Feel Sensation at Didago Cafe

Didago Cafe , The cafe is now one of the places frequented by young people. Whether it’s just for eating, hanging out with friends, assignments, work, even meeting events. The owners of the cafe also strive to provide service and carry an authentic theme to continue to captivate their customers.

Feel the Sensation of Hanging Out at the Former Old Hotel at Didago Cafe

The results can be seen now, more and more afe popping up with a variety of themes. Starting from the mainstream to the anti-mainstream. As long as the visitors keep coming, the theme can be said to be successful. Especially considering that in this Covid-19 pandemic situation, the culinary industry is forced to innovate in order to maintain its business continuity.

One of the new cafes in Bandung that is getting more and more famous is Didago Cafe. This cafe carries a unique theme, which is located in a former hotel building. With this attraction, this Cafe managed to attract the interest of the visitors. The following is a full review of Didago Cafe.

Didago Cafe location

The location of this cafe is quite hidden because it is difficult to see from the outside. The full address is located on Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 21, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan District, Bandung City, West Java. This cafe is located between a sports equipment shop and the Dekranasda Building.

At first glance, the existence of this one cafe is not visible, to arrive at the cafe one must enter the small entrance between the two buildings. The small road is the link between DIdago Cafe and the highway. After entering, visitors will be greeted by an old building with two floors, it looks very old and abandoned, but make no mistake that is Didago Cafe.

Didago Cafe’s Unique Concept

Former old buildings are usually known to be scary, but this is different from the former building of this one hotel. The two-story building has been transformed into a quiet and comfortable Cafe. All the original architectural forms of the old hotel building are preserved. Paints that have peeled off here and there are also preserved.

This building has a balcony which is a favorite place for cafe visitors. Complementary furniture such as tables and chairs are dominated by white with cream paint. The impression of an old building with a little modern touch is an extraordinary combination that is the main attraction of this cafe.

Visitors who want to know Didago afe’s portrait can visit his official Instagram. His Instagram account is named @didago.cafe and has more than five thousand followers. Various photo spots and portraits of selected menus do not forget to decorate the cafe’s Instagram feed.

With the number of posts that have reached 181 posts, this cafe’s Instagram account is quite diligent in sharing various moments and information about the cafe. Information if there is the latest promo, the latest menu, and other information is always provided through the Instagram account.

Didago Cafe Menu List

As a cafe, of course, Didago cafe offers a variety of food and drinks that are a mainstay. The food and drinks are no less of a good quality to support the theme being carried. The following is a list of some of the menus offered by Didago Cafe.

In the All-Day Breakfast category, the Didago breakfast menu, Beef Mushroom Carbonara Croissant, Tuna Croissant, Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognese, Grilled Chicken Salad, Caesar Salad, Mie Tek-tek, and Mie goreng mania are available. While in the Toast category there are Beef Patty Toast, Fried Chicken Toast, Mee Goreng Toast, and Omelette Toast.

Next in the snacks category, there are Batagor menus, Fried Platters, Chicken Ragout Risoles, Smoked Beef Egg Mayo Risoles, DIDAGO Bitter Ballen 2.0, Popcorn Chicken, Cream Soup, Spicy Salted Tofu, Banana Fritters, and others. Then in the Fries category, there are DIDAGO Bolognese Fries, and French Fries.

In the Rice Bowls category, there are Beef Bulgogi Rice menus, Rawon Fried Rice, Kremes Fried Chicken Rice, Kimchi Fried rice, Teriyaki Chicken, Black Pepper Beef, Salted Egg Chicken, Spicy Basil Chicken, Popcorn Chicken + Mantul Fried Eggs, DIDAGO Popcorn Chicken, Rice DIDAGO Special Fried Chicken, Crispy Chicken Skin + Mantul Fried Egg. Furthermore, in the Mentai Series category, there are Tamago Mentai, Chicken Mentai, and Mentai Geprek Mie Goreng.

Furthermore, in the Sweet Toast category, there are Oreo, Chococheez Banana, Peanut Butter Banana, DIDAGO Toast, and Malacca Sugar menus. Then in the Ice Cream category, vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry flavors are available. In the last category, Cake By Slice, there are Mille Crepes, Klepon cake, Nastar Cake, Cake of The Day, Regal Pudding, and Cheese Cake menus.

Didago Cafe Customer Reviews

A place is considered less convincing if there are no direct reviews from visitors who have visited. But don’t worry, Didago Cafe has been widely reviewed by visitors who have felt the sensation of eating in the old building. Quoted from gokuliner.com, the following:

are some reviews from Didago Cafe visitors.

“I’ve been here several times but I always forget to make a review. Okay, this time I came here for coffee, just relaxing, so I just bought a drink because I just ate too. There are also various kinds of heavy food, snacks and cakes here. For the drink, I ordered: espresso matcha (28k), this is a matcha drink with an espresso shot.

I’ve always liked the combination of matcha and coffee, how good is it? But in my opinion, the coffee here is a bit lacking in taste, the matcha is more dominant, so it’s not balanced enough.

My friend ordered the creamy choco (30k): he said it was delicious, there was a bit of bitterness in the chocolate and it wasn’t too sweet.

I really like the interior, the concept is pretty much found in coffee shops in Bandung (unfinished building) but here the dominant colors are brown and white. Quite clean too, ample parking. Recommended!” Write an account @Nyayu Ista Yulita by including a 4.0 rating

“Didago is a hidden gem, right, it’s located behind Under Armor Dago, not far from Harvest. The place is really “unmanaged” I mean because the building is a heritage, so it’s made in such a way that it doesn’t change anything in the building. The interior is comfortable, but it’s more artsy to eat on the terrace.

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    The parking lot is big and can fit a lot of cars. I ordered Bitterballen and Didago Coffee. Mother ordered Strawberry Milkshake, father ordered orange mojito. For my taste, I admit that it’s light, but enjoyable to take it easy. But I think it’s okay.”. Write an account @Joshua Theo by giving a rating of 3.2.

    “This cafe is not visible because you have to enter the road, at first it didn’t feel weird if there was a cafe in this area, because this cafe also seems to be integrated with a building that is no longer in use.

    This cafe is always busy, even those who drink coffee here are mostly children who hang out , which can be said to be contemporary, wow😂😂 the cafe is simple but made as attractive as possible.

    The coffee is delicious and the prices are friendly too. The place is clean, comfortable, from the bathroom, to the prayer room too.” . Write an account @Reza Mahdiah Reflianti by giving a rating of 4.4.

    Those are various reviews about Didago Cafe. With all the attractions, the food and drinks on offer, as well as the existing facilities, of course this one cafe can be considered to be visited.

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