Famous Places In Bandung For ” Ngabuburit ” Breakfasting Moment

By | May 23, 2019

Famous Places In Bandung For ” Ngabuburit ” Breakfasting Moment | Points Ngabuburit In Bandung – Here’s a list of fun for ngabuburit place in the city of Bandung and its surroundings.
From the place is a favorite of young people to a famous place, and there are all the hits here. There is also a central location and hunting takjil in Bandung you know. Exciting and cool deh, especially when with my friends and family.
Who does not know seh Bandung? The town is known as the “Paris Van Java” has become one of the favorite weekend tourist destination Jakarta residents. The accommodation was complete, easy transportation, attractions complete and varied culinary variety seems to be the reason for many tourists who come to Bandung.
Well, for those who visit the Flower City during the month of Ramadan, anekawisata.com has compiled some references and recommendations suitable place to ngabuburit waiting to break the fast.
Approximately anywhere ya right place and cool to create ngabuburit in Bandung? Let’s look at the following list immediately.

Ngabuburit Places List On The Bandung Fun, Delicious, And Famous

1. Jalan Braga Street

This is where the fun ngabuburit in Bandung that must be visited Jalan Braga. Arguably, Braga is the most iconic streets in the Flower City. Why not, the street is full row of old colonial-style building. Even so, Braga away from the old impression for many modern buildings that stand side by side with the old building.
No wonder Braga become a new tourist icon in Bandung once a favorite area for ngabuburit, including hunting. You can walk along from the end of the street to the other, also visited several neighboring streets such as Africa and Asia City Hall.


2. Square Bandung

Ngabuburit favorite place in Bandung second is square area ahead of the Great Mosque. Square Bandung has been renovated and enhanced. Now, a traveler can spend time taking pictures and playing in the square is full of artificial turf. Equally nice cool when compared to the Great Mosque of Central Java which became the ngabuburit engrossed in Semarang.
In addition to playing on synthetic grass and wait for time to break, travelers can also shop and visit the adjacent Jalan Braga. When breaking the fast, many sellers takjil and the food is mouthwatering!
On the side of the road, dozens of vendors selling a variety of beverages and foods, such as ice coconut, compote, pickled, fried foods, cakes, meatballs, and batagor, ready to pamper. Heavy meals also available.
In the vicinity are also lined with shopping centers that serve a variety of purposes by the villagers. From Jalan Dewi Sartika, Kepatihan, until Dalem filled with merchants.
The location of the square is also quite strategic, easily reached because it was close to the transit stop a number of these transport umum.Tak wonder if Square Bandung became a favorite ngabuburit Bandung residents.
Famous Places In Bandung For ” Ngabuburit ” Breakfasting Moment For children, a selection of games. Some families, in every weekend, for example, spoil their children by letting them ride the mini train carriages. Most of the other children choose motorcycles and small cars.

3. Alun-Alun Bandung

For those who want to just sit around, there are garden chairs shaded by trees. Some chose to rest in the lobby of the mosque, reading or listening to the holy verses of the Quran. The students usually choose to visit the tower flanking the mosque.
North tower, which is located near Jalan Asia-Africa, specially opened on Saturday and Sunday. While the south tower is only used from Monday to Friday. Opening hours from 9 am to 5 pm.
From the tower’s 19 floors are views of Bandung in all directions. If the weather is sunny, very impressive panorama presented. The capacity at the top of the tower is 70 people. Each visitor only had the opportunity for 15 minutes to spoil his view.
Ticket prices to go up to the tower was affordable bag. Foreign tourists are tariff of Rp 5,000, Rp 3,000 adult visitors, as well as toddlers to elementary school just Rp 2,000. In the south tower of the average visitor ranges from 150-200 people per day.

4. Caringin Tilu (Cartil)

For those of you who want to visit Bandung ngabuburit in cool shades of nature, can go to Caringin Tilu. Caringin Tilu is the name of an area located in Padasuka, right near Saung Angklung Udjo. This is where the right place to enjoy the view from a height Bandung.
Late afternoon, Put out toward the Cicaheum Terminal Hamburg. Along the road to Caringin Tilu, you’ll be treated to a view of the forest refreshing eye. Tall trees dominates the view, very photogenic!
Iftar will not be felt as soon as we get Caringin Tilu, you’ll be treated to a view of Bandung from the heights. It is one of the best spot to view the sunset. The changing colors of the sky and twilight tinge to treat the natural before the call to prayer maghrib prayer. Subhan Allah!

4. National Park Ir H Juanda (Tahura)

Equally to Surabaya which has various parks for a fun ngabuburit, Bandung also has. Come to the Park Ir H Juanda (Tahura) located near Terminal Dago, Bandung. This city park is suitable for a leisurely stroll and enjoy the cool air Flower City. Suitable also for ngabuburit place in Bandung that bad because the air is cool and shady.
This park stretches from Dago Pakar to Maribaya Lembang. Invite family or friends along the trail, visit the waterfall, or if you dare, into the Cave of Japan and the Cave of the Netherlands. Many spots of cool photos, fasting time will not be felt long!
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5. Gasibu & Gedung Sate

As well as the Old City area which became a favorite Jakarta ngabuburit in young children, Gasibu Square and Gedung Sate is also one of the places in Bandung ngabuburit famous and popular among young people. Gasibu in the field, which is opposite Gedung Sate, young people usually like to gather to the north, namely West Java Struggle Monument.
If not rain, they often sit on the steps Gasibu field and monuments or watch the action stunt on motorcycles. So the time to break arrives, they will spread to some culinary tourist sites, such as the Road Cisangkuy until Cimandiri until around Jalan Ukur.  Famous Places In Bandung For ” Ngabuburit ” Breakfasting Moment