Tourist Attractions in Bandung Remembered In Hearts of Tourists

Categories: Bandung Tourism – Tourist Attractions in Bandung Remembered In Hearts of Tourists |  . Enjoyable holiday experience makes tourists keen to repeat it, especially on weekends, or on an extended vacation. Visits in Bandung recreational areas this can be done with colleagues, school friends, or family. The point is the place to welcome you intending to holiday by showing its beauty that makes you wonder.

The weekend became one of the short time for holidaying with happiness will quickly come to an end. But its influence is very large, changing the atmosphere was somber be happy returns.

Well, for those of you who are currently planning a vacation in Bandung area, but do not know where to go. Exactly when visiting here, because you’ll see the tourist attractions in Bandung, which is very interesting to visit.

And here are 20 sites in Bandung most requested by the tourists / netizens via the Internet in 2016 are sourced from reliable Google keyword pages planner. Remember, this search only using the Internet, so it will certainly be different from the value of direct visits to the site, because not everyone uses the internet to find out about travel information in Bandung, it can be ascertained that the visitors who come to the site will be much more data than search disni listed.

Want to know what Places in Bandung that the intent? let’s refer to his review!

20. Grand Mosque Bandung

The most famous religious tourist area is located in the city of Bandung This is a place of worship of Muslims the biggest in West Java, which has a building area of 8575 m2 that can accommodate as many as 12 412 people Jama’ah, the mosque stands on the ground area of 23 448 m2. Then on the front page there is a landscaped garden with a beautiful garden and below is a car park for pilgrims, guests or tourists who come to visit these locations.

The most interesting of this mosque is the second tower is located on the left and right of the mosque which can now be entered by all travelers, all visitors are allowed to climb up to the top of the tower using a lift in it to see the beauty of the city of Bandung from the top of the tower. The mosque is better known as the Masjid Raya Bandung.

Full address Masjid Raya Bandung is located in Jl. Dalem Kaum No. 14 Square, district. Regol, Bandung – West Java, No. Phone Masjid Raya Bandung is 022 4240275/022 4240275. No fewer than 1,000 people looking for information on the internet about this so great mosque Masjid Raya Bandung Bandung included in the list of 20 attractions Bandung is quite attractive.

19. Bandung Electronic Center

For lovers of shopping, especially electronic goods usual took time to come to Bandung Electronic Center (BEC) which is located at Jalan Purnawarman No. 13-15, Bandung, West Java 40117.

BEC is an electronic shopping mall the largest and most comprehensive in West Java. Various brands of electronic easily you can get with different prices. Every day BEC never empty of visitors, especially when the holiday season travelers arriving from out of town gang – raided a crowded this one. And to position the tourist attractions of Bandung to 19 occupied by BEC, because getting more than 1300 searches by tourists via the Internet.

18. Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk)

Tourist attractions in Bandung not only on its natural beauty alone. There is also a shopping tour is certainly interesting to visit. Yes, Ciwalk called, a shopping center that offers exciting experiences for travelers.

Here tourists can shop in open areas where the area is surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. Of course this is one shopping place that never or not you’ve ever tasted is not it? To be able to feel the sensation, agendakan to this place for planning a holiday in Bandung. Full address Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) is in Jalan Cihampelas No. 160, Bandung 40131 – Jawa Barat, No. Ciwalk telephone is +62 22 2061122.
Travel Ciwidey Rancaupas Bandung
17. Ranch Upas

The order of 17 to be filled by a tourist area Ranch Upas, many visitors are familiar with the name of the village Cai Ranch Upas or previously more familiar with words ranca campground attendant. No matter what its purpose if visitors come to Ranca upas can choose according to their wishes, would select a camping with a natural feel so amazing or play water like Warm Water Swimming Pool.

Aktfitas other attractions that can be enjoyed is Waterboom, War Games, ATV, Water Games, Fun Games, and that is not less thrill is that visitors can come face to face with a deer that was in the Captive Deer Ranch Upas. Address Attractions Ranch Upas located on Highway Ciwidey – Patenggang KM 11 Rancabali, Ciwidey South Bandung.


Rumah Mode Bandung
16. Home Mode

Fashion House is one of the famous shopping area of Bandung. Indeed, many Factory Outlet renowned in the area of Bandung, but Rumah Mode has supporting facilities complete the visit with the family, because in addition to selling a variety of clothing that is complete for all ages that most trends, FO also serving food typical of Bandung & Resto, there are also places playground for children are provided by the manager.

Home Address Mode located on Jl. Setiabudhi 41 Bandung Phone Number 022-2035498

15. Bandung Zoo

For animal lovers, the Zoo is the choice. Built on an area of 13.5 hectares, the zoo is at least about 1800 animals from various regions in Indonesia and the world.

