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Floating Resto Napak: Experience Eating Fish Above the Reservoir

Floating Resto Napak is a restaurant or a restaurant in Bandung that stands around Saguling Reservoir, Bandung Regency.

With this restaurant, tourism activities at the reservoir become more diverse.

In addition to seeing the scenery of the reservoir and participating in fishing around with tourists who like fishing, you yourself can sit back and relax in the restaurant to wait for the delicious fish dishes.

Yup, the main characteristic of Floating Resto Napak in terms of cooking is the main fish-based dishes.

There you can feel the sensation of eating fish like home cooking.

You will eat above a floating restaurant above the Saguling Reservoir, where the location of the reservoir is bordered by Cihampelas and Cililin Districts, West Bandung Regency.

How To Reach Floating Resto Napak

Because the location is located on the border of the District of Cihampelas, how to reach the Floating Resto if you are from Jakarta is long enough.

It takes about 30 minutes to travel by passing the Soreang-Pasirkoja (Soroja) Toll Road to Floating Resto Napak Sacang through Soreang-Cipatik-Cihampelas.

At Cihampelas, you can use Google Map to help your journey become smoother, in addition, there are many signposts that will make it easier for you to find locations.


Reach Sensation at Floating Resto Napak Restaurant

Floating Resto Napak really is in the middle of the Lake Saguling Reservoir.

So, when you want to reach it, after parking the vehicle, you still have to ride the engine boat.

In a short drive from the mainland to a floating restaurant in the middle of the lake, you can feel the cold sensation of water splashing onto your face feels very refreshing.

When you have arrived at Floating Resto Napak Sancang, then another amazing sensation is increasingly clearly felt, the movement of water under the soles of your feet, and the shadow of the restaurant reflected in the reservoir water makes the atmosphere even more lively.

Especially if you go there to coincide with dusk, the dusk light will add dramatic atmosphere and the surrounding scenery.



Main Menu In The Form Of Fresh Fish

As nature and culinary-themed tourist attraction, Floating Resto Sacang Napak promises to serve as a main dish in the form of fresh fish with a variety of preparations.

There are various kinds of fish that have been provided for guests who come, fish that are ready to be cooked, among others, there are goldfish, tilapia, catfish, and carp.

You can ask the fish to cook curry, fried or made soup.

Resto can provide according to the request of visitors, in addition, you can also ask for the fish you catch after fishing is done by the cook in the restaurant.

Affordable Prices

Maybe you are considering several times to eat there because of the impression that the place will cost a lot.

No, don’t worry about the price.

Grilled fish or other processed fish in this place is quite affordable.

Menu prices can change at any time, but so far the price of rice is IDR 60,000 for eight people, while the price of IDR 45,000 for tilapia, tofu, and IDR 2,000 forging, and others.

The price is only an example.

This restaurant is open from 08.30 A.M-09.00 P.M.


Entertainment Around The Reservoir

While waiting for the food to be processed by the cook, you can enjoy the view while fishing or seeing fish swimming.

There are several ornamental fish ponds, where the contents are goldfish which can greatly entertain us and relieve stress.

Such is the explanation about Floating Resto Napak Sacang in Bandung.

Tourist attractions in Bandung can be one of your tourist destination references with family and close friends, good luck!

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