis Crater area there is also a source of warm black mud sought by tourists as a face and body mask.

The black mud mask is believed to be able to tighten and smooth the skin.

In addition to coming to bathe, there are also tourists who deliberately come to the Rengganis Crater for the purpose of pilgrimage.

Attraction of the Rengganis Crater

In addition to the above, the Rengganis crater has another attraction.

One of them is that there are several small geysers.

This geyser ejects hot steam on a large scale.

This steam can be used for natural saunas.

Because of this, the Rengganis Crater is famous for several natural hot springs, making many people interested in coming and enjoying the taste of hot steam baths.

Moreover, the sulfur smell is not too thick and the temperature of the water is not too hot, it’s just warm.

It is the right combination to bathe for a long time.

Supporting Facilities in the Rengganis Crater

If in the past, there were no supporting facilities, since it was crowded into a new tourist area in Bandung, there were entrepreneurs who provided supporting facilities in the Rengganis Crater.

Supporting facilities that you can feel included Homestays, cottages, and also hotels near the Rengganis area.

Therefore, with these additional facilities, people are increasingly interested in coming.

Availability of staying facilities makes them not have to worry when looking for a place to rest.

The facility is also equipped with a restaurant, where visitors can also enjoy Sundanese specialty food.

When these public facilities are more complete, there is no more concern about visiting the natural attractions in Bandung’s Ciwidey area.

Entrance ticket

As mentioned, to enter the tourist area of ​​Rengganis Crater you must buy a ticket first.

The price of admission tickets to enjoy the Rengganis area is only IDR 15,000.

You need to know that the ticket price does not include the cost of parking tickets and the use of public toilets, or enjoy other facilities.

So prepare money to pay for parking and also to pay for public toilets.



Rengganis Crater tourist attractions are located in Patengan, Rancabali, Bandung.

The location of the Rengganis Crater is not far from the Situ Patenggang tourist attraction.

Approximately two kilometers to the Rengganis Crater from Situ Patenggang.

Rengganis Crater is also still included in the Ciwidey area, precisely located in the tea plantation area of ​​PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII in Kampung Cibuni, Patengan Village, Rancabali District, Bandung Regency.


That is the description of the Rengganis Crater, a natural tourist spot in Bandung that you can make an alternative to fill a holiday.

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