The House of Sausage: More Than Culinary Tour

Some time ago, I was traveling to the Bandung.  Traveling is one of my breakout when bored struck. After traveling, I usually feel that ‘ my soul ‘ exists in my body again, and I can start activities with spirit.

Usually, my activities when traveling is the first to visit the place that smells of the wild. I love the outdoors. Or visit unique place that instagramable. I love to capture every moment that I skip to instagram. And something that I never leave when traveling is a culinary tour, but a unique culinary where in the city that I live doesn’t exist.

To find unique places, I simply search on google. Usually I decide which based on a review of travel blooger or food bloggers. After a few minutes of googling, I finally found that suits me. Yes, I would eat a sausage at home sausages, Bandung.

One of the foods that I like more is the sausage. Simple and easy for me. Sometimes I eat sausage with bread, or even with rice, sometimes also eat the sausage only.

Enjoy the Delicious Sausage Dragon

I can’t wait much longer to visit the house sausage. After looking at the reviews of the travel bloggers who never come there, I then searched the vehicle for access to that folder.

Approaching the home sausage, the streets somewhat bogged down because of its position close to the tourist area of Kampung Gajah. So, the vehicle turns out entrance, two of the favorite attractions.

A few minutes, my meal came.  First impressions arriving at the venue, the place is not too broad. His tagline from them saying that the place we can eat, play, and go for a swim, I thought where possible because the place is not so widespread. But after signing in to the site, the tagline is true it is. In its place is pretty spacious.

Get in, this scent sausage is being baked really punching my nose. The sauge is ‘look so sexy’ on the grill, I can’t wait to eat it again. Finally, after paying the entrance fee of Idr. 5000, I immediately order a meal.

Sausage menu provided quite a lot and is very suitable for tongue children and adults. Among them are cheese sausage, barbeque sausage, bockwurt sausage, black pepper, garlic beef, chicken chipolata sausage, crispy, and others. Drink menu is also diverse.



In addition to sausages, there are also another menu offered. Such as chicken rice, fried rice, spaghetti, rice chicken katsu, nasi liwet, nasi bakar tempura, rice, fried potatoes, and others. There are also a kind of meatball, such as squid, fish meatballs meatballs, beef meatballs, shrimp and others. Even spring rolls until wedang ronde warm also you can find here.

I actually created confusion. It’s all good. After looking at the menu list from top to bottom, ultimately my choice fell on the dragon of sausage house.  As the name implies, the menu is very special here (the menu that are favored by many people).

A few minutes of waiting, finally my order came. This menu is served with crispy ketang mayonaise, cheese, and tomato sauce. First bite really melted in the mouth. The ideals it tastes salty, sweet, and savory is mixed and shake my tongue. The meat was really felt. Ah, very delicious. One of the menu is enough to make me full, because the sauge is long and fat. Then at the end closed with a fresh pull ice tea . Perfect!



More Than Just a Culinary Tour

Satisfied eating, I decided to go around for a while. My goal is to prove the tagline ‘eat, swim, and play’ that they are staying for. It is true. But to enjoy the rides of existing games, of course we have to pay the ticket continued.

From what I see, there are quite a lot of game rides. Like ATV, flying fox, boat sausage, jumper (trampoline), and many more. In my opinion, this sausage house   is very suitable for family tourism. Little kids will be very happy to play here. And all the rides are certainly very safe for children. Too bad I’m not married (LoL).

Because I am an adult and is unlikely to play around, so I decided to relax for a moment on the edge of the pool. There are 2 pools here, a big one for adults and the other is smaller with a variety of games for children. Because the atmosphere is fairly quiet, very comfortable to be here.

At first I intended to sit around, but seeing the water so clean, I finally decided to swim. ‘Byurrrrrr …’ Just a few minutes touched the water, its freshness made my initially inadequate mood trapped by the stuck for the better. Satisfied swimming, I decided to go home.

At sausage house also sells various souvenirs as well as various types of sausages. I decided to buy Chicken Chesee (price Rp 63.000) for souvenirs.

Overall, very happy to ‘eat, swim, and play’ at House of Sausage Bandung. In addition to the good food, the place is also quite comfortable. Moreover very familyable. But the price of sausage here is quite expensive than the sausages on the market. That’s because the sausage here is really home made. So, made special by Sausage House. Naturally, if the price is quite expensive. But according to the taste offered. On the other hand, the hygiene is also guaranteed.

I recommend this place and enjoy your meal guys!

Location information: Setiabudi Street Numb 29 (after passing through University of Indonesia Education, then go up towards Lembang, Bandung).

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