The Holy Crab – 10 Years Old, The Holy Crab Unveils a New Concept , The Holy Crab, a seafood restaurant that has been around since 2014, has revitalised its dining experience. This time, the restaurant offers seafood-focused dishes and cocktails in an elegant and cosy space located in Senopati, while continuing to use live seafood ingredients imported from Alaska, Canada, and Indonesia.

Since ten years ago, The Holy Crab has been famous for its Louisiana cuisine. Recently, the restaurant reopened its doors with a fresh concept, offering new flavours that aim to impress every customer with delicately crafted food and warm hospitality.

Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes influenced by different cultures made from live seafood imported from all over the world.

“Our menu features unique fusion flavours, combining fresh seasonal ingredients with various cooking techniques,” said Albert Wijaya, Chef Owner of The Holy Crab in a statement quoted

Albert said that the restaurant focuses on quality ingredients in creating a dynamic menu, and continues to adapt to seasonal availability. The Holy Crab sources seafood, both imported and local, including live Dungeness crabs, Effingham Oysters and Black Scallops from Canada. And King Crab and Snow Crab from Alaska.

“We also utilise diverse and fresh live seafood from Indonesia, such as Mud Crab, Rock Lobster, River Lobster, Tiger Prawns and Prawns. Our recommended menu is the signature dungeness crab, a jumbo-sized Pacific Ocean crab with The Holy Crab’s signature garlic herb blend,” said Albert.

Not only food menu, The Holy Crab also serves alcoholic beverages. The restaurant’s team of bartenders create signature cocktails that take inspiration from drinking cultures around the world.

There’s the Miso Negroni, a savoury variation of the famous classic cocktail, to the Gentle Monster featuring fig jam, whisky, cynar and a dash of brushed cream cheese.

The Holy Crab

“Every sip at our bar is an invitation to explore a world of flavours and craftsmanship, where each cocktail tells a unique story,” he said.

For guests who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, The Holy Crab provides a selection of drinks that can be chosen as virgin mocktails. There is the Pink Hitler that combines the flavours of agave syrup with lime juice and grape soda, and the Tropica that explores the flavours of tropical fruits, such as mango, jackfruit and coconut.

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    Each mocktail is refreshing and ready to prepare guests to enjoy the restaurant’s seafood.

    “At The Holy Crab, we invite guests to experience an unrivalled dining atmosphere, where every moment is a celebration of seafood excellence. Our carefully designed menu showcases the finest catches from the sea, expertly prepared to entice your palate,” said Albert.

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