Mr. Moonlight Balinese Cafe in Bandung

Bandung Advertiser – Mr. Moonlight Balinese Cafe in Bandung , Bali is a place that has many cafes and restaurants with its own characteristics.

Modern style but wrapped with local culture, making various places in Bali a very interesting place to visit. It’s no wonder that every year Bali is visited by many tourists, whether local or foreign.

The concept raised in the cafe or restaurant is quite beautiful, aesthetic, modern, and of course instagramable. The beautiful natural scenery is also a strong supporter for tourist attractions in Bali.

That’s why many people really want to go to Bali. But for those of you who don’t have the time or like right now during the Covid-19 pandemic, you don’t need to go all the way to Bali to enjoy a place like that.

Because recently in Bandung a cafe or restaurant has been opened that has a Balinese concept.

Starting from the interior design to the atmosphere, it is very similar to a cafe or restaurant in Bali. Visitors will be presented with many instagramable photo spots and of course a comfortable and exciting place to hang out with friends.

The concept of the newest cafe or restaurant in Bandung is quite unique, because there are not many places with this concept apart from Bali, of course.

So, this place is quite interesting to visit with friends as a substitute for a vacation in Bali. In addition to being more cost-effective, of course it is safer during this Covid-19 pandemic. The following will be reviewed about a cafe or restaurant named Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar.

Mr. Location Moonlight

This cafe or restaurant with a unique concept doesn’t have a hard-to-find location, so visitors don’t have to worry about finding the place difficult.

The distance from the center of Bandung is also quite close, to make it easier to see the guide on Google Maps.

The complete address is at Jalan Pajajaran Dalam No.148, Husen Sastranegara, Cicendo District, Bandung City, West Java.

If from the center of Bandung City, which is precisely in Bandung City Square, the distance is only about 4 km. From Bandung City Square, you can go straight past Alfamart until you find an intersection near SMAN 4 Bandung.

Turn right and follow the road until you find an intersection with KFC, then turn left into Jalan Pajajaran. At the T-junction of the Husein Sastranegara Monument, take the right path, go straight a bit and arrive at the location.

This fairly easy route certainly makes it easier for visitors to be able to visit this Balinese-style Cafe.

If you are a resident of Bandung, of course, you will have no trouble finding the location, but if you are not a resident of Bandung, don’t worry, it is also difficult to find it, because by following the guidelines from Google Maps, you will easily arrive at that location.

Hours of Operation Mr. Moonlight

If you want to visit a place, of course, it is very important to know the operating hours, of course no one wants to visit when it is not open or even close.

For visitors who want to visit Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar no need to worry. Because this cafe or restaurant has long operating hours.

Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar Bandung is open every day from 04.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB. For visitors who want to hold a Dinner, it can be held from 16.00 to 20.00 WIB.

As for the visitors who want to hold a Party, this one place provides a time starting at 21.00 until the end of the Party event.

With these long operating hours, visitors can adjust what they want to do there. If you just want to hang out with friends, then the afternoon until the evening seems to be the right time.

It is different for visitors who want to have dinner, of course it is more appropriate at night. And for visitors who want to party, they usually choose a time from night to early morning.

Mr. Attraction Moonlight

Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar carries the main concept of a Balinese cafe or restaurant. To be precise, it has a Middle Eastern-style concept.

Dominated by cream colors, there is a swimming pool in the middle, an outdoor room with trees that can be found in the Middle East area thickens the atmosphere in the Middle East at this cafe.

The indoor room is also designed in such a way that it is similar to the rooms in the Middle East, with distinctive furniture, and golden yellow aesthetic lights.

Furniture such as sofas in the Indoor room are made as close as possible to the Middle East style while still offering comfort for visitors.

The shape of the building is made as closely as possible to the concept that was appointed, has two floors with beautiful views of the city of Bandung.

Outdoor space is by far the favorite place of visitors, with the daytime atmosphere against the background of a bright blue sky being their favorite. Visitors can see

a swimming pool with aesthetic lights at night, by looking at it from the second floor will look more beautiful.

All the furniture such as tables and chairs, to the displays in Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar is made as close to the middle east as possible. Concepts like this can generally be found in cafes or restaurants in Bali. Now cafes or restaurants with this concept can be easily found in the city of Bandung.

Mr. Facilities Moonlight

Having a unique concept and attractiveness that is quite successful in attracting visitors, Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar also presents various supporting facilities to provide comfort for visitors. Of course, these facilities are made as complete and as good as possible for the convenience of the visitors who come.

The first facility offered is a large enough parking area, of course this is very helpful if visitors come in groups with friends. Next there is a toilet that is quite clean. Then there are photo spots that are definitely instagramable, so make sure if you want to come wearing the right outfit to get more aesthetic photos.

The next facility is free WiFi access and a power outlet, these two facilities are certainly needed for visitors who are mostly young people. Then there is an air-conditioned room and live music, these two combinations are enough to provide comfort for visitors. Next there is a swimming pool which further enhances the view of this cafe.

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The next facility is a health protocol, during the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, this is a fairly important facility. Visitors are also advised to continue to comply with health protocols for mutual comfort and safety.

For the menu options offered by Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar is quite complete. At this cafe, there are various Beverage menus, various types of Beer, various types of Craft Beer, various types of premium cocktails, various types of pasta, and various types of salads. The number of menus is a choice for visitors to complement in enjoying the Balinese-style atmosphere at the cafe.

That’s the full review of Mr. Moonlight – Runway Pool Bar. The attractiveness and unique concept of this cafe is enough to attract the interest of many visitors. There’s nothing wrong with visiting and enjoying for yourself how the atmosphere is offered by the cafe.

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