How Delicious Jando Cimandiri Satay- Legendary Culinary of Bandung

By | September 23, 2021

For you who first came to the Bandung city, I suggest to visit one of the buildings that serve as an icon of Bandung-Gedung Sate. As a domestic tourist, at first I misunderstood about Gedung sate, I think Gedung Sate is a building where we can find many sellers of satay in it. It wasn’t guys!

Gedung Sate is the government building of West Java Governor. Its name is unique. The place is also very strategic because it is located in the city center.

Near Gedung Sate, you will find an important places of Bandung City, such as Geology Museum, Elderly Park, and Factory Outlets. In addition, you will also find a very legendary satay culinary place- Jando Cimandiri Satay.

When you get to Gedung Sate, just go to the back of the building. The place isn’t expensive restaurants, where we have to dig deep pockets. The place is really paved, where when eating you will be sitting on a plastic chair. Yes, the exact location is on the edge of the pavement on Cimandiri Street, Bandung (in front of  Economic Magister Building Padjadjaran University). Access is easy.

Based on the information that I got, this satay has been legend since tens years ago. At that time (about 26 years ago), Mrs. Katemi sells this satay in a circumference. Then, after Mrs. Katemi died, followed by her daughter named Sri Rejeki.

From it name, I used to think Jando was = Widow. But it wasn’t. Jando it is ‘lard’ or fat on cow’s breast. Jando’s name comes from customers who often call satay cow’s breasts Jando. Yes unique, because the satay we meet is usually made of meat, whether it be chicken, beef, lamb, or other meat.  Jando Cimandiri  Satay is really different.

Long Lines on Sunday

Because of its unique and distinctive flavor, it is not imaginary if you will see the scene of a very long queue. Especially on Sundays. Cold, long lines can reach 10 m. I waited for more than an hour. Wow!

That’s because in front of it there is a Gasibu sports field that became spot Gasibu Sunday Morning. So, on Sundays, Bandung residents (both native and immigrants like me) spill over there to relax, exercise, or just sit and chat. After tired of exercising, then eat satay and drink iced tea. Isn’t that the ultimate pleasure?

Said the seller, when the day of the week they even bring 8 employees and two toaster to serve customers. If it isn’t a Sunday, the number of employees is reduced, and the toaster is also just one.

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Delicious Jando Cimandiri Satay Melt in the Mouth

Our patience is really tested to get some delicious and delicious Jando skewers. Tiredness waiting in line will be paid off when Jando satay has melted in our mouths.

After queuing for about an hour, Jando or lard that was burned really tasty when eaten with peanut sauce. Lumer once in my mouth. Peanut seasoning tastes a bit sweet with a very thick texture, but not too subtle so the taste is so strong. I got to add peanut seasoning.

Because I like spicy, it tastes to be a bit sweet, spicy, savory, chewy into one. In other hand, the taste of spices is also quite strong because before being burnt meat satay smeared with yellow spice made from ginger, turmeric, betel, and other spices.

The taste of ‘chewy-chewy’ on jando  really creates a sensation of its own when eating it. And in order to fruition when eaten, the seller adds rice lontong in each serving of satay. Satay and lontong is the perfect matching match!

Overall, it tasted really good, let alone served on a banana leaf mat and covered with a cold and sweet drink like ice tea. Heaven on earth! If you do not really like jando (gajih), you can eat chicken satay or beef sate. Seller provides 3 options menu, namely chicken satay plus jando, satay cow plus jando, and satay only part jando (fat on the cow’s breast). If I personally like Satay Jandonya.

Pleasure Isn’t Expensive

To get a culinary delights such as legendary satay Jando Cimandiri, I do not need to dig deep pockets. The price is very affordable, a serving of 10 satay skewers including lontong with a very thick spices of peanut sauce, soy sauce, and sambal, only IDR 22.000. Overall, the price of satenya about Rp 20 thousand only. Cheap isn’t it?