Cikapundung Antique Market, Heaven For Classic Item Hunters

Cikapundung Antique Market, Heaven For Classic Item Hunters.

If you are interested or are in need of certain classic items, you can go to the Cikapundung Antique Market at Banudng, which gets the nickname as a haven for classic hunters.

Traders in this market sell a variety of items ranging from trinkets, wall hangings, coins, stamps, glassware, toys, musical instruments, LPs to furniture.

How to Reach the Antique Market Cikapundung

The easiest way to reach the Cikapundung Antique Market is to find the end of West Cikapundung Street opposite the former building of Abdurrahman bin Ra’uf Trade Center. If you get there, all you have to do is take the elevator to the third floor.

Upon arrival on the third floor, you can see various stalls neatly arranged and all stalls filled with antiques.

Once you enter this area, you will feel like entering the past, the area is full of old items on display.



Very Cheap Prices

No need to worry about the price, because every item sold in the Antik Cikapundung market is still negotiable, so you can bring home antiques at low prices.

Many people think that antiques will be sold at expensive and unreachable prices, but not in Bandung, especially in the Antique Market Cikapundung because antiques are sold at affordable prices and are still negotiable.



Antiques Customers

There are a variety of antique customers who come to Antik market when they come from collectors or just certain people who need antiquities to decorate the interior of a house, cafe or restaurant, so they are not purely collectors.

Most people who are collectors will definitely not bargain prices when they know that the items offered are valuable items in the eyes of the collector.

In general, a collector buys an antique because he sees the investment value of the item.

Therefore, do not be surprised if each item is priced at a different price because of the different value levels.


Old But Gold

There is a certain satisfaction for the collector, when he managed to get his favorite antique barn.

For the average collector of valuable art items, whether it’s culture or history will have added value later on.

Some of the items that are seen by visitors until now are items such as antique lamps, old school radios, used chairs, vinyl records, and display items sold at varied prices.

If you walk to this market, you can see the bargaining activities carried out by the buyers and sellers.


Souvenirs After Traveling in Bandung

If you have just spent vacation time in Bandung, you can also stop by the Antique Market Cikapundung and buy some antiques as souvenirs.

Gifts after sightseeing do not have to be expensive items, or culinary items that can be eaten by anyone, but can be in the form of antiques to beautify the house.

Who knows, you actually find antiques that are of historical value and then you all invest in these items, later on when you resell the goods you buy, apparently the price has already shot 100 times.

Items that will generally have investment value are works of art such as paintings from famous people, ancient money from certain kingdoms or countries, and others.


Address of Cikapundung

The antique goods market is located in the Cikapundung area, Bandung City, West Java. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Cikapundung Electronic Center Building.

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