Relaxation with Traditional Message at Tea Tree Message -Weekend, I spend to visit flower city- Bandung. My choice always falls in the city of flowers- Bandung because there are so many attractions that I have not explored. I do not want what God has bestowed on useless. And my choice always falls on objects that smelled of nature. Satisfied to explore the nature of Bandung, I feel tired, and my escape is usually a spa.

It seems strange if visiting Bandung without a spa. Because Bandung has many spa spots are highly recommended. My friend recommended me to a spa at the Holiday Inn Hotel-his name was Tea Tree Spa. The spa is an international standard with many treatment options. Want a massage aromatherapy, traditional massage, back, head, legs, whole body, everything is there. And this spa place also has several types of rooms, including 3 single cabin area of ​​27 – 40 square meters and one couple room area of ​​69 square meters.

My friend said other than a comfortable place, good service, the price also does not make the pocket dry. About the price for me is the most important (LoL). Finally, in the afternoon I left there delivered by my friend (actually not deliver, she also want to greet there).

Spa is an important but much neglected treatment. For me, the spa is a routine agenda, at least 2 months. Based on health articles that I read, the spa provides many benefits, especially health benefits. In addition to tightening and nourishing the skin, the spa can also smooth the flow of bold because of the movement of reflection, and also can reduce stress. And I really feel that benefit.



Relaxation with traditional message: Extremely Comfortable!

Arriving at the Holiday Inn Hotel at around 4 pm, my friend and I went straight to the location of Tea Tree Spa. The location is different from the main building of the Holiday Inn Hotel. Right next to it. We went straight up to the second floor by the elevator, to find the reception area.

A few minutes later, by the receptionist I was escorted to the spa. The room is dim typical spa. The first impression to the spa, the room is luxurious with traditional design, so the impression is classic and elegant. And that makes batah in this place is every cabin equipped with steam, toilet, music, and air conditioner. There is also room for reflexology, hair spa and creambath.


Then we are change our clothes, using kimono (traditional japanese clothes) also disedible disposable pants. Only after changing clothes, I was told to stomach. And it turns out … .. the bed is hollow so we can breathe in the aroma therapy under the mattress. Ah, very comfortable.

My whole body was massaged by the therapist, alternating right hand then left hand. Massage is not too hard, and also not too soft. It fits perfectly. While on therapy, I chatted with the therapist. Apparently, so the therapist was not as simple as we imagined, applying for work-then in training-and being a therapist. Not that easy!



To become a therapist in a hotel, have to go to school first. First training, finished training to become a certified therapist then must take the certification exam Ministry of Tourism. After getting a certificate, finally may apply for a job to become a therapist.

After the conversation, there was a quiet moment. Because very enjoy, I got overslept (ZzzzZZzzz……). Not felt, 60 minutes passed. This is the time to wake up. After the massage, my therapist is welcome to take a bath. But the advice of the therapist, should take a shower 30 minutes later because the pores of the body is still open, and also so that the oil sinks. It’s okay, finally I choose to go home and take a shower at my inn.


After the spa, the body is completely relaxed. All tired lost, fresh mind, stress is also lost. The result, go home at the inn directly sleep until the morning again. Overall, everything was impressive. The experienced terapist, good service, so the effect on the body is felt. On the other hand the place is also very convenient. About the price, you can see the image bellow:


For you who are traveling to Bandung, do not forget to stop at this place. I highly recommend this place to you, guys!

Location information:

Holiday Inn Hotel, Engineer Haji Djuanda Street, No. 33, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, West Java 66274.

Phone: (022) 4211333



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