Djournal Coffee and The Peoples Cafe Open in Bandung

By | June 12, 2023

Expansion, Djournal Coffee and The Peoples Cafe Open in Bandung, ISMAYA Group announced its expansion by opening a new branch of Djournal Coffee and The Peoples Cafe. Located at Mal 23 Paskal Bandung, this will be the second branch of both restaurants.

With the principle that “life is too short for a bad coffee”, Djournal Coffee serves artisanal coffee experiences from 100% authentic Indonesian beans every day. Meanwhile, The People’s Cafe with its tagline, Jajanan Semua People, provides a hangout destination option for food enthusiasts in Bandung to enjoy a variety of street food favorites.

At Djournal Coffee, people can enjoy the best local flavors in coffee and food. The coffee beans are brewed with various methods, namely espresso based, pour over, and cold drip.


Not only that, the restaurant also offers Indonesian flavors, such as batavia milk coffee, ube coffee, and batavia chocolate that can be paired with pastries such as chicken rendang pie. Sarah Merci, Group Marketing Manager, Resto Division of ISMAYA Group said Djournal Coffee and The People’s Cafe are restaurants for gathering and relaxing with menus suitable for all ages.

She added that the company combined these two outlets because the menus complement each other.

“We are very happy to be able to provide a new choice of hangout destination for the growing culinary scene in Bandung. True to its tagline, the menu at The People’s Cafe is suitable for everyone who craves the deliciousness of their favorite street food, complemented by the wide variety of menus at Djournal Coffee. Whether you want to open your laptop for work or assignments with friends, relax with family, or just hang out after work, we’ll be there for you,” says Sarah.

Djournal Coffee and The Peoples Cafe Open in Bandung

Djournal Coffee is committed to bringing authentic Indonesian coffee beans to its customers who are referred to as “djournalists”. Present in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali, the restaurant now has 29 outlets. Meanwhile, The People’s Cafe has 24 outlets.

“All the delights of the Djournal Coffee menu can be enjoyed in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, besides, reminding us that coffee is a product of the earth that is always grounded and humble,” said Sarah.

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