The Little Seoul Korea, a Culinary Place in Bandung

By | September 23, 2021

The Little Seoul Korea, a Culinary Place in Bandung. In Bandung, everyone must know, at least have heard of The Little Seoul Korea, a cafe that has super hits not long ago because everything in it breathes Korea.

From ornaments, interior design, to food, everything is Korean! Korean lovers, whether Korean dramas or k-pop must have visited this location.

In addition to its all-Korean theme, the culinary menu, whether it’s drinks or food, is all served at super affordable prices.

It is not surprising that the atmosphere is always crowded, and at certain hours there is often a waiting list.

This cafe is actually called Chingu CafeĀ and is also called Little Seoul Korea because it displays replicas of all parts of Seoul.

Fun Cafe

Even though you have to wait to enjoy the atmosphere in the cafe, to eat or drink, you can wait in a comfortable and pleasant room.

The waiting area is made similar to Bus Stop in Korea there, and of course, instagramable, so as long as you wait, you can wait while selfie.

Inside the waiting area, there are also murals of characters from K-drama and K-pop, so there are many things you can do there.

The murals will make you more at home in the waiting room.

At the front of the Chingu Cafe, there are also some favorite spaces, some areas like the Korail train line.

There is even a map of the train track and hand grip too, so everything is fun to be used as a background photo.

In the back area, there is a pass-through to Chagiya BBQ, an outdoor area with a line of street food stalls in Dongdaemun style.




Using Korean Original Hanbok

Even to make visitors have a lot of entertainment, here visitors can also rent authentic Korean hanbok to take pictures.

The hanbok rental price in Chingu is cheap, only IDR 30 thousand, and don’t worry, the clothes are clean and the colors are bright so it is perfect for being a fashionable photography item.


Favorite Menu at Chingu Cafe

So far there are many favorite menus at Chingu Cafe, for you to know, the price of each menu will be written in Korean, ie Won, and 1 won at Cafe Chingu = IDR 10.

Well, for those of you who ordered a certain menu, please stay multiplied by IDR 10 for each of these menu items:

  • Korean Popcorn Chicken (2,190 Won)
  • Bibimbap (2,590 Won)
  • Jumukbap, seaweed rice ball (2,100 Won)
  • Mandu Guksu, Korean Noodle Soup with Dumplings (2,300 Won)
  • Hotteok (1,900 Won)
  • Odeng, tteokpokki, milk tea, kimbap starting from 1,100 Won – 3,500 Won
  • Melted Cheese Party, BBQ (beef/chicken), chicken wings and half fried chicken, prices start at 5,900 Won – 9,900 Won.

Address Chingu Cafe and Chagiya Korean Suki and BBQ

Jl. Sawunggaling No.10, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, West Java, Indonesia