Stars Hill at Dago

Bdgadv – The scenery offered by the Dago Pakar area in Bandung seems endless. After previously discussing about restaurants that have beautiful views and also legendary cliffs that offer magnificent panoramas, on this occasion we will discuss one of the unique tourist attractions called Bukit Bintang Dago.

Wow, from the name, can you guess what kind of charms are served in this place?

Immediately, we discuss it for all of you here.

Bukit Bintang Dago

This place is very popular with young people in Bandung who have a hobby of capturing their moments using a camera. The offer in the form of views of the city of Bandung from above the height lies clearly in this place. No wonder, if almost every afternoon and evening Bukit Bintang Dago is always never empty of visitors.

When viewed from a peer-to-peer, this area is actually just an ordinary place in the form of an empty stretch of land that stands on a hill in the Dago Pakar area. Even if you come during the day, you think this place must be ordinary, in fact it is very hot and arid.

As the day progresses from the afternoon to the evening, your assumption will immediately be rejected outright because the scenery that is seen during the day and at night is very contrasting.

It is called Bukit Bintang itself because when you visit here, you will be like being above the sky, and the sparkling lights of Bandung are like a cluster of stars below you. That is the origin of this place being so named.

Bukit Bintang Dago is also located on Jalan Bukit Dago Timur, Bandung. It is also located close to the tours that we talked about in the previous article, such as; Djuanda Forest Park, The Valley, Sierra Café, Takigawa Meat Bar in the Sky, and also Keraton cliffs.

In general, people who come here at night, will definitely say words like; Beautiful! Beautiful! Magnificent !. Because in reality that is the view that is presented in this place.

Another attraction of Bukit Bintang Dago is its very romantic atmosphere, plus the cold air and the breeze, as if it makes this high place very suitable for young people who are making love.

If from noon you are busy walking around the city of Bandung looking for food or shopping, then you will feel tired. 

Bukit Bintang can also be an alternative tour to rest your physical condition and mind after a full day of wandering. Of course you will feel fit after gazing at the fresh scenery over this land of artificial clouds. Wow! Really tempting right?

Bukit Bintang Access and Ticket Prices

To be able to find this place is very easy. If you are in Bandung, you should choose the route that will take you to the Dago Pakar area. 

From there you continue to follow the road until you meet a T-junction, then look for the signpost that leads to the Stone Café. After arriving at Stone Café, you choose the path that is on the right to turn there, and you arrive at Bukit Bintang Dago.

You will also be charged an entrance ticket fee of approximately Rp. 2,000 and Rp. 3,000 on weekends. The price is very cheap when compared to other tourist attractions.

Additional Info

We recommend that you come to this place using a private vehicle, be it two-wheeled or four-wheeled, because that way you will find it easier to reach this place because there is rarely public transportation that has routes to Bukit Bintang.

Don’t forget to bring your own personal food or drink, because in Bukit Bintang Dago there are rarely any shops that are complete with heavy meals. Meanwhile, small stalls only provide food that is a stomach booster.

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CIRCUSION WANT TO SEE THE BANDUG FROM THE CLOUDS? If you intend to go to the Bukit Bintang tourist area to capture your moment, then don’t also forget to make sure your camera is brought and charged, because it will be difficult to find a plug to charge what you need.

Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, because at night this place is very open, causing the wind to blow directly towards your body. That way, you will get cold easily if you forget to bring warm clothes.

Better yet, you also bring cash to just pay for the entrance ticket and parking, or even buy a snack. Because in this place it will be very difficult to find an ATM because the distance is rather uphill to the top of the village.

Even if you are tired during a day trip , in this place it is also easy to find accommodation that can help you rest yourself.

That is the information we can convey about Bukit Bintang tours in Dago Pakar. So, are you ready to visit it? INTERESTED TO SEE BANDUNG FROM THE CLOUDS?

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