Coffee & Train at the Railway Coffee Station

Railway Coffee Station , Watching the Train while Drinking Coffee at the Railway Coffee Station

Most confused when looking for a place to wait for the train to come. There are too many people waiting in the station, waiting in the hot parking lot, waiting at the roadside stall, it's not comfortable with cleanliness.

Now Bandung residents don’t need to worry, because there is a Railway Coffee Station that provides a solution for all of us.

Railway Coffee Station is located in front of the Bandung Train station, precisely at Selamet Ban, Jl. Kb. Jukut No.17, Babakan Ciamis, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City. It is a few buildings next to Kartika Sari. This cafe opened in 2016.

Railway Coffee Station is open from 09.00 to 21.00 WIB. Although it’s not a coffee shop that opens in the morning, this cafe provides heavy meals, so it’s a perfect place for lunch or dinner.

The name Railwall itself was taken because in front of this cafe there is a train rail. Visitors can enjoy the view of passing trains while at the Railway Coffee Station.

The parking lot provided is wide enough so that visitors do not need to park their vehicles outside the cafe area or the shoulder of the road.

Railway Coffee Station serves a different feel from other cafes. dim nuances, and buildings designed with the atmosphere of the past.

You can see the black nuance when you first come to this cafe. Seen from the rooftop and the front wall of the building which is black in color.

The Railway Coffee Station building itself has a minimalist interior with industrial accents that seem calm and cozy.

This cafe provides smoking and non-smooking areas. The outdoor and indoor areas are separated by a large glass door and wall. Uniquely on this glass wall is the inscription “Railway Show” which is the train departure schedule.

However, visitors said, the train schedules displayed were correct, some were wrong. To be more certain, train departures can be viewed on the train’s official website.

In front of the entrance, a row of ornamental plants neatly arranged on the entrance stairs next to the terrace.

With a 1 meter high iron fence and rows of ornamental plants that adorn the entire terrace.

The words Railway Coffee are clearly visible on the front wall of the cafe, decorated with several small potted plants underneath.

This cafe brand is true to its name, there is a logo with the image of a train head above the words Railway.

The smoking area is on the cafe terrace. There are several chairs and tables made of black iron on this terrace. Adjusting the black concept shown in front.

At first glance, Railway Coffee looks like a shophouse located in a large workshop-Slamet Ban, but once inside, the interior they present erases that impression. The interior décor includes wood and metal furniture, as well as large white tiles stuck to the center bar.

In the building that is used as a non-smooking area, the interior design presented is still industrial like most coffee shops. Some of the walls are polished and painted smoothly and neatly.

There is one part of the wall that is decorated with paintings of coffee beans along with coffee making tools that look as if they describe the process of making coffee itself. and a painting of a train with a mix of black and white paint.

In that area there is a long table made of wood that can be used for meeting areas, and an additional small table with a capacity of 4 people.

Light is used in the area using LED spotlights such as lights in a stadium or concert stage. The light shines on the body of the wall where there is a painting, so that the painting on the wall stands out. Coupled with a round chandelier located above a long table as the main light of the room.

Next to the painting area, there is an area that is quite interesting with a wall design that is designed like the wall of an old building, with brick designs that are clearly visible and only coated with thin white paint.

Gives the impression of an old, uninhabited building wall. On the wall hung a black decorative board.

There are several tables provided in the area with a capacity of 2 to 3 people per table. The distance between tables is not that far for this area. even impressed to join for each table. lighting only uses spotlights that are directed at the wall, so the seat area looks shady.

Unique ornaments in the indoor area, are vines that are on the rooftop. This plant spreads on the logs that support the part of the building under the paffon.

This coffee bar itself is not far from the entrance, with a wall design that is covered with small white ceramics one third of the building, and artificial grass decorations at the top of the wall. On the wall above a board displays the menu variants in this cafe. Visitors can see the menu variants before ordering.

The menu variants here are varied and quite a lot. A complete variety of coffee types like other coffee shops, v

Arian non coffee, snacks and heavy meals. The mainstay menu at this cafe is the Railway Signature which is iced coffee milk. For a relatively standard price like other coffee shops, and for the taste of the menu variants, it is enough to be recommended.

But there is something unique here, visitors can print the image we want on the drink ordered.

Not just manually painted like in a coffee shop, but actually printing like ink printing. Very unique, and of course the main attraction for Railway Coffee Station.

Wifi facilities and area chargers are available at this cafe, the internet speed itself is quite fast, which is 20mb/5mb.

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The cleanliness of the place is quite well maintained, especially the toilet section. The staff at this cafe are very friendly and professional. So that makes the visitors more satisfied when visiting the Railway Coffee Station.

With a different feel that presents views of passing trains, giving its own value for Railway Coffee Station. This cafe is one of the best coffee shops in Bandung.

In addition to helping solve problems for visitors who are confused about finding a waiting place for visitors who drop off or pick up their families at the station, this cafe is also a cool and strategic place to enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere of the train.

The perfect place to find inspiration and relax. To find out more details about this cafe, you can see their instagram account at and various reviews on google.

For those of you who have just arrived in the city of Bandung, don’t forget to stop by the Railway Coffee Station even if it’s just to unwind on the trip.


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