Not only the variety of flora and fauna that we can see, we jug can enjoy a variety of interesting rides more like a museum of zoology, then there is the arena for the play of children, flying fox, and that is not less thrill is pool boat and rides the animal stable (Elephant / Camel ). Address Star Gardens Bandung is located in Jalan Kebon Animals No. 6 Taman Sari Bandung 40132, Telephone 022 2507302

14. Saung Angklung Udjo

Art galleries this one apparently well known in Bandung. Various Sundanese art show can be found here every day from 15:30 hours until 17:30 hours. Disni you can dance, sing and play musical instruments bersma.

For matters of the stomach is provided Saung and kitchen Udjo which provides various Sundanese, besides Saung Angklung Udjo also sells a variety of bamboo musical instruments such as traditional angklung, calung, arumba and others, so we can bring souvenirs of the art tools to take home , Cool, right?. If you are an art lover then travelers Udjo Saung Angklung is the right choice for you flown. Address Saung Angklung Udjo located on Jl. Padasuka No. 118, Bandung, West Java 40 192, No. Phone 022 7271714.
13. Geological Museum of Bandung

This is a historical museum in the city of Bandung which was built on 16 May 1928. Geology Museum Bandung widely used as a study tour destination by schools or colleges. For those of you who plan to conduct educational tours in Bandung do not miss to visit.

Bandung Geology Museum opening hours are from 9 am until 15:30 pm, on Saturday and Sunday is open only until 13:30 noon. Address Bandung Geology Museum is at Jl. Diponegoro 57, Bandung, West Java 40122, Phone: (022) 7213822

12. De’ranch Lembang

‘Travel ala Horse Cowboy’ that one of the slogans that was published on the official website. It’s so cool when we can capture the beautiful moments with style on a horse with a full costume in the style of an Indian tribe. Other rides can be enjoyed at De Ranch which are The Gold Hunter, Fun Boat, Swimming Fishing, Flying Fox, Air Balloon, Track Bike, Bicycle, Kids Skip, Fish Fish, trampoline, archery and much more.

Schedules de ranch opening hours for regular day starting at 09:00 until 17:00, while Weekend / holiday started at 08.00 and closed at 18.00. Address De’ranch Lembang is located at Jl. Maribaya No. 17, Lembang, West Java 40791. For those of you who need detailed information can contact No. Telephone 022 785 865.

11. Situ

There is a lake that ranks 11 Places in Bandung most requested. There were big enough concern netizens who like a holiday of tranquility and romantic atmosphere, the article of this lake gives peace to anyone who comes. The air is cool and airy wrapped with amazing scenery around him.

In the middle of this lake there is a small land called the Island of Love. To get the love of the island you can rent a boat provided by the manager of the lake. Address Situ located on Highway Ciwidey – Rancabali, Patengan Village, District Rancabali, Bandung regency, West Java Situ 40973. patenggang placed at all 11 of the attractions that are sought after in Bandung

10. New Market Bandung

There Pasar Baru Bandung in order to ten. To complete your visit in Bandung do not miss to visit tourist center Bandung shopping at New Market that provides a variety of merchandise with a price range from the local to imported goods, from the retail price to the wholesale price of all details at Pasar Baru Bandung. Traders in New Market Bandung Indonesia not only the person but also inhabited by those coming from the neighbor country Malaysia.

New Market Bandung also known as Pasar Baru Trade Center is located at Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata No. 70, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia with telephone number +62 22 4245555.

9. Gedung Sate

This historic building that became an icon of Bandung and West Java. Besides being used as a governmental activity, not a few who come to travel and want to know more closely the building.

Various activities such as frequent visitors to take pictures and just walking around or hanging out in the vicinity. Right on the other side of the street there is a field gasibu is often used as a place to hold large events.

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8. Paris Van Java

Who is not familiar with this one place, a place that is constructed of environmentally friendly shopping, skitar very beautiful condition. PVJ also known as the Paris Van Java Resort Lifestyle Place, which offers a unique tour combines shopping, dining and entertainment. There are many tenant disediakn with top international fashion brands. Variations culinary delicious with a typical menu archipelago, asia, america, up European cuisine.

In addition there is also a cinema with the latest films. And there are many more that can be enjoyed by tourists during a visit to Paris Van Java Bandung. Detailed information can call the phone number (022) 2060800. Detailed Address Paris Van Java is located in Jl. Sukajadi No. 137-139, Bandung, West Java 40162, Indonesia.

Bandung Institute of Technology
7. Institut Teknologi Bandung

In addition to natural attractions of Bandung also has educational famous sights like Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), the campus is often visited by tourists or students from outside the city with a variety of purposes. Many students and students who hold a Study tour to ITB because this campus is one of the best universities in Indonesia.

The full address of Bandung Institute of Technology is located at Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung, West Java 40132, Indonesia, The phone number is +62 22 2500935. ITB deserve to be in the order of seven to as many as 6,600 netizens search.

6. Kampung Daun

Kampung Daun is one of the famous culinary place in the area of Lembang, Bandung. This restaurant combines the concept of nature and culture. In its history in 1999 the managers juggle a small valley surrounded by hills and forests to a wonderful culinary and be Kampung Daun is now famous.

