Haraku Ramen

undercover.co.id – Haraku Ramen opens its third outlet and obtains Halal Certificate , Haraku Ramen’s newest outlet in Gandaria City. (Source: Haraku Ramen) Ismaya Group started the year by expanding to open the third Haraku Ramen outlet in Gandaria City, South Jakarta. This latest outlet comes with a different concept to provide a unique experience to customers and has pocketed the MUI halal certificate.

Haraku Ramen comes with a positioning as a ramen house that offers thick and savoury soup, which suits the Indonesian tongue.

Cendyarani as President Director of Ismaya Group said that the Halal certification that Haraku Ramen has is a form of commitment to continue to maintain customer trust.

“Haraku Ramen comes as a ramen house that is known for using quality raw materials, and that is an important commitment for us,” said Cendyarani.

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I Dewa Ari, Marketing Manager of Haraku Ramen, explained that the thick and savoury soup served is unique compared to other ramen restaurants.

“The thick and savoury broth that we offer is made with an authentic Japanese cooking method, which is processed from chicken collagen juice for 8 hours. However, it still has a flavour that adapts to the Indonesian tongue,” Dewa said in a press conference session on Tuesday (30/1/2024).

Another uniqueness of this latest outlet is that it offers a different experience, namely carrying out the concept of self-service, so that customers can choose ramen menus and various choices of side menus available at the counter.

“The presence of a side menu in the form of fried foods is also deliberately presented because it adapts to the Indonesian people who really like fried foods,” said Dewa.

Haraku Ramen
Haraku Ramen

Not only that, the outlet also adopts an open kitchen concept that allows customers to directly see the processing of the ramen they are about to eat.

The open kitchen concept at Haraku Ramen. (Source; Marketeers/Ratu)Haraku Ramen itself offers four choices of ramen soup which are divided into two types, namely savoury such as miso and tori, and spicy, namely chige (seafood) and Sapporo (spicy sesame oil).


    In addition, the restaurant also serves dry ramen or ramen without soup, and rice menu with curry toppings. Meanwhile, the fried menu includes fish cake, crispy oden, egg tempura, chicken katsu, and nori karage.

    Regarding the price, the variety of menus offered can be obtained at prices starting from Rp 30,000, making this restaurant more accesible for the lower middle class to upper middle class.

    Lastly, Dewa added that in the future Haraku Ramen will open outlets in several major cities in Indonesia, such as Medan, Makassar, and Palembang.

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