Raja Sunda Restaurant, Popular Culinary Tourism Location in Bandung

By | September 23, 2021

One of the popular culinary attractions in Bandung is Raja Sunda Restaurant.

This culinary tourist spot is famous for its popular tagline “The King of Sundanese Cuisine”.

With the tagline, Raja Sunda’s restaurant proves the taste of the cuisine really has a good taste and is presented in high class.

Some of the famous menus at the Raja Sunda Bandung Restaurant include Complete Superior Rice, Grilled and Fried Fish, Sayur Asem, Various Pepes, Sauteed Kangkung, and many others.

Sundanese King’s Mainstay Menu

Like most restaurants in Bandung that offer the Sundanese special taste to Sundanese cuisine fans.

The Sunda Raja Restaurant also tries to introduce Sundanese specialties to the typical gourami menu.

The Sunda Raja Restaurant offers a Flying Gurame menu, which is claimed to have never existed in other Sundanese restaurants.

The advantage is that the portion served at the Sunda Raja Restaurant is quite large, so one gourami can be used to eat with others.

Meanwhile, the taste is definitely delicious, tasty, and makes you addicted to tasting it repeatedly.

In addition to flying gourami, the menu served at Raja Sunda Restaurant is Gurame Bakar Ulam, Shrimp Basket, and Menu of Various Top Super and Various Fish Grill.

In addition, there are also fried and vegetable menus to accompany meals.

There are a variety of fresh vegetables served in this restaurant, and in addition, like other Sundanese restaurants, it is sure to present fresh vegetables that everyone loves.


Extra Menu in the Sunda King

In addition to the gourami menu that is a mainstay, there is a variety of extra menus offered by the Sunda King for customers.

The extra menu includes, among others, Butter Fried Shrimp, Flour Fried Squid, Tofu Fan, Hotplate Kale, and so on.

The Room that is Privacy

Not only food is served with an attractive appearance and makes appetite increase.

The dining room is arranged in such a way that each visitor will not be disturbed by each other when they enjoy each dish.

All rooms are designed with designs that highlight privacy. There are 3 VIP Rooms and VVIP rooms here.

VIP rooms and VVIP are provided to them, visitors who are eager to eat food privately, for example with a partner, client or business partner.


Sunda King’s Attraction

In addition to the dining menu with a variety of choices and a space full of privacy, the Sunda King also has the attraction of a typical Sundanese atmosphere built in the room also increases the comfort of being in the restaurant for a long time.

Price Range of Sundanese King Restaurant

The food and drinks served at the Sundanese king Restaurant are relatively affordable, ranging from IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000


Jalan Terusan Pasteur (Jl.Djunjunan) No 63, Bandung City, West Java