Address Kampung Daun is located in Jalan Sergeant Bajuri KM. 4.7, Villa Triniti, Lembang, West Java 40 154, Indonesia. +62 22 2784573

5. Kampung Gajah

In addition to providing Waterboom, waterpark and various other modern rides and attractions at this point there is an artificial beach that is almost like the originals or known Wavepool This is a solution for visitors who want to swim at the beach in the area of Bandung considering there is no ocean or beach.

Kampung Gajah entrance ticket is Rp 10,000 for weekdays while on weekends Rp 20,000, – per person. Hunter Kampung Gajah about 18,100 people per month placing it into the top 5 famous sights of Bandung in search of many visitors. Address in Jalan Kampung Gajah is Sergeant Bajuri KM 3.8, Lembang, Bandung, West Java 40 559, Indonesia. No. Phone: +62 22 61099999

4. Floating Market Lembang

Hearing his name of course we can already imagine how the atmosphere at the famous tourist attraction in the area of Lembang Bandung. Yes the floating market turned out to be the main attraction for local and foreign tourists.

The admission price is 15,000 Floating Market Lembang, -. The prices can later be exchanged for a variety of drinks. After passing through the lobby We are greeted with a magnificent lake, around there are tables and seating that you can use to see the sights while drink-drinking and taking pictures. There are unique here is if you want to buy food or drinks we had to use coins as means of payment, this coin can be obtained in place onsite / lobby.

Floating Market Lembang address is located at Jl. Grand Hotel # 33 E Lembang. Its beauty was able to attract more than 18,000 netizens look on the internet and occupy the top 4 positions. SO for you to Bandung but never been to here certainly regret deh.

3. Kawah Putih

In third position is occupied by an amazing nature hereinafter that white crater. Although the number of its search at the Floating Market, but more natural white crater there is no interference in its main attraction. Ciwidey White crater is a lake where the water is green to white – putihan surrounded by white sand. When viewed from a distance, tourists would assume if the white crater is covered by snow. Interesting is not it ?. The location is in the area south of Bandung and is part of the district of Bandung. Travel white crater ranks in the top three by the number of searches of approximately 18 100 people
2. Tangkuban Perahu

The landscape feast for the eyes, its beauty will erase saturation you feel for this. Here, you will find other travelers who also want to enjoy the beauty of nature, to feel more conciliatory atmosphere.
This popular attraction in Bandung. It is not separated from the legend ever since you know are in school. Make it known, and make it a place frequently visited by tourists, especially in the long holiday season.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung Remembered In Hearts of Tourists Tangkuban Perahu Mountain area, located on the border of Bandung and Subang it turned out to be a favorite tourist spot to 2. No less than 18,100 online users per month who are looking for information about Tangkuban Perahu. Natural attractions in Bandung is well-deserved for the try because in addition to the admission price that’s too many typical souvenirs that we can take home.

1. Trans Studio Bandung

For this year’s Trans Studio is still a top favorite tourist attraction with as many as 40,500 people search online version of google keyword per month and yet again when added to those seeking information directly / without the use of Internet services, to the Trans Studio Bandung is in the first place.

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Location in the center of the city is one of the reasons that makes the tourist attractions in Bandung this modern much demand given access so easily. Besides rides presented so complete and modern International bertarap suitable for all circles from adults to children. Full address Bandung Trans Studio is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto 289 Bandung 40273, at telephone number 022 -91,099,999.

For business accommodation turns around the location of Bandung Trans Studio is still plenty of hotel or inn that offers low prices, it is suitable for backpackers who want to try to visit there. Please read: Cheap Hotels Near Trans Studio Bandung.

Actually there are many more to hundreds of tourist attractions in Bandung nice and presents the beauty with different shades. But this article has at least represent what you are looking for. Hopefully help your holiday trip ..
Travel + Other options

Observatory Boscha
Located at in Lembang, Bandung which is about 15 km to the north of Bandung. Tourist attractions in Bandung were crowded when there is an interesting phenomenon in the sky is in the region is high at 1310 meters above sea level.

Occupying a land area of 6 hectares. In 2004, the Observatory Boscha protection titled Objects of Cultural passed Law No. 2/1992. Since 2008, the Observatory Boscha also received the title of National Vital Objects that must necessarily always safe and protected.

Although lately Observatory Boscha has disadvantages because the intensity of light from the more densely populated neighborhood around bothering research, the observatory is still the favorite.

Gardens Tourism Strawberries
Who does not love strawberries? Especially if you have the opportunity plucked straight from the plant, is certainly a very pleasant experience.

The experience you can feel in a tourist spot in this next exciting Bandung, the Garden Strawberries in Ciwidey district and Lembang. To get the best quality strawberries, we suggest you visit this area during the dry season.
+ The Need for accommodation in Bandung Region

Every tourist who come from out of town who plans to vacation for a long time usually need a place to stay. The ideal is that providing the best service and comfort for every visitor who comes to Bandung. You can choose Cheap Hotels in Bandung With Good Rating or Hotel Unik in Bandung Fine and Popular. Tourist Attractions in Bandung Remembered In Hearts of Tourists