One Eighty Coffee With The Uniqueness Interior

One Eighty Coffee  , one of proved that Bandung has tons of creativity, from the music carried by the youth, community that moves in it,


the various performances and exhibitions that are held up to the buildings that are provided to the public almost all show the breath of uniqueness.


Because it is creativity that you are looking for a place to eat as well as a beautiful hangout around Bandung


will always happy with various choices by the many kinds of themes, decorations, and unusual location, one of which is One Eighty Coffee .



Uniqueness of Interior One Eighty Coffee


is unique because it provides a table for customers to spend time while eating and talking in the middle of the pool.


Yes, you did not misread.


Real in the middle of the pool !! So it is possible for you to eat well while soaking your feet or swimming.


When you come to One Eighty Coffee , you will be greeted by an industrial-style two-story building with brick walls and large glass doors that surround it.



This is an indoor part of the cafe that could be one of your choices to spend time. Upon entering, the eyes will be directed to the spiral staircase connecting the first and second floors.



The inside walls of this cafe also look different because it is designed using wood and made to resemble chunks of wood are arranged erectly regularly.



It seriously can not only be described with words should be directly seen with their own eyes because of the beautiful !!


In the indoor one Eighty Coffee , there are also various types of seats that you can choose.




Ranging from the casual with round wooden tables and high-legged wooden chairs with short backs.



Suitable for casual conversation with comrade friends or some slightly more formal but comfortable feel that is shown through a seat like a cushioned sofa with a large lean-backed chair and a rectangular table.



This one spot feels right to be a more serious discussion and meeting place.




Refresh Mind Matches Only In This Cafe


Explore more deeply we can find the outdoor part we were talking about at the beginning of the table wooden chairs where to eat that are placed just above the pool.



A cool impression will instantly be found because of the impressive green-decoration of the garden as a substitute for the borders-looks bushy but well laid out.


There is also a large tree right in the middle of the pool that deliberately left so that it shows the side of uniqueness.

Visitors with children often and recommended choosing this outdoor section to eat.




Because while parents talk can also accompany the child loved to play in the pool.

Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes yes.


Although superior in the uniqueness does not mean One Eighty Coffee is not maximal in the presentation of food.

Here delicious cuisine is always available with the theme of Indonesia and the West.




Among which we recommend there Iga Garang Acid, Caesar Salad, Rice with Oxtail Shop, Signature Burger, and many others.

Do not be fooled by the name of the cafe (One Eighty Coffee) so consider here only available coffee and simple food companion.



In fact, only with a pocket ranging from 50-200 thousand, you can be satisfied with heavy food that is presented beautifully and has a topnotch.



Open Hours In One Eighty Coffee


For those planning to come, One Eighty Coffee is open every Sunday through Thursday at 08.00-23.00 WIB and special on Friday, open at 08.00-12.00 WIB.




Where is One Eighty Coffee ?



One Eighty Coffee is located on Jalan Ganesha Number 3, Bandung

For further information, you can call 0822 1800 0155.

for clear direction , please check here in google maps


Let’s visit Bandung, heaven eating delicious with a unique theme that fits into a place to make memories.

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