Millennial Style Hangout and Coffee at Armor Genuine

By | February 19, 2022

Millennial Style Hangout and Coffee at Armor Genuine , Coffee and hanging out activities have become a common activity for teenagers today, not just teenagers. Adults are also often found in the right hangout or coffee, whether it’s to gather with friends or are looking for a different work atmosphere.

The city of Bandung is one of the cities that has a large number of cafes or coffee shops. Millennial youth activities in Bandung generally hang out with friends. That’s why many cafes or coffee shops have sprung up that carry the theme that teenagers are interested in today.

Some time ago in Bandung a new Coffee Shop appeared which was quite attention-grabbing. Its strategic location and the theme raised is enough to make many people curious. The name of the place is Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery. The following will be reviewed in full about this newest hangout in Bandung.

Initial Unlock and Location of Genuine Armor

Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery launched on Wednesday 29 September 2021. The launching event was inaugurated directly by the owner of Armor Genuine, namely Renaldi Husada. The launching event was marked by the cutting of the cone by Renaldi.

This hangout and coffee shop has a strategic location. The complete address is at Jalan Sunda No. 8, Burangrang, Lengkong District, Bandung City, West Java. The location is in the heart of the city of Bandung, namely at Simpang Lima Bandung, where it is a favorite place for tourists who visit the city of Bandung.

Not far from Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery, there is a culinary center that is always crowded with tourists. This makes the location of this Coffee Shop even more strategic. In addition, right in front of Armor Genuine also stands the Grand Asia Afrika Apartment, which makes this place an alternative for apartment residents to just hang out or work.

Indoor and Outdoor Room

Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery has two rooms provided, namely Indoor and Outdoor. The indoor room is arguably narrower than the outdoor room, which is around 30% indoor space and 70% outdoor room.

It turns out that this has been planned by the owner of Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery. According to the owner, Renaldi Husada, this hangout is indeed designed with a wider outdoor space, which is around 70%. This is due to the increasing interest of visitors in outdoor hangout rooms.

The Indoor Room has a clean, modern and classic design. While the outdoor room is made with lots of green plants that adorn it. Of course this is interesting, the atmosphere of coffee in an open space with beautiful green plants will create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors.

Renaldi added that this hangout is made as comfortable as possible so that visitors can be refreshed from their daily activities. He also added that Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery is also intended for apartment residents who have difficulty finding a place to hang out.

Perks Genuine Armor Offers

With an interesting theme carried by this Coffee Shop, they also don’t forget to provide facilities to support the convenience of visitors. Reporting from, the following are the facilities they offer.

Coffee and more, at Armor Genuine it’s more than just a good coffee taste. They also offer experiences and moments, so that Genuine Armor can be something that visitors always look forward to. Armor Genuine also provides a large selection of delicious snacks to complement visitors’ hangout activities.

Coffee that can be enjoyed anywhere, this coffee shop provides delivery and takeout services. Then there are high quality coffee beans, good coffee needs good beans, and at Armor Genuine they take care to always use the best coffee beans available.

The next facility that is one of the important things is the existence of free WiFi. Armor Genuine offers an internet connection that is good enough for visitors to enjoy while drinking coffee. Then Armor Genuine often offers special offers and promotions for visitors with special prices, special menus, or special events.

Next up there’s the best music, good music elevates everything, and that includes coffee. At Armor Genuine, they regularly invite musicians to perform live entertainment for visitors. And the next facility is a spacious place, so for visitors don’t worry about not getting a place because of the wide space provided.

The next facility that is no less important is the aesthetic photo spot. With its artistic Indoor and Outdoor room designs, this makes Armor Genuine a hangout place with lots of instagramable photo spots. So for visitors who want to take photos with friends, of course they will be happy

Genuine Armor Menu List

With the many facilities offered, Armor Genuine also offers many menus. Of course, the available menus are made with good quality and taste. So that it maximizes the visitor experience when they come to this one place.

In the Espresso Base category, there are Espresso, Americano, Caffe latte, Cappuccino, Mocaccino, Magic, Picollo, Creme Brulee, Vanilla latte, and so on menus. Meanwhile, in the Manual brew category, there are VSO, Kalita wave, Flatbottom, Vietnam drip, and Japanese ice menus.

Furthermore, in the Non Coffee category, there are Chocolate, Red Velvet latte, Taro latte, and Matcha latte menus. Then in the Signature Artomoro category, there are Artomoro palm sugar, Artomoro coffee blend, Artomoro Blackpink, Artomoro green army, Artomoro Baileys, Artomoro Avocado, and so on.

In the Mocktail and Mojito categories, Balinese, Mango yakult, Blue Hawaiian, Orange mojito, Guava mojito, Strawberry mojito, Lychee mojito, and Blue Sunrise menus are available. While in the Tea category there are Tea, lemon tea, Lychee tea, and Strawberry tea.

The next category is Light Bites, where the menu is Nachos, Cireng rujk seasoning, Cireng mozza, Mix platter, Chicken pom-pom, Salt pepper tofu, Tater tots, and so on. Then in the Chicken and Fish category there are Fish n chips, Chicken katsu, and Chicken Cordon Bleu.

In the Main Course category, there are Fried Noodles, Sushi Fried Rice, Kremes Chicken, Garang Asem Ribs, Tek-Tek Mie, Armor Fried Rice, Chicken Soto, and Geprek Chicken. Next in the Pizza category there is Pizza calzone.

The next category is pasta, there is a menu of Aglio olio, Bolognese, Carbonara, and Rendang Sauce. Furthermore, in the last category there is Dessert, which is available menus of Charcoal Crunches, Churros, Lava cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Fried Bananas, and Donuts.

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    Those are the various menu options that visitors can order when visiting Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery. This menu option can be enjoyed while listening to music, enjoying the scenery, while doing tasks, while completing work, to while chatting with friends.

    And a full review of the latest hangout in Bandung, namely Armor Genuine Coffee & Roastery. This coffee shop can be a suitable place for coffee lovers who like to be outdoors, with an artistic design and lots of green plants will create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

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