Indulge Your Tongue at Lula Bakery & Coffee

Lula Bakery & Coffee

Bandung Advertiser – Lula Bakery & Coffee, Indulge Your Tongue at Lula Bakery & Coffee

“The heat of Bandung is the best when you eat smoothies,”

That’s the expression of Novita Purnamasari, one of the visitors of Lula Bakeri & Coffee, which was reported on the website A cafe that is famous for its delicious food menu, a comfortable, clean place and very good service.

Lula Bakery & Coffee is located on Jl. Citarum No.12, Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, precisely next to the Gloss restaurant that was once Berjaya. The place is not too big but comfortable and clean. The location of this cafe is quite strategic, located in the center of Bandung City which is close to mosques and schools, so it will be very easy to find with Google Map.

Based on data reported by, Lula Bakery & Coffee was established on November 20, 2015, and succeeded in attracting positive ratings from its visitors, especially regarding the delicious taste of food (80/100), comfortable atmosphere (86/100), service excellent (82/100), cleanliness maintained (82/100).

Talking about the origin, Tonny Hartono (General Manager of Lula Bakery & Coffee) in TribunJabarId said that Lula’s name was taken from the word “lu again, lu again” which means visitors keep coming and meeting the same person, him again, him again.

This name was taken to match the atmosphere of Lula’s own cafe. Tony also explained that Lula Bakery & Coffee brought the theme “healthy” and West Java as the main theme.

Lula Bakery & Coffee

This cafe is small but has something interesting served. The dining area inside is not too big, but the outside is quite spacious and comfortable. This cafe presents an attractive design aesthetic, as well as a comfortable atmosphere, as well as many good photo spots.

There are also smoking and no-smooking areas, the outdoor area is used as a smoking area and the dining area is used as a no-smooking area. Cleanliness is very well maintained here, so visitors don’t have to worry about cleanliness. The place is clean, of course the food must be clean too

Lula Bakery & Coffee
Lula Bakery & Coffee

Lula Bakery & Coffee is open from 07.00 to 22.30 for Monday to Saturday, and from 07.00 to 23.00 for Sunday. Interestingly, visitors are still allowed to be outside the cafe even though it is closed. A very suitable place to enjoy breakfast before starting the activity and also a suitable place to spend time.

The facilities offered at Lula Bakery & Coffee are not only a comfortable place, but also the service from their employees. The visitors were very satisfied with the friendly and prompt service of the Lula Bakery & coffee employees.

According to data reported, employee service reached 4.1 out of 5. This is a high enough number for a service assessment. Free Wifi is also available at this cafe, so visitors don’t have to worry about internet access here.

Lula Bakery & Coffee also provides VIP room facilities for visitors who will hold a lunch meeting or get together with friends and family. Visitors only need to make a reservation beforehand. The parking area is large enough, so visitors don’t have to worry about the parking area even though it’s crowded.

In addition, Lula Bakery & Coffee also provides delivery service, Drive-through, delivery without meeting and takeout. So for visitors who want to enjoy food at home, they can.

This cafe is famous for its delicious cuisine. The mainstay menu at the famous Lula Bakery & Coffee is smoothies. But other menus are also delicious according to other visitors. From the data reported by the taste at Lula Bakery & Coffee gets a value of 4.0 out of 5. A high value for a taste of cuisine.

The collection of bread served in this cafe is quite complete, with various types of bread that do not exist in other bakeries. Some of the menus in this cafe are also rarely offered in other cafes. Lula Bakery & Coffee is not necessarily available in other cafes, this is what makes Lula Bakery & Coffee unique so that visitors want to come back again.

In addition, there are many healthy and delicious foods on offer. Healthy food offered at this cafe such as bread made from wheat, soothies bowl, poke bowl and many more. Suppose there are about 30 drink and coffee menus, 40 food menus, and 20 bakaery and pastry menus. The food served is fresh and of good quality. The food ingredients used are also fresh without added sweeteners.

To enjoy good food at Lula Bakery & Coffee, you have to spend a lot of money. The menu prices are a little expensive, starting from IDR 30,000 for snacks and IDR 50,000 for heavy meals. The portion given is quite full and filling.

So worth the price paid.
The menu choices offered are quite friendly for those who are on a diet program. The proportion of protein is more than carbohydrates from some menus, there are healthy drink choices made from a mixture of fruits without sugar. of course

yes quite helpful in a calorie deficit program. Likewise with vegetarians, the menu served here is very suitable for vegetarians, not just plain healthy vegetables, but vegetables that are served with delicious and fresh flavors.

For payments not only in cash, Lula Bakery & Coffee also accepts payments via master, visa, debit, and now you can use GoPay. If you pay via GoPay, visitors can get cashback.

In terms of taste, service and also the place, Lula Bakery & Coffee provides its own satisfaction for visitors. But there are some that are still not noticed in terms of environmental friendliness for children.

Visitors who bring children should pay extra attention to supervising their children. Maybe if the cafe provides a little child-friendly place, it would be very good for mothers who have small children to enjoy the atmosphere more without worrying about their children running around here and there.

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Lula Bakery & Coffee is quite busy with visitors. Visitors who come can spend hours hanging out at this cafe.

There was even a visitor who wrote his review on google map, that he hung out at this cafe for 10 hours without being reprimanded by his employees. The comfortable concept provided by Lula Bakery & Coffe, really makes visitors feel at home and want to come back again.

Lula Bakery & Coffee is a really recommended place for visitors who want to eat healthy and delicious, and also for visitors who need a place to hang out for hours whether to do assignments or just hang out. So when will you be here? Don’t forget to take a peek at Lula’s bakery & Coffee Instagram here @cafelula_id .

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