SMAN 3 The Most Favorite School In Bandung

By | September 23, 2021

SMA Negeri (SMAN) 3 Bandung, is one of the State Senior High School in the Province of West Java, Indonesia.

Similar to senior high schools in Indonesia, the schooling period at SMAN 3 Bandung is taken within three years of lessons (for regular classes) or two years of lessons (for accelerated classes), from Class X to Class XII.

Founded in 1953, where previously named SMA B (1952), and previously again named SMA 1 B / C (1950).

In 2007, the school used the previous Education Unit Level Curriculum with CBC. In 2013, the school tries the 2013 Curriculum for Year X students (for Class X Acceleration programs still use the old curriculum)

School History

Established since 1953 SMA Negeri 3 Bandung is known as Belitung SMA because it is located in Belitung Street no. 8 Bandung. This school is the first high school in Bandung, then SMA Negeri 5 Bandung and SMA Negeri 8 Bandung ranks 2 and 3.

Graduates from this school are many who successfully proceed to the leading universities in Indonesia.
History and Functions of Buildings

The building is an old building built during the reign of the Dutch East Indies, designed by architect Charles Prosper Wolff Schoemaker, who serves as the Hoogere Burgerschool te Bandoeng (HBS) building that is a secondary school for the Dutch and Indonesian nobles (school equivalent junior high school (MULO ) and SMA (AMS) with a 5 year study period).

This building stands on a land area of ​​14,240 m2 with a building area of ​​8,220 m2 facing north (Belitung Street) is inhabited by two schools namely SMUN 3 Bandung in the west and SMUN 5 Bandung in the east.

The SMU 3 and SMU 5 borders are limited only by the central corridor lanes extending from north to south. The boundary of this corridor can also serve as a unifier between SMA 3 and SMA 5 so that the residents of these two schools can live side by side in harmony and peace. Among the students there was never a dispute.

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The history and function of the building are as follows:

  • The Dutch period (1916 – 1942)

Served as the HBS building of Bandung, as the 4th HBS established by the colonial government after HBS in Jakarta (27 November 1860), Surabaya (November 1875), and Semarang (1 November 1877). The third HBS was originally a 3-year study, from 1879 to 5 years (HBS V).

  • Japanese period (1942 – 1945)

Serves as a headquarters (barracks / dormitory) of the Japanese army (Kempetai)

  • The Transitional Period (1947 – 1950)

The morning serves as the VHO School (Voortgezet Hoger Onderwijs) – a high school equivalent of Dutch-speaking high school and in the evening as VHO in Bahasa Indonesia.

In that period Bandung and its surroundings are still controlled by NICA so that the education system still refers to the system prevailing before the Japanese occupation.

The school building in the morning was used by Dutch students who were still living in Bandung, while the afternoon was used by Indonesian students.

  • Year 1950: VHO in Indonesian language changed to SMA 1 B / C, while VHO in Dutch (ex HBS) becomes SMA 2 B / C. Since the recognition of sovereignty, the education system used in the school follows the Indonesian education system. As the “new host”, the “afternoon” school (former VHO Indonesian) gets number 1, while the “old host”, the “early morning” school (former VHO in Dutch – ex HBS) gets the serial number 2.
  • Year 1952: Expansion of school, SMA 1 B / C becomes SMA B and SMA Csedangkan SMA 2 B / C becomes SMA 2 B. Part C students from ex SMA 1 B / C and SMA 2 B / C are to SMA C.
    In the morning used for SMA 2 B (later became SMA Negeri 2 Bandung) and SMA C (later became SMA Negeri 5 Bandung), while in the afternoon used by SMA B (later became SMA Negeri 3). In other parts of SMA 3 A / B ex Parki also expanded into SMA 3 B and SMA 3 A.
  • Year 1956: There was a change of school nomenclature, SMA B to SMA Negeri III B. In other part SMA 2 B became SMA Negeri II B, SMA C became SMA Negeri V C. Meanwhile two high schools in Jl. Sumatera / Jl. Java, SMA 3 B to SMA Negeri IV B, SMA 3 A to SMA Negeri I A.

