The Great Asia Afrika Lembang, Travel Gate Around the World

Bandung Advertiser – The Great Asia Afrika Lembang , Bandung tourism is not only popular with the exoticism of nature tourism in Bandung or the romance of Bandung Night Tours.

Now many present tourist attractions are fresher and can accommodate all recreational needs for all age groups, not only a tourist spot for parents but also very friendly as a children’s tourist place in Bandung, also, young people or teenagers.

One of the new tourist attractions in Bandung that can represent all of that is now present in Lembang, namely The Great Asia Africa. This is a new tourist spot in Lembang which, according to the manager, is claimed to be the most significant unique tourist spot in Bandung today.

If you go on vacation to The Great Asia Africa in Lembang, feel the sensation of a tour around the countries of Asia – Africa in just one day! So, are you interested in coming here? If so, let’s find out more about The Great Asia Afrika Lembang Bandung.

The location and address of The Great Asia Afrika Lembang

The location of The Great Asia Africa is located on Jalan Raya Lembang – Bandung No. 71, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java, 40391.

The location is right opposite the tourist attraction in foreign-style Lembang Farm House Lembang and Eldarado Sport, Cafe & Convention Hall. If from the hotel accommodation near Bandung Station it is 11 KM, and from the Lodging Near Leuwi Panjang Terminal 15 KM.

Road route to The Great Asia Afrika Lembang

For those of you who want to go on vacation to The Great Asia Africa, there are many alternative routes to this tourist spot in Lembang. For those tourists from outside Bandung, such as Jakarta, you choose to exit the Pasteur toll gate or choose the road route via Subang.

If via Subang, you can exit from the Kalijati – Subang toll gate – Ciater Highland Resort – Sari Ater Hotel & Resort – Tangkuban Perahu – Location.

Road access to the location is effortless, safe, and strategically located on the edge of the main road. The paved road is very smooth, mainly if you depart from the city of Bandung, it is only about 15 KM or can be reached by driving in less than 30 minutes.

The Great Asia Afrika Lembang Bandung tourism attraction

The new tourist attractions of The Great Asia Afrika Bandung were carried out on November 22 last. Even though it has just been tested, apart from visitors from Lembang and Bandung residents, many tourists from outside the area also come.

So now you’re even more curious, aren’t you? What exciting and unique things are there in The Great Asia Afrika Lembang Bandung?

Miniature of 10 countries from 2 continents, Asia and Africa

According to the plan of The Great Asia Afrika Lembang, there will be no less than ten small complexes of Asian and African countries. These ten complexes are made by the place’s manager as closely as possible to the conditions of each original country so that visitors who come to The Great Asia Africa can feel the difference when entering each miniature complex of these countries.

From the shape of the building, there is Jaipur India’s Pink City area to the Kyoto-style Japanese village at the Floating Market Lembang. Not only that, in The Great Asia Japanese Village, you can see the Oshin House (the name of a famous Japanese woman in the film), Jinja Park, etc.

To further enliven the environmental atmosphere as closely as possible to the state of the respective countries, visitors can feel more sensation by renting the typical clothes of their respective countries that represent their culture. Here, you can rent kimonos (traditional clothing specific to Japanese tribes) and Kurti Salwar (traditional Indian dress).

The excitement of traveling to The Great Asia Afrika in Bandung is even more complete, with culinary centers typical of each country. For those who like Korean specialties, you can now eat as deliciously as Korean restaurants in Bandung at The Great Asia Afrika. For those of you who want other Asian dishes, there is also a Japanese restaurant in Bandung at The Great Asia Afrika.

Then there are Indian restaurants, Thai restaurants, including restaurants that serve African-style menus, and the Sundanese Restaurant in Bandung. As of the time of writing, there have been seven miniature complexes, but they are still in the process of completing development.

Among them there are complexes of Kampung Thailand, Kampung Korea, Kampung Japan, Kampung India, Kampung Africa and Kampung Nusantara (Balinese and Sundanese).

The Great Asia Afrika Lembang tourism facilities

The Great Asia Africa occupies a large area with hilly contours and valleys, similar to D’dieuland and Dago Bakery in Punclut Bandung. For the convenience of visitors to explore this place, the manager has made bridges, stairs, lifts, and even motorbike rental homes in Bandung.

For tourists who come in groups with Bandung Tourism Bus Rental or Bandung Car Rental, Whether it’s Hiace Bandung Rental and Elf Bandung Rental, you don’t need to worry because of the vehicle parking area at The Great Asia Afrika is vast.

Other tourist facilities at The Great Asia Africa Lembang are places to eat, like restaurants and cafes in Bandung. Then there are rides, playgrounds, toilets, prayer rooms, and areas to relax and rest, such as gazebos and others.

The operational hours of The Great Asia Afrika Lembang

The Great Asia Afrika Lembang opens every day from Monday – Sunday at 08.00 a.m. until 08.00 p.m.

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The Great Asia Africa Lembang entrance ticket prices

The ticket prices to enter this place is,

  • Weekday: IDR 50.000- per person
  • Weekend/national holiday: IDR 50.000- per person

For your information that the prices are subject to change at any time without notice. The price above is the official entrance fee for the Great Asia Africa Bandung, issued by the administrator in November 2019.

The tickets are valid for adult visitors or children, both local and domestic tourists and foreign tourists (foreigners). Interestingly, with the entrance fee, you can exchange the ticket for a portion of food or welcome drink in the location. Prices may vary during rock year holidays or Eid al-Fitr and other national holidays.

So, are you interested in visiting The Great Asia Afrika Lembang Bandung to travel around the world? Prepare your spare time and enjoy your visit!

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