Dorayaki Lovers Must Visit Moist and Friends Cafe

By | June 11, 2023 – Dorayaki Lovers Must Visit Moist and Friends Cafe , The city of Bandung is a food paradise for culinary lovers. Various kinds of food and drinks are available with distinctive and delicious flavors. The people of Bandung seem to never get tired of innovating in serving new, contemporary dishes.

For a long time, the city of Bandung has been one of the tourist destinations that has never been deserted by local and international tourists. With the topography that is surrounded by mountains, making the air in this city feel cold, this is an attraction for tourists.

With tourism potential that continues to increase every year, it opens up great opportunities for the people of Bandung to be creative in creating various tourism objects such as complete playgrounds, entertainment venues and various culinary centers typical of Bandung.

In recent years, many new tourist sites have been opened with various unique tourism concepts, such as the concept of nature tourism which presents beautiful views and even specifically provides interesting spots or views for visitors who will take pictures.

Cafés in the city of Bandung not only serve dishes that tantalize the taste buds of tourists but also sell an atmosphere with an aesthetic, futuristic café concept and many of them are located in large outdoor landscape locations.

One type of Bandung culinary that is currently hits among the people of Bandung, especially Japanese food connoisseurs, is Dorayaki cake. This traditional cake typical of the land of Sakura has a shape that is almost like a pancake/pancake in which there is a red bean butter or chocolate filling as the adhesive.

This simple flour-and-water-based cake was originally introduced in Japan in 1914, initially only in the form of a round cake with slightly folded sides, then with azuki peanut butter in the center. Why is it called Dorayaki? because the shape of this cake that looks like a gong.

Currently, many people make dorayaki cakes because the way to make it is very easy with simple ingredients that are easily available. Enough with the basic ingredients of flour, eggs and liquid milk so this cake can be cooked quickly and practically. Can also be varied with several flavors and fillings.

Moist and Friends Café Bandung

One of the cafes in Bandung that is currently viral, namely “Moist and Friends Café” serves a soft/pluffy textured Dorayaki menu, with various creations that tantalize the taste buds. Dorayaki, which we know from the Doraemon television series, in this café is made using special techniques from very fresh ingredients and seasonings.

Dorayaki lovers can not only enjoy super pluffy Japanese pancakes with original flavors at this cafe, but also can try several flavors, including strawberry, blueberry, choco, peanut, cheese and banana flavors.

The banana flavor which has just been launched can only be enjoyed in the city of Bandung, because this flavor is specially made from fresh original milk which requires cold temperatures to maintain its quality, so this banana variant is not sold outside the city of Bandung.

In fact, recently there is a Dorayaki menu with cream filling, specifically in this variant there is cream between a pile of dorayaki cakes served like a sandwich. The creamy sensation with the dorayaki cake made this new variant successfully enter the best seller category.

Relaxing and spending time while eating Dorayaki cake at this hommy Café is incomplete without a refreshing drink. In addition to serving a soft Dorayaki menu with a wide selection of special flavors and fillings, this café also has several drink menus.

Hot or cold coffee can be an option for friends to enjoy Dorayaki cake with the closest people or just hang out with friends. However, the Ice coffee milk drink is the menu that is most often recommended.

In addition to the coffee menu, there are also other drink choices such as Ice Peach Tea, Ice Lychee Tea and Ice Lemonade which can be enjoyed with warm Dorayaki cakes.

Even if you want to enjoy a healthy drink, this café serves Kombucha drink, it is said that this fermented drink is rich in antioxidants and probiotics. Not many cafes that serve kombucha menus.

Not only Dorayaki cakes are offered at Café Moist and Friends, but there are also several Healthy meal menus that are not only healthy but also delicious.

The Dori Nam Ban and Chicken Nam Ban menus are homemade dishes that must be tried, served with special spices. In addition, there is also a menu for lovers of beef-based foods, namely Beef Bratwurst and Beef Teriyaki served with French Fries and selected sauces.

Salad is one of the newest healthy food menus that is now much favored by cafe visitors. The types of healthy food offered at this café are served with vegetables that are guaranteed to be fresh with homemade sauce dressing, thus minimizing consumption

use of food preservatives that will pose a risk to the health of the body.
What’s interesting about this Moist and Friends cafe is that it has a unique café concept with a home-like atmosphere. There is also a wifi connection for visitors who want to enjoy a meal while surfing in cyberspace.

This semi-outdoor cafe is designed with minimalist ornaments that seem simple but look elegant. Starting from the selection of unique chairs and tables, tableware such as glasses that are unique and interesting. Also, no less important, in this cafe, there are aesthetic spots that are very instagramable for photography lovers.

This Premium Dorayaki cake can also be used as hampers at special events such as delivery for big holidays such as Lebaran, Christmas or even as souvenirs from Bandung. With attractive packaging, this soft cake looks very attractive.

For Dorayaki cake connoisseurs who cannot visit the café directly or are constrained by the restrictions on activity during the pandemic, they can still order dishes from this café through online food ordering application platforms such as Gofood or Grabfood.

Even Moist and Friends café also often participates in opening booths or stands at food bazaar events held in several malls in the city of Bandung such as Riau Jauction Mall, Paskal 23, Sumbersari Mall. It is possible that in the future this cafe will be present at other bazaar events.

Don’t claim to be a true Dorayaki cake lover if you haven’t come to the Café located on Jl. Pineapple number 10 Bandung. The location is in the middle of Bandung city and can be accessed easily.

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The most recommended cafe for lovers and connoisseurs of Dorayaki cakes fresh from the oven. Combined with a cozy, calm and of course fun atmosphere, this cafe is certainly suitable for enjoying quality time with the people closest to you.

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