The Hills

The Hills , Modern Restaurant in Daong Ecopark

The Hills, Modern Restaurant in Daong Ecopark . Area , There is another modern restaurant that is worth a visit for culinary hunters, namely The Hills. This modern restaurant with a pine forest view is present in the Daong Ecopark area. Daong Ecopark itself is a pine forest area that offers various hangout places . One of them is Kopi Daong, a coffee shop that is always crowded with visitors

Only present earlier this year, The Hills offers a more modern concept. While Kopi Daong is famous for its crowds, The Hills offers a more VIP concept. This restaurant can only accommodate 60 guests.

“We don’t really sell the pine forest view directly. However, from the ambiance to the food we are different from Kopi Daong, more modern. This is also only reserved for 60 guests, no more. So, it is suitable for visitors who don’t really like crowds,” said Aydha Ningtyas Putry, Marketing Area of Daong Ecopark.

For the menu, The Hills offers an Asian fusion menu, some of which are Thai specialties. Starting from Gurami Thai Sauce, Panna cotta Sticky Rice to Grill Thai Short Rib Maranggi. There are also other menus such as Tenderloin Orange Sauce, Salmon Laksa, and Sauteed Papaya Flowers.

In addition to the main menu, The Hills also offers desserts that visitors should try, such as Ball Ubi, Pandan Lava Cake to Fried Corn. Next, a unique coffee menu, namely Kopi Nira, coffee with brown sugar infused with jackfruit.

“Diners can order dessert if they don’t want a heavy meal. For our Fried Corn, the presentation is quite unique with cajun sauce seasoning. So, the taste is sweet, savory, there is a little spicy and crunchy. Our Nira coffee also if drunk or stirred, there will be a jackfruit aroma, “said Aydha

Meanwhile, Mochamad Anwar, Manager of Restaurant Piring & The Hills said that although the concept of The Hills is more directed towards middle to upper class guests, the price of food and drinks at this restaurant is still relatively cheap. The price for the food itself starts from IDR 40 thousand to IDR 155 thousand. Furthermore, for drinks starting from Rp. 20 thousand to Rp. 40 thousand.

“Actually, our segment is not only upper-middle class guests or families, but also young couples, a group of young people as well. Because the price is not too expensive and the menu can also be shared ,” said Anwar.

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