Forest Walk Baksil Bandung

Exploring the Beauty of Nature at Forest Walk Baksil Bandung

The trend of natural tourism in the city of Bandung has its own charm that makes tourists willing to travel for kilometers to be able to enjoy the various facilities offered. The types of attractions available in the city of Bandung are now more and more varied.

Along with the high intensity of tourism infrastructure development in the city of Bandung, it encourages local governments to make various efforts to maintain the natural ecological balance. One of them is by creating a lot of green open space, including the creation of several thematic parks in the middle of the city.

In recent years, the Bandung city government has created green open spaces in the middle of the city by carrying various interesting garden themes. The park which was created in the city center apart from being a means of recreation for the community also has many benefits for the environment, including helping the process of absorbing carbon dioxide (C02) and as a water catchment area.

Of the many green open spaces in the city of Bandung, the one that attracts the most attention at this time is the “Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi”. This natural forest in the middle of the city is a green open space that can be enjoyed by the wider community.

Exploring the natural forest in the middle of Bandung

Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi (Baksil) was inaugurated in 2018 with a pretty fantastic budget. However, this is done by the local government of the city of Bandung as an effort to fulfill the obligation to procure 30 percent of green open space (RTH) in the Bandung city area.

Different from other green open spaces that have been built with various creative concepts and ideas, Forest Walk Baksil utilizes natural heritage land that has existed since the Dutch era. No wonder why the natural environment around Baksil has long been commercialized, such as the Zoo located in the Tamansari area and Cihampelas natural baths.

The natural lush forest in the Baksil area was developed with a modern concept, which removes the stigma of the forest as an area untouched by human activities, becoming an urban forest that can be visited and explored by the wider community in the city of Bandung.

The construction of the Forest Walk is a means to make it easier for nature lovers to interact with nature and can be used as a relaxing exercise track (jogging), recreation, or selfie.

The longest Baksil Forest Walk in Southeast Asia

Standing on an area of 3.8 hectares of green open space, Baksil is claimed to be one of the longest Forest Walks in Southeast Asia. The naturalness of nature combined with the soft sounds of the various fauna in it makes this forest in the middle of the city interesting to visit.

The construction of this forest walk is believed to have implemented international concepts used by several countries around the world. Forest Walk is one of the ways used by humans to be in direct contact with nature, without destroying the natural resources of the forest itself.

The plan is that the Forest Walk will be connected to the Cihampelas Skywalk tourist attraction, which was already present in the city of Bandung. Cihampelas skywalk itself is a “new face” of a legendary fashion tourist attraction that has been famous for a long time in the city of Bandung.

This discourse is quite interesting considering that there will be many tourist objects that can be explored by connecting the Forest Walk with the Cihampelas Skywalk in the future.

Facilities and Facilities at Baksil Forest Walk

The suspension bridge stretches for 2.3 kilometers in the middle of the Baksil urban forest, with a height of 2 meters above ground level and a 1.5 meter wide track, the floor is made of wood with fences on the right and left sides to ensure the safety of users.

In order to maintain the forest ecosystem and not change the natural structure of the plants in the Baksil environment, the suspension bridge trajectory is made twisting according to the layout of the trees and the contours of the land.

Around Forest Walk there is a space that provides several comfortable chairs made of permanent wood with a terraced model that can be converted into a dining table.

In addition, there is also a minimalist long table attached to the fence.

In this area, visitors can rest after walking around the forest area. There are several snack stalls available for visitors who want to fill their stomachs before returning to continue their adventure on the Forest Walk.

Even though it is in the middle of the wilderness, visitors don’t have to worry about losing their internet connection, because in this forest there are free wifi facilities, which is why this place is crowded with students because the location of the Forest Walk is surrounded by several large campuses such as ITB, UNPAD and UNPAR, so many students who visit this location for group discussions and work on assignments.

The Forest walk path is often used as a jogging track for sports lovers. The natural atmosphere of the forest with cool air makes some people choose to jog in this area. Although not far from Forest Walk, there are complete sports facilities belonging to the ITB Campus which are also visited by the public to exercise.

For visitors who come using private vehicles, there is no need to worry because Forest Walk Baksil has a fairly large parking area. In addition to other facilities such as public toilets and prayer rooms, which are also available, this city forest.

Provides Many Natural Photo Spots

Of the many natural attractions and green open space parks in the city of Bandung, Forest Walk Baksil is the only area that presents natural natural conditions as a tourism commodity. There are not many natural components that undergo changes or renewal. However, the local government took the initiative to beautify Baksil’s condition so that the environment becomes a comfortable location to visit.

It is proven that the existence of Baksil Forest Walk has succeeded in attracting the attention of many visitors, both from the Bandung community itself and immigrants from outside the city of Bandung. The glow of the sun that sneaks in from between the shady trees and the view of beautiful colorful flowers is an instagramable photo object.

Some visitors choose to take selfies on the forest walk path that extends with lush trees on several sides. Some others capture the atmosphere of the landscape view of the city of Bandung which looks beautiful from a height.

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    Access and Accommodation to Forest Walk Baksil

    Forest Walk Baksil is on Jl. Tamansari No. 90 lbs. Siliwangi, Coblong District, Bandung City. This location is one of the strategic areas in the city of Bandung so it is easily accessible by the public. Visitors can choose access via Jalan Dago or Jalan Ganesha to get to Forest Walk Baksil.

    Visitors from out of town need not worry because the accommodation facilities around Forest Walk are quite complete, ranging from lodging facilities such as hotels or guesthouses to fashion shopping centers and typical Bandung culinary delights in Cihampelas and Dago.

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