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The Secret of Eiger, Leading Outdoor Equipment Provider Brand From Bandung

There are very cool adventure products from Indonesia.

This product is favored by many people in the world, especially those from adventure circles.

The brand is named Eiger.

The Eiger brand has been famous since 1994.

First is standing at Cihampelas Bandung and for a long time has captivated the hearts of travelers from all over the world, its products in the form of bags, camping equipment, rock, and traveling are the most sought-after equipment.

In Indonesia itself, there are already many official Eiger outlets that stand and offer a variety of adventure items.

The items that Eiger offers are not just for guys, but there are also those that are suitable for girls.

The point is, anyone who likes adventure, he will wear an Eiger.

The following secrets from the Eiger you should know:

1. Coming From The Name Of A Mountain In The Alps

Products named Eiger are inspired by one of the mountain names in Switzerland.

The Alps is one of the natural elements that inspire the naming of companies and at the same time a big brand and doing marketing in Bandung.

The full name of the company is PT Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri.

2. Eiger Production Regarding And Tent Equipment

For those who already have an Eiger product, they will immediately understand what items are produced by Eiger.

Eiger produces camping,, rock, and so on.

Items that are generally now a symbol of nature lovers.




3.  Eiger Is Very Interested In ASEAN And Germany

The Eiger is very popular in ASEAN to Germany.

Their products such as bags, jackets, sandals, shoes, and hats became the favorite of the world.

Before being marketed at the ASEAN level in the world, the Eiger first tested the Bali market, which was actually filled by foreign tourists.

When seeing foreign tourists like the design and quality of the Eiger, the brand owner is targeting the international market.

Eiger has now opened stores in the Philippines, Malaysia, arrived in Germany



4.  Eiger’s Aspiration To Become Number One Product

There is no business without, Eiger also has a big of being an adventure number fashion product one in the world.

Eiger targets before reaching the big target, Eiger targets number one position as a brand the best adventure in ASEAN countries and ASIA.

Thus, it will be easy to go to the world level.



5. Eiger Has ‘Brother’

You mean the brand is also produced by people or companies that produce Eiger.

Eiger, which was founded by Ronny Lukito, also developed other outdoor products whose quality is as good as Eiger.

Brands that are sometimes referred to as Eiger’s ‘brothers’ include Export, Bodypack, Neosack, XTREME, and Norward.

The brands also follow in the footsteps of their ‘oldest brother’ to get to the world market.




So, still hesitant to use Eiger, this global-local brand? Don’t hesitate, if you don’t have one, you can go to the outlet directly at Bandung.

The main Eiger outlet is located at Jl. Cihampelas No.22.

Meanwhile, other Eiger outlets, you can also find it on Jl. Kopo no. 599, Miko Mall GF Floor No. 11 or Jl. Sumatra number 23, Braga, Sumur Bandung.


Such information from us, hopefully, useful and Eiger can still support your outdoor activities anyway

safe, more attractive, and can still look fashionable.