SanGria Resort & Spa , With An Infinity Pool in Bandung

For someone who loves nature like me, Lembang-Bandung-West Java can be the right choice.
Lembang has a lot of cool tourist spots such as cultural sites, historic sites, mountains, riding horse, riding farms, forest camps, floating markets, flower gardens, waterfalls, and other spoiling tourist spots.

SanGria Resort & Spa

Satisfied tour, I decided to find a resort for  release the fatigue.
After a few minutes of googling, I finally found a resort with a very nice natural landscape visibility named ‘SanGria Resort and Spa’.
Most importantly, the price is affordable. The location is also not far from downtown Lembang.
If  from downtown Bandung about 30 minutes.
Resort is often nicknamed Ubud van Bandung.
Because the view is almost the same as the view in Ubud, Bali.
Greeted by friendly receptsionis, first time entering this loby resort, Ubud atmosphere still not felt.
After descending the long staircase to the pool and restaurant I started to enjoy the view that really eyecathing.
I think this resort is indeed Ubud van Bandung.

Room with All Mountains Around View

Otherwise there are 4 types of rooms in this resort, that are Delux, Executive, Grand Delux, and Familiy.
I chose the Delux type, because it is the most friendly in the pocket.
Although cheapest, the room is very comfortable.
The design of the room is simple, modern-classic style, and clean.
Although there is no AC facilities, the room still cool because the weather in Lembang is cold.
A few minutes after check in, warm milk comes as a welcome greeting in SanGria. Suitable for cold Lembang weather.
Room fasilities of Delux type in my opinion is quite complete.
There are queen beds, lounge chairs, dressers, LCD TV (with international channels),
a small freezer with cold drinks, and more.
If you want, there are two choices of beds, namely tween and queen.
For queen type enough for 3 people. Because I’m alone with my friend, so I choose tween type.
The thing that makes me feel very comfortable here is my eyes really pampered with view of the scenery in front of the room.
The calm and cool atmosphere makes the sensation so relaxing.
In the morning the air was very cool, then the fog came down slowly in the afternoon,
and when the night came the silence and tranquility really felt.
There was only a cricket accompanying.
Not far from the room, in the back yard there is a koi pond.
We can feed for the fish, the food has been provided by the ressort.
It was great to feed and interact directly with the fish.

Landscape and Jacuzzi Infinity Pool

Cold Lembang really pierced into the bone. I really want to warm up in Bathup,
but unfortunately there is no facility in the bathroom type Delux. Finally, I had to walk towards the pool.
In addition to the landscape pool for children and adults, there is also a Jacuzzi pool with warm water.
Very comfortable.
The Jacuzzi pool is round-shaped jutted into the natural landscape.
Besides the warmth, I also breathed deep air and was again spoiled by the eyectching natural landscape.
From what I see, there are 3 types of swimming pools that are there.
The first pool for children (a depth of 40 cm), the second swimming pool for adults (2.5 m deep), and the third pool is the jacuzzi pool.
Actually, without having to stay at this resort, you can also swim while enjoying the ciamik view.
Based on the information that I got, a ticket for one person is around IDR 50.000,
if you want to have a sauna you just pay around IDR 75.000 (only takes 15 minutes and provided a locker).
Satisfied swimming, want to change clothes?
Don’t worry, around the pool is provided shower room.
But for the public, swimming pool resort is only opened from 09:00 to 17:00 pm.
If you stay, you can enjoy swimming pool facility from 07.00 WIB until 20.00 WIB.

Breakfast At The Outdor Restaurant

One more thing, which made me not want to go from SanGria is its outdor restaurant.
Drinking warm tea and enjoying delicious SanGria food while chatting with our loved ones plus more accompanied by all around view mountain. It was the perfect morning to start the day.
Two days one night stay at SanGria, was just minutes away.
True what people say, any duration of convenience will be felt very briefly. Time to go home. SanGria is truly an impressive resort

Location  of SanGria Resort & Spa:

Horticulture Street, Lembang, West Java
Phone. 022-2788777