Ngopdul Best Cafe For Coffe And Eat

For those of you who like coffee plus hang out then it is less if not invite friends directly to Ngopi Doeloe a.k.a Ngopdul. Ngopdul is indeed a coffee shop that has stood more than 10 years in the city of Bandung.

Surely people want to visit the café with mencara suasanya very comfortable and cozy. Formerly Ngopdul is famous for its coffee shop that does offer young people a hangout that nge-Hits du Bandung, and while enjoying the atmosphere.

But now Ngopdul itself is not a place that only offers coffee variants only. Ngopdul has now developed into a very nice café.

Ngopdul is now a place that is always in the search, let alone people who want to vacation birth. This place gets crowded when holidays are like Sunday.

Low Price Comfort High Class

In accordance with the slogan that they claim “Low price comfort high class”, it is for some branches that are owned Ngopdul in Bandung, the average looks quite high class.

It will feel if you look at the interior of the building and according to some people this cafe will look more elegant when using the furniture that is setipe with cafe & resto located in Bandung area.


When considered and carefully compare, for the price of food and beverages are located at this cafe is among the most friendly for a class of cafes located in the city of Bandung.

And when viewed with ambience and facilities offered by the owner of the café is very classy. Indeed there are several locations of this cafe, which may be less strategic enough for the tourists who come from outside Bandung who intend to visit the area of Bandung.

But for you who come from the city of Bandung or who come from outside the city of Bandung, and looking for a cafe with a low budget and pass this area. strongly recommend you to visit this one cafe.



A variety of coffee menus are offered at this impressive stall. Drinks are served here. Likewise with snacks to heavy meals will accompany your hangout time at Ngopi Doeloe.

Various drinks that can be sipped here ranging from Espresso, Ice Cappuccino, Machiato, Coffee Tubruk, Coffe Latte and many others. What about you who do not like coffee?

Do not worry because here are also provided various other drinks of various juices and sodas. The price of the drink itself ranges from Rp 8,000 to Rp 12,000.

Very affordable and fit in the pocket. If you are interested to sip coffee while eating snacks then can order tempe mendoan warm with chili peppers and soy sauce.

Still not enough? do not first mope, because there are other menus that come from outside. Some pizzas complement the menu list presented here with a variety of tempting toppings ranging from cmoked chicken cheese, mozarella, pepperoni and more.

If curious to eat an interesting dish then try peuyeum cheese made by combining elements of traditional food peuyeum aka tape with cheese. It’s sweet to blend with the savory of cheese.

Indeed The cheese was able to reduce the taste of alcohol as a result of fermentation peuyeumnya. Peuyeum is mixed with honey then baked so it tastes to be yummy.

And the recommendation from us, if ordering peuyeum cheese then most steady when combined with ice coffee tubruk. And it feels very good.

Although not all menus, but below there are some mainstay menu that is served along with the price, let’s see:

1.Frozen Coffe

  • Frozen Cappucino 21K
  • Frozen Moccacino 21k
  • Frozen Caramel 24K
  • Frozen Avocado 25k
  • Frozen Green Tea 25K

2.Italian Soda

  • Tiramisu soda 20k
  • Berry lemonade 20k
  • Tropical tango 20k
  • Hazelnut delight 20k
  • Zombie 23k
  • Irish cream 23k

3.Shakes & juice

  • Vanilla shake 23k
  • Espresso shake 23k
  • Green juice 21k
  • Pinacolada 21k

4.Soft drink

  • Mango berry 26k
  • Kiwi berry 26k
  • Red devil 21

5.Japan Food

  • Gyu miso ramen 25k
  • Katsu miso 24k
  • Teriyaki bento 31k


  • paffilote 35k
  • beef and chicken combo 35
  • texas cowboy steak imported 77k

And some other interesting food menu from traditional food to western food.



Menu Review

For the food offered at this cafe is quite a lot of variations starting from the starter, pasta, salad, soup, pizza, japanese, noodles, burgers, snacks, steak, dessert, cake, and various other food products such as the ones listed above .

Average food at this cafe ranges Rp.29K with the price range of food varies from Rp.17K s / d Rp.83K. As for the dessert average price is Rp.17, 3K with the price range of food varies from Rp.10K s / d Rp.22K. For detail the price of food contained in Ngopi Doeloe Branch Student Fighters, there are some menus that we have tried and it is very tasty. Let’s see the review below:



1.Frozen ice caramel

The drink is a mixture of iced coffee, caramel, plus vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It feels good! For those of you Who really like caramel must try it!

2.Texas Coboy Steak

Main course menu steak is certainly very tasty, because the meat is imported. The steak consists of sliced sirloin, half-cooked beef egg, saute vegetable, french fries and flushed with BBQ sauce. Steady

3.Hot Spicy Gyu Ramen

And this is also a must try, this spicy ramen contains slices of beef, wakame, boiled eggs, and sliced leeks.

4.Peuyeum Cheese

The most delicious dessert * according to some * Peuyeum Cheese. As fans no 1 of peuyeum, of course, this one menu certainly must not be missed. It tastes sweet, especially if eaten with Mango Tango Jumbo, it is guaranteed mixed with his delight and his satiety!

Interior and Facilities

The room provided at Ngopi Doeloe in several branches such as branches located at Student Fighters there are two choices of indoor spaces which both have large and large rooms on the first floor and second floor.

In addition, for you who are Muslims there is a mosque on the second floor. On the 1st floor you will feel a slightly busier atmosphere compared to the atmosphere on its 2nd floor, as all transactions, beverages and meals, visitors and visitors happen in this place (but tend to be pretty quiet compared to other places) .

On the 2nd floor, you will feel a much more brushy atmosphere and also more high class. Especially perhaps because the interior ceilings are made of wood and lighting times yes.

Address and Branch Ngopdul in Bandung

Because of the popularity of the “owner” of Ngopdul not half-hearted, to expand in Bandung this.
The rest there are 5 branches Ngopdul in Bandung, namely:

  • Coffee doloe Jl. Burangrang No 27.
  • Coffee doloe Jl. Student Warrior 45 No. 21
  • Coffee doloe Jl. Hasanudin No. 7
  • Coffee doloe Jl. Punawarman No 24-26
  • Coffee doloe Jl. Setiabudi