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The Sensation of Eating Jakarta’s Legendary Culinary

Amid the hustle and bustle of the city of Jakarta, suddenly hungry struck. Because I happen to be in Jakarta, then I do not want to eat ordinary foods ( I called aji mumpung). I want a super tasty food but the taste is Indonesia Ordinary. My choice is  the Zainani Fanani Uduk Rice. I love uduk rice, because the tasty is very delicious and in the city where I live rarely there is a sell.
Zainani Fanani Uduk Rice is quite legendary, and and is considered have very good taste. Based on the information that I got, the food stall of Zainani Fanani Uduk Rice has been established since 1967. At that time the founder was Abdul Hamid Toha (father of Zainani Fanani). After Abdul Hamid died, the business was continued by his son Zainani until now. Zainani uduk rice is the original uduk rice of Kebun Kacang, Jakarta. There are many people who claim the brand’s originality, even outside Kebun Kacang also exists. Very confusing!

Is It Really Delicious?

I am very curious to tweak whether it is true that Zainani uduk rice as delicious as told by the people. Andd …., that day I prove it. I visited outlet Zainani Fanani uduk rice in Kebon Kacang, Jakarta.
The first impression when it got to the place was quite bad, because the parking lot is quite narrow, just fit one car only, so I have to try my best to park my car. Its okay, for uduk rice that said very delicious by many people.
Once I got to the parking lot, I went in and ordered my food. Menu offered quite diverse, in addition to uduk rice there is also liwet rice and grilled rice. For the side dishes, there are chicken, carp, pomfret, cake fish, squid, shrimp, duck, ribs, satay, intestine, and others with different cooking methods. From what I see, all the dishes are almost identical. Equally savory tender with the outer surface that ‘kriuk….kriuk’.
Also there are several kinds such of sauce as nuts sauce, fried sauce, stir-fry sauce and others. Everything is suitable as a friend to eat uduk, liwet, and grilled rice.
Because from the beginning my heart’s deepest intention was to eat uduk rice, then I ordered uduk rice with side dish of fried chicken. After wait a minutes, my order was came on the table: uduk rice+ fried chicken.
The uduk rice wrapped with conical banana leaf. An impressive presentation! Based on the information that I get, it turns out the style of wrapping rice like that is typical of uduk Betawi rice. Customary and cultural values ​​are maintained with uah lump of rice. It was very interesting to me.

I can not wait to eat the food in front of me. Banana leaves as a wrapper helps keep the flavor and aroma of the rice. As a result, the aroma actually punched my nose. But, in one pack of rice can only for 1-5 bites, very little (in my opinion). Especially for me who used to eat with a large portion (LoL). Finally, I have to add up to 3 packs of rice.

First of all, I tasted the uduk rice. It tastes warm, soft, with a scent of fragrance: the scent is very fragrance. On it is sprinkled with fried onions that add taste savory from rice. After that, start mixing rice and side dishes. The fried chicken is tender, but in the tasty portion and when eaten it feels ‘kriukkk … kriukkk …’. In the middle of a meal, my peanut sauce splashes over the rice. The delicacy is increasing here. At the end, close by drinking a glass of lemon ice that refreshes the throat. Enjoyment is more perfect. In conclusion in terms of taste, it’s enough to shake the tongue. It’s a good taste for me.

In terms of place, when the first came I immediately thought ‘this is betawi originaly’. For me, the place is clean and enough comfortable. Suitable for all kinds of ages. In terms of price, expensive and cheap I think relatively. You can see for yourself from. I recommend for this food stall.


Location Information: Kebon Kacang VIII Street, Numb. 5, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. Open from 11:00 to 24:00. Tel. 021 31903863.