Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park : DINE-IN-NATURE YOU MUST TRY

Doing activities in nature would be so much fun for some people.

They can feel more relax, and it is good for their mental health.

Having so much stress at work, spesifically for those who work in office near big city, some people want something fresh and silence to get away from their stress.



Thus, nature can be one of the solutions.

Many activities can be done in nature, such as camping, hiking, doing picnic, walking, or just sitting beneath trees and enjoy the view.


Green grass with flowers, trees upon your head, fresh air, and sounds of insect will certainly be pleasing for you.

Bandung, capital city of West Java, provides you those kind of feeling through its nature.


It is surrounded by mountains and rivers that make the view is very natural and beautiful.

Seeing its geographical advantage, food enterpreneurs create restaurants which emphasize the beauty of nature for food-lovers.


Why eating in ordinary restaurant on weekends when you can choose to dine in nature?


Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park


Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park— the name says it all. This place is a perfect combination of nature, good food, and good playground for you and your closest ones.


After spending five days in a week, this place will serves you with its best service. You can find the place on Jalan Kolonel Masturi KM. 11, Cisarua, Lembang, Bandung.


For entering the place, you will be charged only around Rp.15.000,- each person.

This place doesn’t allow you to bring your own food, instead it provides you with three dine-in-nature restaurant with their own speciality and different scenery.



Lutung Kasarung Restaurant

Having lunch inside the restaurant is boring.

This restaurant will take you into a ‘bird nest’ with a beautiful scenery on the outside.

Imagine you are sitting inside a nest with good food provided on your table, you will not miss to take a picture for your instagram.

When you walk in the restaurant, the waiter will take you to one of the bird nests that are connected with wooden bridge from tree to tree.



Yes, the ‘bird nests’ are on the trees, so you will feel like you are inside a real nest. After sitting inside the nest, you can order some food that this restaurant provide you.


The speciality of this restaurant is of course Sundanese traditional food. But don’t worry, although they serve traditional food, they combine it too with modern taste.


You must try their roasted rice that smells so good because they place it inside a coconut shell. Also, you don’t have to worry about the price. Eventhough the service, place, and meal are above average, the price is not expensive and still affordable.



The best time to visit this restaurant is in the afternoon because you will get its best view. Clear blue sky, the green scenery of the forest, and the sounds of nature will certainly increase your appetite.


You can also take picture inside the nest or on the bridge with your closest ones. However, you have to be patient when it comes to holiday time. Many visitors from Bandung and other cities would come to this place, and this place will be quite crowded.



Purbasari Restaurant


When you don’t really want to eat inside a nest, you can try this restaurant. Different from Lutung Kasarung that is surrounded by trees, Purbasari provides you lake scenery.


Once you come to the restaurant, the waiter will take you to one of the ‘saung’ or hut made from bamboo. You will eat on the floor, a very traditional Sundanese style of eating.


Also, this place serve you with its Sundanese menu.

You can find traditional Sundanese food such as grilled fish and chicken with raw vegetables, soup, durian sticky rice, and many more. They serve two kind of rice, which are ‘liwet’ or traditional rice with herb, and original cooked rice.


For the complement, you can choose traditioal fried chicken, tofu, steamed mushroom, gurame, spicy ‘jengkol’ or eye bean, and so on. Enjoying nature when eating good food will not be disappointing for you.


Burangrang Cafe and Resto


The last one is Burangrang Cafe and Resto. Different from Lutung Kasarung and Purbasari, you will eat inside the building, not a hut nor a nest. If it is raining, this place will be the best for you.


The restaurant is surrounded by glass window, which is a perfect way to connect you with nature around the restaurant. Outside of the restaurant, you can find trees, lake, and also the view of Burangrang mountain.



Alike two other restaurants, this restaurant serves Sundanese traditional food, but they combine it with other traditional food. One of the best menu is Ayam Bakar Betutu.


Ayam Bakar Batutu is a grilled chicken with Balinese seasoning. They serves this delicious and juicy chicken with hot cooked-rice and ‘sambal’ or spicy sauce.


In order to be remarkable, they put the grilled chicken inside bamboo, so that the smell of seasoning and bamboo will blend together—you cannot miss this one for sure.