Lit Forest in Bandung

Forest Park Forest Park (Tahura) Ir. H. Djuanda, Bandung to encourage this tourist destination to continue to grow and become a new icon for the face of tourism in West Java. The Lit Forest is one of the new tourist attractions in Tahura. Visitors will be invited to a fairy tale world, while exploring the forest at night.

As a connectivity partner of Hutan Lit, Telkomsel provides unlimited connectivity to support various digital activities of visitors.

Telkomsel will also optimize various regional economic potentials around tourist sites, as well as to increase awareness of the importance of preserving nature in enjoying tourism objects.

Telkomsel President Director Hendri Mulya Syam said, through this support, Telkomsel wants to help revive local tourism by providing quality connectivity, so that visitors can enjoy the Lit Forest while staying connected to each other and carrying out digital activities such as accessing social media, status updates, and live video online. freely.

“We also hope that visitors can take advantage of the unlimited connectivity from Telkomsel in the Burning Forest to share positive messages about the importance of preserving nature in the tourist objects they visit,” he said.

Telkomsel’s participation in these tourism objects cannot be separated from the new innovation of Hutan Lit, which collaborates with advances in audio-visual technology with the natural beauty of Indonesia to bring new experiences for the community when traveling. In addition, the audiovisuals presented are not only focused on beauty but also convey an important message of love for environmental sustainability as a form of concern for future generations and the country.

Bandung’s Burning Forest

RI Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir (center), accompanied by Telkomsel’s President Director Hendri Mulya Syam (second right) and Telkomsel Commissioner Yose Rizal (far right) directly inspected the Lighting Forest of Taman Hutan Raya (Tahura) Ir. H. Djuanda, Bandung which is a local tourist destination in the country with the presence of Telkomsel as one of the connectivity partners.

“This step also confirms Telkomsel’s commitment as a digital lifestyle enabler who will always be there to support the digital activities of the community through the availability of leading broadband networks anywhere and anytime.

This partnership is also expected to help increase the attractiveness of the flaming forest as a local tourist destination to be visited by more people, thereby opening up wider opportunities for MSME actors around the flaming forest to be more empowered and have an impact on a better regional economy. , ” concluded Hendri.

The inauguration of the partnership with the Lit Forest was also attended by the Minister of SOEs of the Republic of Indonesia, Erick Thohir. “Actually, this (forest) is the source of our life’s oxygen.

That’s why I really appreciate Telkomsel’s presence, especially since the creative industry in Bandung is extraordinary, we support it. I see this potential. This is a good form of mutual cooperation and we are trying to help it become an attraction itself,” said Erick.

Erick said the government would carry out similar activities in several regions in Indonesia. It is time, said Erick, the government builds destinations or infrastructure for local tourists, and does not get stuck with the understanding of constantly attracting foreign tourists.

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