Tebing Keraton – A New Legend of Nature Tourism in Bandung

By | April 8, 2021

Bandungadvertiser – If you feel that visiting Djuanda Forest Park you can only take pictures in wet and dark places, then you are not playing far, right? The problem is that exactly three years ago, the tour at THR Djuanda was increased and more complete with a cliff view tour to see the beauty of Tahura forest from a height.

Then, you know what the name of that place is?

Its name is Tebing Keraton . Three years ago, this place was very busy being discussed on various social media timelines. 

How could I not, this place really provides a very beautiful natural view to be enjoyed directly by you with the naked eye. Coupled with cold air, and breezy wind , it makes you comfortable to let go of that bitter feeling.


Early Story

At first, Tebing Keraton was a cliff in the Djuanda Forest Park area. The complete address of this place is Kampung Ciharegem Puncak, Ciburial Village, Bandung. Exotic natural scenery to see the sunrise and sunset is one of the features of this tourist spot.

From up there, you will be presented with views of the city of Bandung which will certainly be different from other places. Dominated by the green color of the trees, plus the blue hue of the sky, plus the yellow color from the sun, is the right cobandungadvertiser.com/nation and you can find it stretching out 180 degrees.

If you come here in the morning, you will be very fortunate to see the sun rise surrounded by the movement of the mist that hovers below you, through the many trees and is immediately eaten by the arrogant bright sky.

The Origin of the Name Tebing Karaton

Of course you are also curious, why and where does the name Tebing Keraton come from?

If so, when you come to this place, it is imperative to meet and chat with Pak Asep.

From the statements of local residents, it was he who was suspected of being the originator of the name. According to Asep, actually in Sundanese the original name of this place is Tebing Karaton which means natural splendor. For some reason, over time people call it the Keraton Cliff.

Pak Asep also investigated that he used to work as a motorcycle taxi driver. However, for now he is the one who initiates the management of this tourist spot with the help of several local residents, which of course further helps their economic income.

Way to the Cliffs of the Palace

For those of you who want to also capture the moment and enjoy the beauty of the experience at Tebing Keraton, here is a guide to this place:

Basically, getting to Tebing Keraton is quite easy. If you go from downtown Bandung, you just look for a signpost that leads to the Dago Pakar area .

After arriving at Dago Pakar, you immediately go to the Djuanda Forest Park area as we have previously described. Then, after entering the Djuanda Forest Park area, you choose the road that turns to the right. There are indeed houses and villages here, so you will pass settlements too.

Tebing Keraton – A New Legend of Nature Tourism in Bandung After passing the village, you will arrive at a shop that has the inscription of Warung Bandrek or known as Warban.

Once in this place, it indicates that your distance is getting closer, you only have to travel through the incline, bumpy road, and arrive at the top post, and the Keraton Cliff . Now, just park your motorbike or car, and walk again for about 5 minutes and enjoy the view.

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Additional Information on Keraton Cliffs

For those who are interested in coming here, be it in the morning, afternoon, even evening, try to bring warm clothes, and wear comfortable shoes. Since the place is high here, the air will automatically get colder, then the road that is still steep will make your feet stiff when using sandals.

For families who happen to invite their baby, try not to do too much. Because it will be very dangerous if you just go once to monitor them. Because this place is really cliff and very dangerous if we are careless only once.

The entrance fee to this place is in the range of Rp. 10,000 or more per person, with a motorbike parking fee of Rp. 5,000 and a car Rp. 10,000 per unit. Also prepare your vehicle as well as possible because the trip here is rather difficult, especially the track is hilly. Also prepare fuel reserves, because retail fuel here costs quite a bit to your pocket.

For those of you who feel hungry, you can also provide food or buy at stalls selling around this place. Usually cold weather likes to make the stomach cold too.

All right, that’s all for the review of the Keraton Cliff which has amazing natural beauty in the city of Bandung. Don’t forget, to share this article so that other people know about the beauty of this Keraton Cliff.

So , see you in the next article, I hope your vacation will be healthier. Tebing Keraton – A New Legend of Nature Tourism in Bandung

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