Traveling And Learn English In These Spots

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Well, learning English should not always be in place tutoring, you know! With you traveling in many tourist attractions are visited by many western tourists or Caucasians, you can autodidactly train your courage and vocabulary.

For you who live in Jakarta and Bandung, deserve to feel lucky. Because, a lot of tourist spots both culinary and historic buildings that have high-level visitors, you know!

Curious anywhere that should be ? – already prepared eight tourist spots in Jakarta and Bandung for learning English Done For you , Check it out!

Tourist Spots In Jakarta

Jalan Jaksa

This area is located in a small street, Kebon Sirih Village which is only 400 meters long. But, if at night, Jalan Jaksa changed to Kuta its Jakarta. The foreign tourists, mostly westerners who like to come to this area to just eat, enjoy live music to stay at hotels with low prices. The price of food that is not too expensive so one of the attractiveness of the Caucasians to spend his time on Jalan Jaksa.

Jalan Sabang

Not far from Jalan Jaksa, you can stop by Jalan Jaksa. There, a lot of culinary attractions penggugah taste. Starting from goat fried rice, rice bald, soto mango until pempek cup present here. The price is very cheap and many variations make a lot of Caucasians willing to come here for lunch or dinner. Well, you can use the opportunity to chat with them.


If the two locations above for Caucasians Caucasian, try the road to Raya Kemang, South Jakarta fitting weekend, deh. There, lots of light cafes to beer pubs are busy visited by foreign tourists upscale middle class. Most of them mingle with local people and Jakarta slang kids to hang out, chat or search for connections. Because it has an interesting spot like Kuta Bali, many cafes to restaurants in Kemang are funded directly by the Caucasians. Interested coming?

Old town / Kota Tua

This one spot does not offer glitzy or culinary tours, historic tours. In the Old Town, you can enjoy the beautiful buildings with classic Dutch architecture. Several important museums are also located in this area. No wonder many Caucasians roam here to hunt for photographs and historical information of Jakarta. You can really get acquaintances and become their tour guide, deh.

Pondok Indah Mall

Since the first, spot hanging in the south of Jakarta is indeed never run out of visitors. Especially since the construction of a snack center, Food Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall do not lose the market, deh. Interestingly, this one mall is located in an elite area and adjacent to several international schools. So, you will not be difficult to meet with many Caucasians here. Sapa and invite them to talk deh let your English more smoothly.

Tourist Spots In Bandung

Braga Street

The location is not far from the famous Merdeka Building makes Braga Street crowded visited by many tourists, not just local but also abroad. The architecture of a typical European building is side by side with the neat sidewalks you rarely see in other big cities. About the culinary, lots of pubs to cafes that you can visit, while looking for Caucasians to learn English.

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Dalem Kaum

Tourist location of this one was just known as a funeral complex Regent Raden Adipati Wiranatakusuma II. Well, since the tourists came to Bandung, Dalem Kaum was transformed into one of the largest shopping center in Bandung. The foreign Caucasians like to come to Dalem Kaumm to buy knick knacks in the form of clothes, accessories and others with the price of the patio, you know! Well, if you are shopping while you learn English, can deh stop by Dalem Kaum.

Paris Van Java

From the name is clear that this one spot offers a taste of Paris. The concept of a mall building that is familiar with Europe fuses cool temperatures that never stop enveloping Bandung. Starting from branded goods to local, can be found here. Many Caucasians also like dinner or just coffee at some cafe hanging out in the yard outside the mall. Who knows can be a new foreign colleague.