Nasi Kalong – Must Try This Unique Culinary

By | May 24, 2019

When in Bandung, one night (early morning) I felt a tremendous hunger.

Then my friend (original Bandung) suggested me to buy rice kalong.

Kalong in javanese language is bat. He said, this rice culinary is quite famous in Bandung.

The taste is good and the visitor is endless. Food stalls that have stood since 11 years ago and still exist until now.



I told her “I do not eat rice bats, I do not eat weird food”.

Because at first, I misunderstand about rice bats.

I think the kalong is the same as the bat.

So, the rice is a rice with a mix of bats. It turned out I was wrong (LoL).



Named rice kalong because this food stall operates at night only.

Then, the black colored rice is thought to be like a bat.

Actually the rice comes from brown rice, but cooked with kluwek and special spices so that black.

Can imagine how delicious that rice. On the other hand, brown rice is really suitable for me who is on a diet.


But if we eat there we have to wait in line.

The line could be very long, especially since I came on the weekend-added long.

Although the stomach is twisted, for the sake of this unique culinary I am willing to queue up.


Delicious Rice Kalong, Honey Fried Chicken, and Baked Beans


Once at the end of a long line, I finally got what I wanted for rice kalong, honey fried chicken, grilled beans, and mineral water (I was a little avoiding the sweet drinks).


Honey fried chicken is one of the menus that became a favorite of the many people (now also my favorite as well).

At a glance to see the physical appearance, this honey fried chicken is a chicken that cut into small pieces,


then cooked with honey seasoning. Before fried, first the chicken covered with flour and than oven it until half cooked.

The first bite, I just tasted the rice. Sense of rice is very soft, tasty, the spice is quite pronounced.


Very delicious. The second bribe, I eat honey fried chicken only.


The flavor of the marinade completely seeps into the meat, its texture is tender to tease. The third bite, I ate the grilled beans only.


Because the fuel, the texture of this beans taste fresh but cooked.


When eaten also ‘kress … kress’ in the mouth. Crazy! this is the best vegetable I have ever eaten in the history of my life.

I’ve read in a health article, that the texture of such vegetables is healthy, because the nutrients in it are still awake.


Just a fourth bite, I eat rice and side dishes. For you who don’t like the brown rice, don’t worry, there is also provided white rice.



The next bite, I combine the rice along with the side dishes.


The delicious makes me forget that I am on earth.


Perfectly melts in the mouth. In the end, the contents of my empty plate is nothing left. Then covered with a healthy drink-mineral water (LoL).


In addition to the menu I took above, there are also other menus.


In total there are more than 20 menus.

Some of the menus, such as tempura shrimp, rendang egg, tofu tausi, meat rolade, jerky chicken, gabuk abon, grilled beans, and others.


The eating system is a buffet there, so you are free to take whatever you want. Ah, I think I want to eat all that. But my stomach isn’t enough.



Not Just Good Taste, But Also Healthy


One thing that makes me like to eat there is besides delicious food also healthy.


Brown rice, we know that brown rice is a good rice for health based on recommendations from doctors. Side dishes are cooked with a little oil so a little fat, even how many cooks are burned.

Then there is no thickened vegetable.

I recommend you to come there, guys.


In addition to the terms of food that I have reviewed at length above, in terms of place is also very comfortable

(in my opinion). The place is like street food, but not street food (ah, I do not know how to tell you).


The food place is outside the building with large umbrellas.


For me, rather than eating in a fancy restaurant, I like a place close to the street (as long as clean).


Although the line is long, don’t worry about not getting a seat because there is provided 50+ seats. Enjoy you meal!


Location : Lieutenant Laut Raden Eddy Martadinata Street, Numb.102, Cihapit, West Bandung, Bandung City, West Java 40114