The Elite Restaurants in Bandung With Beautiful View  | You’re looking for restaurants and places to eat in Bandung a comfortable, cool, and cool? Consider the list of the most tasty home meal maknyus following wagged his tongue.

City tour of this one was well-known as a culinary paradise tasty. From the low price to any super expensive here, from traditional foods to western anything, complete. Various food stalls recommendation stacking Travel is not only located in Bandung, but includes some surrounding areas like Lembang, North Bandung, East, West, and possibly South region.


On price, arguably the great restaurants in this list may be a bit quite expensive. But certainly comparable with a comfortable and fun place to enjoy a unique culinary Bandung and other food menu.

However, for travelers who are looking for a place to eat well and cheaply in Bandung do not worry. I paste also some restaurant or a restaurant with fare prices are relatively cheap, not too draining your pockets.

Anyway, for a Muslim do not forget to select the food was halal yes! Because there may be several places to eat following serving non-halal menu. One again, there are a few restaurants that can be used as a hangout for young children. Let’s look at a brief review of various restaurants and places to eat in Bandung that rekomended follows.


Recommended Restaurants And great Dining In Bandung



1. Kampung Daun

We begin good places to eat in Singapore to review Kampung Daun. Kampung Daun is a unique restaurant in Bandung. On arrival at the location, you will immediately enter a different world, that world with a cozy rustic atmosphere. In addition to the traditional atmosphere, Kampung Daun also offers Indonesian cuisine so it fits in well with the atmosphere there.

In addition to the rural atmosphere that soothes the soul, a place to eat which is located at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri also offers a romantic atmosphere at night with clever lighting. The food can be ordered at this restaurant include: surabi, batagor, liwet rice, grilled carp, rice lead, grilled duck, fried rice, oxtail soup, roasted rice, until steak, grilled ribs, and ice cream.


2. Broom Sticks ( sapu lidi )

Broom Sticks including one of the good places to eat in Lembang, Bandung. In addition to lodging, Broom Sticks also offers a dining experience with a rural atmosphere beautiful and cool. With places to eat in the form of huts near the fields, Broom Sticks offer different types of cuisines Sundanese, Indonesia, up to a European-style cuisine.

The Elite Restaurants in Bandung With Beautiful View For those of you who want a restaurant or a restaurant serving Nature rice fields, then Broom Sticks is the place. You can enjoy a variety of unique culinary Bandung with comfortable and beautiful. Asik and my friend recommended for the traveler who bored with city atmosphere.

3. Paskal Food Market

Good places to eat in Bandung this one located in Pasir Kaliki area, near the station Bandung. Paskal Food Market has more than 100 food vendors, ranging from typical food Bandung, up to international food such as Japanese and Korean food. With the concept of open space, you will be spoiled by the cool air of Bandung accompanied with warm food delights.

Enough to capitalize 10,000 Rupiah, you can enjoy delicious food offered at Paskal Food Market. Because food prices are not expensive, Paskal Food Market is often frequented by students and young people as a place to hang out. No wonder if Paskal Food Market in the list of good places to eat in Bandung cheap.

In addition, culinary attractions is also equipped with an luck and romantic atmosphere with lights and torches are made in such a way. However, for those of you that Muslims are required to be careful in choosing the food, because according to information I received, not all the food here is halal.


4. Maja House Bandung

Maja House is a nice restaurant in Bandung most liked people in Jakarta and surrounding areas. In addition to the delicious food, the restaurant is suitable for lunch and dinner offers the natural beauty of Bandung cool and beautiful to the eye.

The restaurant was a location with Stevie G is not only to provide a seat just to eat, but also the mattresses and blankets for those who can not stand the cold Lembang. Menu restaurant recommendations at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri number 72 is spaghetti and steak.


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5. The Valley Bistro Cafe

The Valley Bistro Cafe located in Dago area is a romantic meal in Bandung. With the cool air and beautiful scenery, is equipped with lighting in the form of torches and candles at night, make this restaurant one of the favorites of young couples who want to fill the stomach.

Keep in mind that there is no public transportation to the The Valley Bistro Cafe, so you have to use a private vehicle to reach the site. The price of food in The Valley Bistro Cafe could reach 100,000 rupiah per serving. However, for those who want a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and comfortable, of course about the price is not a problem.

6. Home Sausage ( Rumah Sosis )

Well, if you’re looking for a place to eat in Bandung for children and families, the house Sosislah place. With the concept of “eat, swim, play”, Home Sausage offers a very suitable place for family entertainment, especially for families with small children.

As the name implies, the main menu on the Home Sausage is a variety of foods with the main ingredient of sausages. The sausages were on offer is also very diverse, there is a chicken sausage, beef, fish, some large, and some are small. For those who do not want to eat a sausage, do not need to worry because this restaurant also provides other menus such as fried rice, nasi liwet, chicken katsu, and others.

In addition to serving delicious food, Sausage House also has a lot of games are fun, such as mini golf, boat sausage, pool, maze, and others. Forum for the game is not free and has a different price. The Elite Restaurants in Bandung With Beautiful View

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