Situ Cileunca : A Romantic Lake in Pangalengan

Make tomorrow your best day yet is the most suitable sentence to describe this place. By spending your holiday in this place I guess you wouldn’t regret the ambience and the view.  Pangalengan region in West Java apparently has the magnificent lake which name is Situ Cileunca.

The cool temperature in this area caused by this area is lied between many cliffs and mountains which is Papandayan, Malabar, Sepuh. You can imagine right that this place looks perfect and stunning for holiday and recreation especially for a couple who are looking for romantic, calm, and quiet place. Moreover, most artists usually come to this place looking for an inspiration.

The brief history mentioned that this place was from artificial lake that made by a lot of people by damed up the water flow of Cileunca river. This lake was aimed by Dutch called Kuhlan which spent the 7 years to built this place. And finally this dutch made it and now we can enjoy this place well and usually we called this place Situ Cileunca.

Surroundings Around Situ Cileunca

This lake was a PLTA ( The electricity base which used water or microhydro energy to powered them) which has 1100 m above the sea level. This lake is about 1400 hectare and get daily supply of water from the main river Palayangan, which is also famous as rafting area. The gorgeous panorama and its cool temperature surrounding by many beautiful mountains and cliffs is the perfect destination along with your family or for the youngsters. I suggest you to bring your own jacket or sweater since the temperature in the night is up to under 15 degree celcius.

How to get here

There are many access to get  into this beautiful Situ Cileunca. I can say that Pangalengan Region is accessable, even the place a little be isolated. The lake location’s which in Warnasari village usually used for camping by the teenager has 45 kilometers distance from Bandung. The entrance fee is cheap, you only need Rp 2,500 to enjoy this romantic place. Many routes is available for you, even if you want to add Ciwedey Region in your bucketlist. Because Pangalengan area is quite closed from there.

If you’re planned to go here from Bandung, there are many alternative that I recommended for you:

  • Using public transportation (Bus). It takes 2,5 hours from Bandung and directly to Pangalengan
  • Best route is from Dayeuhkolot – Bale Endah – Pameungpeuk – Banjaran – Cimaung – Pangalengan – Situ Cileunca
  • If you’re going from Purbaleunyi toll ( Jakarta ), to avoid traffic jam, I suggest you through Baros Cimahi – Nanjung – Patrol – Cipatik – Soreang – Banjaran – Cimaung – Pangalengan – Situ Cileunca
  • If you’re get a holiday in Ciwidey, you can visiting this lake on the first or last day of your holiday. Because the track that you’re going to used is separated in Soreang region. From Soreang the option that you can choose is going to Banjaran – Cimaung – Pangalengan and you will arrive at Situ Cileunca



Top Things to Do in here

If you’re planned to spend your holiday in this beuatiful and romantic lake, there are a lot of activities that you can do:

1.     Camping

In Situ Cileunca you can easily find camping ground. There are a lot of location that you can choose based on lake panorama that you’re interested in. Wherever you’re going to choose, this place offers you one of  the best view that you’re going to enjoy and see in your lifetime.

2.      Fishing

You can rent a fisher boat for less than Rp 100,000, you will be available to enjoy your full day private fishing. Many fish like Mujair, Tawes, and Sepat are the fishes that dominated in this popular lake here in Pangalengan.

3.      Visiting Strawberry Garden

Since Situ Cileunca has cool temperature, no wonder if this place is the best choice to grown many strawberries plant. Another fact of this strawberry garden is, you should accross the river using a boat before reach this place.

4.     Enjoying Your Holiday in Resort

You can find comfortable and cozy resorts in here as the best accomodation during your holiday in Situ Cileunca Pangalengan. The facilities that they offers are complete so it is suitable for you to choose as your new option, especially for honeymoon.

5.     Take Some Photos and Strolling Around Using a Boat

If you are in favour to explore this destination, I suggest you to rent a boat and going around until you get the best spot to do your photoshoot session. Furthermore, you can accross the Situ Cipanjuang which is near this lake and quite hidden for many travelers.

6.     Rafting

This lake is an estuary from Palayangan river which has the best cascade for intermediate level. Are you a real adventurer? Let’s tried some rafting in this place.

So travelers, that is the complete guide if you want to spend your holiday in Situ Cileunca. The location is in Pangalengan Bandung, so this is the appropriate, romantic, and intense place for everyone who wants to enjoy the panoramic mountain view.