Enjoying Your Weekend At Kalijodo Skatepark

jave.my.id – Weekend is the time we are waiting for after our fully routinity whole day.

But sometimes we just confused how to spend the weekend well.

We bored to visit department store or such a Mall, and also we think about the budget too.

Finally we just spend our weekend at home while watching a movie that we’ve watch for several times.

Not Only Skatepark

Kalijodo Skatepark is located in Jl. Bidara Raya, Pejagalan, Penjaringan, North Jakarta and whole area is about 4.2 hectares.

Obviously Kalijodo Skatepark really relate to them, Skateboarder.

But don’t worry, there’s many spot here you can enjoy.

There are bmx arena, football field, jogging track, also children playground called RPTRA.


Bring Also Your Hobby Here

Like I said, there are many spot you could enjoy here, not only Skatepark.

So, show your passion off here. Sketch the atmosphere if you like to sketch.

Capture if you’re a photography-addicted, dance if you’re insane in shake the body, or you can just doing some exercise like jogging or anything.

Because here’s the green public space for everyone.


For Your Information

Kalijodo Skatepark was a prostitution area, until province government of DKI Jakarta rebuild it to RTH (Ruang Terbuka Hijau) and RPTRA (Ruang Publik Terbuka Ramah Anak) on 2016.

The area divided to two region,  West Jakarta for RPTRA and North Jakarta for RTH.

The construction of Kalijodo Skatepark is under cooperate with private company or non government institution. Which means CSR of the company.

And the goal is to change the slum of Kalijodo to a better place for civilian.

No entry ticket, it’s for public



You don’t have to spend money to enjoy this place.

You can do anything positive here, and you just have to pay the park if you ride your own vehicle.

Also you can come here anytime, you can enjoy the morning sun with some simple exercise.

Or spend your day with any fun things, also spend the night with the citylight around.

A bit about history

Name of Kalijodo came from Kali Jodoh, it took by people who think that Kalijodo was a place for Tionghoa Ethnic to meet their mate. Either a ‘legal’ relationship on the other side.

By the time, Kalijodo turn to slum and dirtier. Moreover the woman comes to prostitute.

So it increase the criminal ratio in this place.

And finally government took the solution to make a change of Kalijodo. So that, it could be a better place for everyone.

Don’t forget to take your family


This Sinarmas Land building park concern to a family destination concept.

Like there’s a playground corner for children and RPTRA.

So, parent have no worry to take your children here, an outside place. So they can play actively and creatively.

Instead you give the child with gadget or something like that in their every weekend at home.

What about the accessibility?


Kalijodo Skatepark is really easy to find, especially if you ride your own vehicle.

You can access it by tolls to Angke, or you can use local transportation like TransJakarta to Jembatan Dua Shelter and go walk after that.

Also there is a free bus from Balai Kota to Kalijodo that you can use. Remember its free!

For you guys who live outside Jakarta, you can use the commuter line first then use another local transportation to bring you here.

The Biggest Skatepark In Jakarta


After the construction of this outside space, Kalijodo Skatepark become the biggest skatepark in Jakarta.

There are three type of skate-track, those are pumping track, street and bowl track.

Many skateboarder community come here and admitted it as one of best place for their passion. Because the Skatepark has an International Standard.

The other side, on Kalijodo Skatepark they do not need to pay for the rent cost. It’s free, anythime for everyone to use this arena.


Grip Attention People Outside Jakarta

People who came here, not only from Jakarta region.

They come from other region outside Jakarta, such a Tangerang, Depok, Bekasi, Bogor, etc.

They attract with the change of Kalijodo. First they just want to see how it turn to be.

But then they interest with the atmosphere, the place, the arena, etc. So they come back again with their family to spend their weekend or just having fun and get some relax.

Everything has plus and minus

If you are enjoying this place, it’s normal. Because the facility does.

But there is some problem with the condition.

Sometimes there is no guide to take a control of situation. People who does the sport activity like biking a BMX, play skateboard and rollerblade sometimes disturbed by the kid.

They afraid something terrible could happen when they do the sport, then the children walk nearby.

It should be addition of keeper to take a control near the sport arena.

Save The Place, Don’t Mess it

Remember to save the place, do not ever mess it with rubbish.

Create your mindset to save every place, which means not to destroy it.

Because we are not the one who enjoy the place.

Our child and future does.

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Location: Jalan Bidara Raya No.18, RT.4/RW.5, Pejagalan, Penjaringan, RT.4/RW.5, Angke, Tambora, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450 | Open 24 hours | Phone: +62 21 5205455 | Free entry

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