Filosofi Kopi : The Coffee Shop That Become Real

By | March 20, 2019

Filosofi Kopi ! Maybe all of you have been read or watched this film in cinema. Filosofi Kopi is a masterpiece from Indonesian famous author called Dewi Lestari that soon been adopted as a film. The film is really interesting and takes a lot of attention, especially from the teenager.

This film tell us about how two teenagers build and  established the simple coffee shop in Blok M Sector in south Jakarta, they give their best effort to make their coffee shop always operate and have a lot of consumer. Beside that, in this film there are a lot of story that introduce us about the meaning and story in every cup of coffee.

For you, coffee lovers or Filosofi Kopi’s film lovers, of course you have been imagined or dreamed to go to coffee shop in Filosofi Kopi film. Whether just come and enjoy the coffee or shared it with your friends through your social media. Finally, your dream is not only a dream and you can make your dream come true through this coffee shop in Blok M Square Sector- South Jakarta.


Behind The Success Story Of Filosofi Kopi

Started from the succeed of Filosofi Kopi’s book, next step is the suceed of Filosofi Kopi’s film, this coffee shop also got the effect of that succeed, this can be seen in every hour, people come and go in this coffee shop. Furthermore, because of the succeed of this coffee shop, you should waited before you got the table in this coffee shop. One of the coffee shop barista, Mr. Jacks – his nickname – admitted that from day until night, this coffee shop never empty, this coffee shop always full of people who enjoy their time by enjoy a cup of coffee.

The Filosofi Kopi coffee shop offers affordable prices for every single cup of their coffee. All the prices in this coffee shop is absolutely paid off by the taste and the quality of the coffee that we drink and we shared with beloved one. Moreover, the affordable price is not only for a coffee but also for the snacks that Filosofi Kopi offered. The price of a cup and coffee started from Rp 18,000 until Rp 40,000.

The building of this coffee shop is very interesting, it is actually built from abandoned building where they renovate the first the floor into a cozy charming space. The designed is beyond artsy and most of their furniture are in a rusty style, contemporary posters which mostly about the barista and coffee- hanging in a wall, while in other wall they hang a big poster from Filosofi Kopi film and it’s hanging as “Signature wall”.


As you have been reminded in front of the door : “No Wifi” , when you walked down and entered the coffee shop you can’t get the free access of internet. Nevertheless for most of the people, this is a little bit annoying, but me is different. I feel a little bit surprised but I am also happy with this because nowdays the modern coffee shop always offer a free Wifi as their main facility instead of give their consumer experience to enjoy their time freely by enjoying the coffee totally or perhaps talking and socialize with their beloved one.

The Name of Famous Coffees In The Movie

Tiwus coffee, Perfecto coffee, and Lestari coffee which became the main coffee that Mas Ben always made in Filosofi Kopi film also available in this coffee shop. Me and my friend ordered Tiwus coffee with brewing method V60 and Lestari coffee with Symphon brewing method. The result is, Tiwus coffee with sour taste very dominates in this coffee, but feel comfortable in my mouth, this sensation will made you always wanted to sipping in it. In the other side The Lestari Coffee, the sour taste is slowly appear in my mouth and rich with fruit flavour after you swallow it.

Another recommended for you, coffee lovers, Affogato. An affogato is a coffee based dessert. It usually takes the form of the scoop of vanilla gelatto or ice cream topped with a hot espresso and last but not least Vanilla ice cream, vanilla ice cream never dissapointed you and because of the espresso is bitter, so vanilla ice cream would be a perfect match.



Well , I would say that this coffee shop is one of the café that you should tried, especially for coffee lovers – and moreover if you’re coming from outside of Jakarta. Just tried Ben’s perfecto coffee or Tiwus Tubruk, once they called them in this film “The Most Delicious Coffee” in the world or at least you feel the hype. If you are not into a coffee, another beautiful drinks is waiting for you green tea latte, lychee tea, or red velvet could be an option.

So, let’s invite your friends to come and visit this coffee shop and enjoy the sensation of coffee shop as it filmed. I personally recommended this place for you. You wouldn’t be dissapointed by invested your time to come and feel the hype in here.


Coffee greetings!  Address:  Filosofi Kopi Jl. Melawai VIBlok M, Kebayoran BaruSouth Jakarta, 12160 Average Spending: Rp 100,000 for two person Opening hours: 08.00 until 11.30, 13.30 until 22.00 Instagram: @filkopmovie