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Mendjamu Cafe Bandung Visit Mendjamu Cafe Bandung for Authentic Herbal Taste , Have a coffee at the cafe already normal , but serve you at a new cafe outside ordinary . Peeling the place culinary in the city of Bandung indeed no there is end . Almost at each corner in the city of Bandung there is an interesting culinary place for visited .

Just a creative idea appears in the middle spreading coffee shops , restaurants, and cafes in Bandung. Bandung people don’t just explore food taste _ but also keep on be creative with  new concepts and ideas in the culinary world .

recently this a cafe in Bandung named treat you succeed interesting attention . This cafe present for give herbal taste _ traditional with authentic taste . Moment there are n’t many cafes in Bandung that actually special serve product jamu traditional with modern concept .

Mendjamu Cafe Bandung

Jamu As prima donna during the pandemic

Since In 2019 the Covid 19 pandemic is endemic almost to whole corner of the world, no except in Indonesia. With a relative transmission process fast make this virus creeping and frowning life man in count minutes .

Moment vaccination not yet spread by equally then what can done for prevention transmission is with guard power stand body and _ strict as well as obey in guard protocol health .

In times of pandemic various type rhizomes be one _ most sought after commodity . Type rhizome or spices that can processed Becomes jamu of them Red Ginger and Ginger white , Galangal , Turmeric , Kencur and Temulawak .

Ginger own contains gingerols and shogaols which provide effect warm moment consumed . Whereas turmeric have the curcumin content that makes it as rhizome with antioxidant best . Whereas Curcuma contain tumeroles that have ability as anti- inflammatory , antibacterial and smooth metabolism in _ body human .

Various type rhizome the has proven beneficial as antioxidants , antibiotics natural and anti- inflammatory . Even rhizome could combined with how much herbal plants that also have many benefits and uses , such as  leaf Moringa , lemongrass leaves orange .

Mendjamu Cafe Bandung

Choice of Jamu Menu at Mendjamu Café

As one of the cafes that carries theme healthy life so variety choice manu The food and drinks available are also aimed at for could give benefit good for the health of those who consume it .

Drink jamu identical with a bitter taste with a strong and pungent aroma of spices , even though if formulated and modified with ingredients experience other will creates a sweet and refreshing taste .

names _ Jamu at this cafe enough interesting attention , because unique and creative . say just jamu

Concocted Virgin Tie _ from ingredients experience turmeric , orange lime , honey , basil leaves and skin orange . Likewise with _ jamu savior Freshness , which is fusion Among ginger, longan and orange thin .

Likewise with _ soft Le drink , drink made from base galangal it’s in potion with soy milk and honey as well as warm cream . _ Efficacy from drink this give effect comfortable and quiet at a time healthy .

Thin -thin tamarind is drink best seller herbal medicine in this cafe , combination sour Java , mint leaves , oranges thin , carbonated water with addition honey , feels fresh without reduce authenticity jamu that alone .

Drinks also available Tisane herbal tea , which is steeping from various type spice experience native to Indonesia, like  wood sweet , clove , flower gutter . Or the Miss Sweet menu which is fusion cute Among beer peletok , blueberry , orange thin and honey .

For coffee connoisseur _ try the Golden Milk Menu because have the taste almost resembling coffee, concoction turmeric mixed with milk and palm sugar . Likewise with the Men ‘s World which is fusion perfect from herbs and coffee.

Mendjamu Cafe Bandung

Food Menu Healthy at Mendjamu Café

Besides enjoy the original taste of herbal medicine , Mendjamu cafe also serves choice food inviting healthy _ tastes . Some food menu heavy including Pad Thai, Pho 88, Singapore Fried Tofu , Pineapple Salut Chicken and Iga Goreng Sauce Wansuy .

A bowl of Pad Thai serving from Thailand, served with use herbs and spices typical Indonesian. dream unique taste _ from sauce sour sweet and spicy Becomes fresher with _ addition leaf coriander and leaves orange . Naturally served complete with sprinkled peanut mash , bean sprouts and crackers as the topping .

If you want enjoy Jamu with snack light , visitors could choose the Suikiaw menu Chicken , made from mixture meat chicken and prawns wrapped skin dumplings or the Salad menu served together so’un along with a number of cut Spicy French Fries curry , sauce nuts and sprinkles spices .

Dish washer a mouth that also steals attention is a Boba Bread Pudding created with cream Leaf Famous Moringa _ have million benefit kind for health . Texture The pudding is super soft and sweet Becomes food mandatory cover _ for tried .

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    Café Mendjamu as Healthy Life Space

    This cafe is di design minimalist so that Becomes feel wide , with a number of touch instagramable artistic _ make visitors _ interested for take pictures at some unique spots and share them on social media pages .

    Own facility the place eat indoor and outdoor that make visitors free choose atmosphere , for enjoy Jamu taste _ original along with food healthy others in this cafe . This cafe too often used as room discussion “ Talk Treat you ” with various theme topic interesting about Yoga and beauty .

    There is Enough open space large as the place practice of yoga. Yoga is known give many benefit for health . No only for Upgrade fitness , train breathing but also for repair posture body and means relaxation . Entertaining the cafe opens private yoga class with Amora Yoga Studio every Monday , Wednesday and Friday .

    This cafe no only serving a vegetarian friendly menu but also carry theme green environment with utilise many plant green experience around the cafe added ornaments plant life at each side room . Supported with temperature air and climate cool city of Bandung make this cafe very recommend for visited .

    Collaboration Nice Café Mendjamu with A number of Culinary Legendary in Bandung

    Entertaining the café has been collaborate with cake shop Sari-Sari market snacks , so besides could enjoy the original taste of Jamu , at this cafe visitors could try various type variety cake snacks traditional typical various area . As cake klepon , nagasari , lapis legit and types cake others that taste shake tongue .

    Even only at Mendjamu Café visitors could enjoy klepon in coffee form . this menu named Es Kopi Buah Melaka, is a combination from espresso, brown sugar , pandan juice and grated coconut .

    The newest one , Mendjamu will presents the Ginger Round menu from the West with collaborate with Ginger Round Alketeri which is one of the culinary the legendary Bandung that stands since 38 years ago and still very favorite until day this .

    Café which is located on Jl. Official No. 5 Cipedes Sukajadi , this city of Bandung Keep going explore for presents unique and best menus , especially in serve culinary healthy .

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