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Kids Heaven Playground For Tourist That Worth To Come

Kids Heaven Playground For Tourist That Worth To Come | Info travel this time will share about the tourist attractions in Bandung children are worth visiting.

Bandung and its surroundings is known as a paradise where nature recreation, culinary, family, and children. From start to a vacation spot for adults, elementary school children, kindergarten, even the toddler was there all here. Complete

Well, for those who are looking for attractions in Bandung child nice and cool, Arts, Tourism has prepared a number of recommendations that place. Reporting from a variety of sources, see interesting sights in Bandung for these children.


List of Places Children In Bandung Interesting, Good, And Famous


1. Lactasari Mini Farm



This mini farm layout was not in the mountains, you know, but in a mall precisely in Paris van Java Mall. Tourist attractions in Bandung child’s unique you can make a choice when you visit PVJ.


Your little one can do activities like giving a drink on lamb or provide food for rabbits. Well, while mom shopped, children can be accompanied by my father in the new tourist attractions in Bandung on this one.



2. Kampung Gajah Wonderland


Quiet, in a water adventure theme park is no elephants roam really.


Only the name is the name of the animal that is certainly favored by children, namely Kampung Gajah Wonderland.


Tourist attractions in Lembang child is fit for you who are looking for family attractions in Bandung.

There are more than 20 rides in it and also suitable for families.


To get in, you have to pay admission for 10,000 Rupiah for Monday to Thursday and 20,000 rupiah for Friday through Sunday.



3. Traffic Park Ade Irma Suryani Nasution



Kids Heaven Playground For Tourist That Worth To Come Traffic Park is not only fit for the streets but also can give knowledge to children about traffic rules and culture.


There are also many typical snacks Bandung are ready to pamper you while you wait for your child to play. You haya need to pay 6,000 rupiah to 7,000 rupiah a normal day or for Sundays and holidays, you know.


Reasonably priced and affordable, right?

Here you can play with your child, using traffic regulations, and also provided playgrounds such as swings, slides, and several sculptures of animals that can be driven, so that children would rather play.



But if not satisfied, can try some of the facilities that were there, among others:


– The train ride mini: that was equipped with a small station and the engineer, so you’ll be more fun to drive around the traffic park with your child.


– Bike arena: you can rent a variety of small bikes and in this arena will be taught your child and be told how to know the traffic signs. Address attractions child in Bandung is located in Jalan Belitung No.1, Bandung.



4. Phantasia Barbie Gallery



Well, if the object of this one is a tourist place in Bandung for girls. Where girls are not like the look of Barbie? In Bandung, there is a gallery of hundreds of Barbie gowns are gorgeous.



Phantasia Barbie Gallery is located in the restaurant and café Balcony Café. While enjoying a delicious meal, your child can see the unique diorama of Barbie-Barbie’s there. Let’s note address at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri 100, Lembang.



5. Trans Studio Bandung



Once present in Makassar, now also in the Trans Studio Bandung.


Tourist attractions in Bandung child is in the form of a fitting theme park for children and adults.


There are a variety of rides that must really you visit, but it seems the day is not enough.


There are so many rides that are in that will definitely satisfy you visit there.


For information, to the admission Monday to Thursday is 170,000 Rupiah, while on Saturday and Sunday or holiday is 270,000 ,


Trans Studio is one of the tourist attractions in Bandung favorite family travelers. Kids Heaven Playground For Tourist That Worth To Come

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