Fuku Akiba Cafe

Fuku Akiba Cafe

Don’t claim to be a true anime lover if you haven’t come to Fuku Akiba Cafe

The phenomenon of fan cafes is now increasingly visible in several big cities in Indonesia, one of which is in the city of Bandung.

This is inseparable from the great interest of the people who love popular culture as a result of globalization and the development of information and communication technology.

The term fan cafe , which is currently booming , means as a gathering place for a fan community that allows them to interact directly with their idols online . But it can also be interpreted as a place that carries the concept of popular culture that is being talked about.

Anime is a form of popular culture originating from the land of Sakura, which is recognized by the world community. In Indonesia, Anime was first introduced through the Doraemon series which aired on a national private television in 1988. Then other anime series emerged with stories and characters that were no less interesting.

Otaku and Wibu Anime Community in Indonesia

Anime lovers are currently growing along with the emergence of many new series, with various genres of stories. The distribution media is also more diverse, not only in the form of television series, books or comics, but with increasingly sophisticated technology, anime in all formats can be accessed via internet media.

The anime fan community in Indonesia continues to grow, known as Otaku or Wibu. Members of this community come from various regions and regions in Indonesia and consist of various age groups, from children to adults.

Fuku Akiba is one of the cafes with the best Anime concept in Bandung. Which carries the theme of Anime Experience for visitors. Just launched in 2020 but has managed to become one of the Japanese restaurants that serves dishes from the land of the rising sun with an authentic taste.

Fuku Akiba Brings Japanese Feel and Atmosphere

The presence of Fuku Akiba as one of the cafes that carries the theme of Japanese popular culture is welcomed by Japanese culinary connoisseurs and true anime fans. In this place, visitors are served Japanese cuisine.

Fuku Akiba is thick with Japanese nuances through the appearance of an architectural style that is dominated by wooden elements, from windows, tables and chairs, which are simple in design but feel warm and comfortable. Other Japanese interior characteristics such as large windows and sliding doors and the use of several hanging lantern ornaments seem to complete the Japanese atmosphere.

Some of the walls are decorated with pictures of popular anime characters, such as Naruto and One Piece, with various attractive designs and eye-catching color combinations . In addition, the use of anime figure stands makes the concept of an anime cafe feel very unique.

On several sides of the room lined with bar tools with high chair leg designs, this model is commonly found in snack places in Japan. In addition to looking more minimalist, it is also quite space- saving .

This restaurant has the concept of “Open kitchen” restaurant which allows visitors to be able to see firsthand the cooking process carried out by reliable chefs in the kitchen room.

Typical Japanese Menu Options at Fuku Akiba

The best seller menus that are most recommended at Fuku Akiba are ramen and udon. Basically the raw material in making them is wheat flour, only the representation and texture are different. In this café, both are served with Nikutama sauce which is famous for being savory and delicious.

Nabe menu is a type of soupy food that is usually served in a large pot. Filled with healthy fresh vegetables with special cuts of meat, served with a choice of sukiyaki or miso sauce.

The Donburi menu is different, which is known as the “rice bowl dish” which consists of meat, fish and vegetables that are boiled together and served over warm rice. There are 3 variants of Donburi, namely Beef, Chicken and Seafood that can be selected with authentic Japanese flavors.

The choice of various kinds of Oden (Skewer) in Fuku Akiba can be served by frying and boiling such as meatballs, processed shrimp, crabs and various other seafood. Served with a choice of miso sauce, kimchi and nankotsu. These snacks are suitable as friends to chat casually.

The cafe’s signature drinks are Ice Tokyo Chocolate and Ice Lychee Akiba which give a fresh sensation. There is a drink menu that must be tried to complement Japanese specialties in Fuku Akiba, such as Ice Reito Milk, Kuro Milk, Kombucha and Ice Japanese Coffee, this is the latest menu from Fuku Akiba.

The dessert menu that visitors always order is Milk Silky Pudding with a very soft texture. Presented attractively with a taste that is not too sweet, guaranteed to make customers addicted to want to order again.

The Uniqueness of Fuku Akiba as an Anime Fan Restaurant

By carrying the anime concept, this cafe is not half-hearted in providing the best facilities for the anime lover community. It is proven by the many ornaments, decorations, or unique facilities for visitors.

In Fuku Akiba there is a Wall of Wishes or known as “Notes in Akiba”. This space is intentionally provided by the cafe manager for visitors who want to participate in writing down their wishes and hopes. Or if you want to give just an impression and message to Fuku Akiba.

Another unique facility that Fuku Akiba has is a photobooth spot that is intentionally provided for café visitors. There are even free anime-style properties that can be used for taking pictures, such as Monkey D. Luffy’s iconic Straw hat, which was popularized through the One Piece series. Also other accessories such as the headband that Naruto uses in each of the series.

Even with the instagramable visuals of the anime in Fuku Akiba, many visitors come to this café not only wanting to try Japanese specialties but also wanting to take photos uploaded on social media pages.

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    Fuku Akiba Lokasi Locations and Branches

    Fuku Akiba Restaurant is located on Jl. Progo No. 5 Bandung city. Its location in the middle of Bandung is strategic because it is in a tourism area. Adjacent to Jalan Riau which is a shopping paradise for Fashion Factory Outlets and lined with various Bandung specialties.

    Fuku Akiba can now be found at the tourist location of Noah Park Punclut Bandung. Which is one of the natural attractions that is currently viral and is mandatory to spend vacation time. Fuku Akiba is here in a booth café format, but still serves a full and delicious menu of Japanese specialties to eat with the family.

    In developing his business, Fuku Akiba tried to expand his business in several other areas outside Bandung. To meet consumer and customer demands, Fuku Akiba has opened branches in the Cikarang area and in the city of Cirebon.

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