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By | June 12, 2023

bandungadvertiser.com – Co-Working Space Ala Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space , In this millennial era, the younger generation is getting smarter and more careful in carrying out all their activities.

Comfortable, relaxed, happy, but still productive, these are the things that are the basis for thinking of the millennial generation.

They carry out their activities in various places, not only in the office, cafes can also be their preferred place to carry out their activities. In the city of Bandung, there are many cafes that provide the concept of Co-Working, one of which is Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space.

The location of this cafe itself is on Jl. Ir H Juanda No. 92 Lebak Gede, Coblong, Bandung 40132 Indonesia. The position of this cafe is in the middle of Bandung in the Dago area. Access to this cafe is quite easy, especially from public transportation.

This cafe is also close to campus and offices. In addition, this cafe is close to Boormeus, money chargers and a cake shop for souvenirs, so visitors can buy souvenirs after enjoying coffee at this cafe.

Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space was founded in 2017, to be exact on November 22, 2017. At the beginning of its launch, this cafe has attracted many visitors. This cafe is open from 08.00 to 23.00 WIB.

This cafe is special because it manages to present a unique collaboration between eat, share, explore, and connect. With this collaboration, Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & space wants to provide space for communities to hold their events, collaborations, workshops or talk shows at this cafe.

lo.ka.si coffee & space

With this collaboration concept, Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space targets freelancers, students, students, business startups and other communities.

This collaboration concept is expected to be an attraction for the millennial generation, as stated by Talitha (event & Community Officer Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space) on the site, she said that Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space wants to attract and empowering the millennial generation, especially in the realm of engineering, business startups, and the creative world in forming an ecosystem that is mutually correlated and mutually reinforcing between connect, share. & explore.

Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space offers a co-working atmosphere complete with an attractive interior that can attract visitors, especially freelancers. The building design is minimalist and unique, with the hope of providing comfort and inspiration for visitors, especially freelancers. A smoking and non-smooking area is provided at this cafe.

The first time visitors enter this cafe, they will see a spacious room, with several tables made of wood and iron, and also an elongated seat area like a staircase covered with wood with wooden walls painted in several colors behind it. Beside this room there is a smoking area bordered by a glass wall. And provided some seats in it.

The walls of the building are dominated by glass, especially the exit and room dividers. The design displayed in this building, is a geometric design, like the one that is attached to each of the glass walls. This design is what makes this cafe look minimalist and spacious.

Lighting is also obtained from the reflection of sunlight that enters through the glass walls, as well as the addition of yellow led lights, which make the atmosphere comfortable and warm.

Entering the building, there is an area in which there is a large, towering tree. But the big tree did not penetrate to the rooftop. This roof top area is transparent so that sunlight can enter and give a greenhouse-like effect.

There are several tables that are arranged with the distance between the tables quite far. In addition, a ladder is installed here as access to the 2nd floor. Under the stairs there is a white shelving table decorated with small flowers in pots and yellow lamps.

Areas that seem semi-outdoor with a natural atmosphere. This area is an area that is quite liked by lovers of instagramable spots because of the beautiful view, especially on the stairs.

Continue to the Co-Working Spacee, Co-Office area. This area is in the form of separate rooms, and is designed like an office space lined up in a company. This area is equipped with several facilities needed like an office in general. there are about 6 rooms that can be rented by teams who need a place to work as a team.

The distance between space one and the front space is quite wide, so a seat is provided whose function can be used to relax or eat. When visitors who rent the Co-Office space are tired, they can rest outside, to just sit, or chat and get acquainted with visitors who rent in another room.

Another area at Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space is an area that looks like a long hallway, with a brick wall on one side and a glass wall on the other. Along this hallway there are also several ornamental plants placed on the sidelines of the table. This area is not only a seat area, right?

Not suitable for photo spots, this area is also usually used for exhibition areas. Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space facilitates creators to exhibit their works in this area. whether it’s a painting exhibition, a technology exhibition or another exhibition.

The facilities provided at this cafe, apart from the very friendly building design for freelancers and freelancers, also provide Wifi facilities and lots of charging areas in each seat, thus supporting activities for its visitors.

In this cafe, apart from a coffee shop, there is also a restaurant which of course provides many menu choices that can spoil the visitors. With a variety of food and drink menu variants and prices that are certainly affordable, visitors don’t have to worry about starving here.

The prayer room is also available for Muslim visitors to be able to carry out their worship comfortably. The toilets are also spacious and clean, and are distinguished between women’s toilets and men’s toilets.

The cafe staff is friendly and professional. They provide good service to help visitors when holding their events or exhibitions. In addition, this cafe also provides chairs for young mothers that can be used when bringing their babies to this cafe.

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Lo.Ka.Si Coffee & Space can really provide a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for freelancers and students who do their work. Providing services and facilities needed by the millennial generation to get a comfortable and safe place, full of inspiration to continue working and producing.

Facilitating creators to be able to exhibit their works, at affordable prices without having to rent an exhibition gallery.

This cafe is unique and really helps the millennial generation to develop. Curious about this cafe? you can come and see it in person. You can also see their Instagram at @lo.ka.si to add references if you want to visit this cafe.

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