Kyomi Cafe and Artspace

By | June 12, 2023 – Kyomi Cafe and Artspace, Enjoy the Japanese Atmosphere at Kyomi Cafe and Artspace, Bandung never seems to stop giving birth to unique and contemporary ideas and concepts of creativity. This is evidenced by the increasing number of tourist attractions, shopping centers and new culinary tours. No wonder Bandung is always chosen as a favorite tourist destination for tourists.

Bandung culinary tourism has long been famous for its delicious taste, circulating a stigma in the community that any processed food and beverage creations enjoyed in the city of Bandung will taste delicious is true. Either because it is enjoyed in the middle of the cool air or indeed because of the creative hands of the residents of Bandung.

The current trend shows that people are not just culinary to enjoy a variety of new dishes that spoil the tongue, but nowadays the tendency in society is that cafes or restaurants are chosen to find a comfortable atmosphere that supports lifestyle and work life balance.

In the midst of the rise of culinary locations in Bandung comes a café called “Kyomi Space”, this place is not only a unique Japanese café that serves delicious food and drinks, but also provides space and a forum for creativity for the people of Bandung.

Enjoy Japanese Ambience at Kyomi Cafe and Artspace

Kyomi Space presents the atmosphere of a house in the corner of a Japanese city, simple but providing comfort and tranquility. In terms of building, this café features the characteristics of traditional Japanese houses with wooden window accents (degoshi) and sliding doors (mushiko mado).

It is said that the architectural style of Japanese traditional houses highly upholds the relationship between buildings and nature. No wonder wood is the dominant material used as the basis of the building. Likewise at Kyomi Space, windows, doors to seats and chairs use wooden elements that display the veins and basic colors of wood which have natural aesthetic value like a traditional Japanese house.

The slightly hidden location of the Café makes the atmosphere feel calm and comfortable. Plus the coolness of the Bandung city air makes visitors reluctant to leave this place.

Even the arrangement of the room and the selection of minimalist interior decorations make this café look simple but elegant. Some spots are very instagramble, suitable for visitors who really like photography activities and actively share the results of photos on social media pages. In addition, there is also a photo booth for café visitors who want to capture moments of togetherness in this café.

Kyomi Cafe and Artspace

Food and Beverage Menu at Kyomi Cafe and Artspace

Kyomi Iced Coffee Milk is a mainstay menu in this café, in addition to the espresso and café latte menu. Another favorite drink menu is Black Rose, a mocktail-flavored drink with a coffee base. Visitors can also choose a menu of non-coffee drinks such as Japanesse iced, various variants of spice tea or Ocha Japanese fresh drinks that can be enjoyed warm or cold.

One of the signature menus of this café is Kombucha drink made from Mango juice and Green tea which is fermented for approximately 3 weeks. This healthy drink menu is a must try, because besides having a unique taste it is also very beneficial for health.

Other light menus such as Cream Brule and Grilled Donut soup are new menus that must be tried because the unique taste is suitable for connoisseurs of snacks that are not too sweet.

Dim sum menu is one of the best seller snacks in this café, served with various variants of dumplings and spring rolls, namely chicken, shrimp, crab and nori. Dim sum in this café is famous for its soft texture and authentic taste. Dim Sum itself is a Chinese dish that has been brought to Japan as a companion to tea.

If you want to try a filling meal this café offers a dish of Cap Dua Telur, this egg-based dish is served in a bowl, with a blend of Japanese spices and green onions along with spinach as a topping which is certainly healthy.

Kyomi Cafe and Artspace, One of the Creative Spaces in Bandung

Besides being designed as a Japanese culinary spot, Kyomi is also one of the places that facilitates and accommodates various creative activities for the people of Bandung.

In Kyomi space, there are several art creative workshop programs or better known as “Kyomi ceramic”. There is a special studio designed as an arena for art. The Basic Pottery hand building workshop with various techniques such as Pinching, Slabbing and Coiling techniques is one of the most popular programs for workshop participants.

Even some of the works from the workshop are used as art ornaments that decorate the corners of Kyomi café. Because the owner of the café provides flexibility for art activists to be able to display artworks in his café.

At the beginning of its establishment, the owner of Kyomi Space only dreamed of having a place to just hang out with friends, but over time this place became one of the spaces that not only provides a memorable culinary experience but also provides space for artistic creativity.

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Kyomi Cafe and Artspace, Collaborating Art and Culture with Social Activities

Kyomi Space not only provides space and knowledge for art and culture lovers but also actively supports and facilitates the artwork of children with special needs through an art exhibition.
The “Salur” exhibition is one of the exhibitions recently held at Kyomi space. Presenting valuable artworks by students with disabilities from Art Therapy Center Widiyatama.

Kyomi Cafe and Artspace, Green Space and Support Healthy Lifestyle

When visiting Kyomi space visitors not only feel comfortable with the traditional Japanese-style room arrangement, but also with the many green plants that become ornaments on the sides and corners of the café room, making the air in this place feel beautiful and fresh.

Putting live plants indoors turns out to have quite a lot of positive impacts on human health, the results of a study revealed that plants can help eliminate toxins and pollution in the air.

Not only in the indoor area, the trees outside the café are also very shady. The atmosphere of natural trees from various types of plants that live around the café adds to the hommy impression.
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Even the large space in the front yard of the café is often used as a place to organize Yoga. With the theme “Morning Yoga at Kyomi with Seruni”, it is enough to attract the interest of Yoga lovers. Moreover, Kyomi café provides a menu of spice drinks Es Asem Jawa and Healthy Fresh Ice which are very suitable for consumption after exercise.

Kyomi space is located in the Dago street area which is the center of shopping and culinary tourism in the city of Bandung. However, to be able to reach this location you have to pass through small streets, but it is quite worth it because this Café and Artspace is one of the hidden places in Bandung.

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