Thus until then there are 6 SMA Negeri in Bandung, namely:

  1. SMA Negeri I A (former SMA 3A, former SMA 3 A / B, former SMAI Parki, location still riding in SMP Negeri 2 Bandung and SMP Negeri 5 Bandung Jl. Sumatera / Jl. Java).
  2. SMA Negeri II B (former SMA 2B, former SMA 2 B / C, former VHO Netherlands, ex HBS, location in Belitung Street).
  3. SMA Negeri III B (former SMA B, former SMA 1 B / C, ex VHO Indonesia, location in Belitung Street).
  4. SMA Negeri IV B (former SMA 3B, former SMA 3 A / B, former SMAI Parki, location still riding in the location of SMP Negeri 2 Bandung and SMP Negeri 5 Bandung Jl Sumatera / Jl. Java).
  5. SMA Negeri V C (ex SMA C, part C from ex SMA 1 B / C and SMA 2 B / C, location in Belitung Street).
  6. SMA Negeri VI C (filial SMA V C, location in Belitung Street).

The numbering of the school is not based on establishment year but based on A / B / C. Therefore, SMA Negeri 1 Bandung, originally from SMA 3A is given number “I”, SMA 2 B is still given number “II”, SMA B is numbered “III” because number “I” has been given to SMA Negeri IA, C which alphabetically gets the sequence number “V”

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Some time later the nomenclature changes again, the high school majors were abolished, every high school opened all the good parts A (Culture and Literature / History), B (Science of Nature / Nature), C (Social Sciences). SMA Negeri III B becomes SMA Negeri III.

  • Year 1966: SMA Negeri II moved to Cihampelas Street (occupying the former Chinese school) and SMA VI moved to Pasiki Kaliki (occupying the former Chinese school). SMA Negeri III “moved” to the morning class on Jl. Belitung along with SMA Negeri V.
  • Year 1966 until now: Serves as a building SMAN 3 Bandung and SMAN 5 Bandung.


  1. Accreditation Value: 96.70
  2. Accreditation rating: A
  3.  Date of Determination: 03-Nov-2008


Various facilities owned SMAN 3 Bandung to support teaching and learning activities. These facilities include:

  1. Class
  2. Mosque
  3. Library
  4. Biological Laboratory
  5. Physics Laboratory
  6. Chemical Laboratory
  7. Computer Laboratory
  8. Field basketball / volleyball
  9. Football / athletics field
  10. Gymnastic / field badminton
  11. 2 Hall
  12. AVI Space
  13. Cooperatives


SMA Negeri 3 has many extracurricular activities, among them:

  1. Jamadagni Natural Explorers Association
  2. Scout
  3. Youth Red Cross
  4. Spara (Paskibra)
  5. KANST (Three School Safety)
  6. UBBAS 3 (Basketball Unit 3)
  7. Al-Furqan Mosque Family Council
  8. Christian Student Services (LISTEN)
  9. Nihongo Kurabu 3 (NK3)
  10. KPA 3 (Family of Angklung Alloy 3)
  11. MK 3 (Classical Music 3)
  12. PASAGA 3 (Choir 3)
  13. SEF 3 (Student English Forum 3)
  14. SPeD 3 (Student’s Voice of Debate 3)
  15. KV 3 (Vocal Group 3)
  16. SSR (Art Studio)
  17. LSS (Lingkung Seni Sunda)
  18. T’ST (Tiloe’s Theater)
  19. MP 3 (Movie Production 3)
  20. JEPRET! (Jelema Tilu Portrait)
  21. Foster (Softball Belitung Barat)
  22. BC 3 (Badminton Club 3)
  23. TIIS 3 (The Incredible Ice Skating 3)
  24. COMMISSION 3 (Student Partner Cooperative 3)
  25. M 3 (Magazine 3)
  26. HI (Hiklatul Faith)
  27. BM 3 (Belitung Muda 3)
  28. Band 3