Taman Jomblo, Colorful Tourist Places in the Middle of Bandung City

Taman Jomblo

bandungadvertiser.com – Taman Jomblo, Colorful Tourist Places in the Middle of Bandung City.

When you are very tired of daily activities and want to be in a pleasant place even though not far from home, you can visit the Singles Park on Pasupati Street, Bandung.

This tourist park called Taman Jomblo has long attracted attention and even had time to viral on social media.

The Occurrence of Taman Jomblo

In 2014, Bandung had a new tourist spot with a very unique name, the place called Taman Jomblo.

The tourist attraction was inaugurated on January 4, 2014, by the mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil.

The reason for choosing the name of the park to be a single park is because of the design of the city.

At the Taman Jomblo, you can find a small cube-shaped chair that is colorful, and the seat can be occupied by only one person.

The small cubes that functioned as seats are very unique, with an average height between 70 cm to 1 meter, these graves look very cute.

From a distance, the colorful cube creates an interesting charm, making everyone passing around the singles park want to stay there for a moment, take a selfie or sit back in a few minutes.

Taman Jomblo

Cube Function in Singles Park

The cubes that appear in the Taman Jomblo, besides being functioned as a place to sit, in certain moments or events the cubes are used as a place to display artwork.

For example, when Bandung artists or other cities have exhibition events, they can use Taman Jomblo to showcase their works.

It is expected that with these cubes, the artists will be easier to arrange the exhibition spot.

If the cubes are being used for exhibitions or other things, park visitors can take advantage of long seats that are also provided around the location.

Until now, because of the attractive location of the location, many young people in Bandung enlivened the location, whereas in the past this place which is now a Singles Park is often referred to as a haunted area.

Since turning into a colorful garden, the park is crowded with Bandung teenagers who want to get a relaxing time outdoors.

Singles Park Facilities

As well as the cube that can function as an exhibition room or chair, there are several other facilities that can be felt by young people in Bandung when in Taman Jomblo.

With a garden area of 30 square meters, this park is equipped with a skateboarding facility that makes young people skateboard communities, both hobbyists and professionals, have the space to gather, practice together and also hold matches.

To enjoy Taman Jomblo, there is no entrance ticket. This tourist spot is a free vacation location, so anyone can enjoy the time here.

Not only are single people who can enjoy Taman Jomblo, you who have a partner are also allowed to stop by and have fun with anyone in this park.

These attractions can really be an alternative vacation when vacationing at the mall is too mainstream, or when there is no time to travel to a distant place, you can spend a short holiday here.

Singles Park Address

Pasupati Street, Tamansari Bandung City (Under the Passing of Pasupati Flyover)