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Challenging Adrenaline: Rafting on the Palayangan River Bandung

After a week of wrestling with such crowded activity and congestion, I really wanted a new atmosphere. Weekend, I want to visit a new places and try new things in the wild.

After googling for 5 minutes, I finally found a good spot to visit, yeah that is Palayangan-Bandung River. So this time, I will spur my adrenaline rafting on the river. I love nature. I miss interacting with nature. I miss enjoying the fresh air in the wild, and rafting on the river is the perfect choice.



For me rafting is one thing that’s really new among a series of my natural adventures like climbing, diving, and others. Imagine that my inflatable boat would accelerate along the stream, then move wild, meandering avoiding  the rocks, then enjoy the pounding of the rapids. Ach, my feelings are mixed up, I really can not wait for tomorrow.

In other hand, choosing rafting on the River Palayangan also not without reason. After seeing reviews from a travel blogger, the river is highly recommended for beginners like me. For the first because the size of the river isn’t too wide, and secondly because the flow of the river isn’t too heavy but still challenging.


Down the Twisty Road to Rafting Locations

The next day on Saturday morning, I and my five friends went straight to Bandung by car. On the road, the atmosphere of freshness of the outdoors has been felt. Ach, along the way I was shown the landscape that very ciamik. The road is winding, uphill, downhill. The trees are shady on both sides. Green, natural, and beautyfull catching my eyes. Far from the metropolitan city scene filled with high-rise buildings and noisy engine roar.

After a long journey (if from the city of Bandung to the location approximately 2 hours), we arrived at the location start rafting. In general, the location of rafting starts from the Ciluenca Lake to the Palayangan River. Arrive in the location of rafting, we use safety equipment such as buoys, helmets, and others.

Sensation When Rafting ..

After the safety equipment is complete, it’s time to walk along the Palayangan River and enjoy the sensation of rafting that ciamik. In stau rubber boat, filled by 6 people and one instructor. The six of us are very enthusiastic. The reason, this is our first experience of sixth about rafting.

At the beginning of the walk while the instructor gives instructions about the safety codes. If the instructor gives a ‘Bum’ signal all must squat. It’s a sign that we’re about to face the rapids soon. If the instructor says ‘stop’, for those holding the oars should stop rowing. If the instructor says ‘right shift left’, then the position on the right shifts slightly to the left, or vice versa. If the instructor says shake, then we have to rock (LoL). More or less.

A few minutes from the initial start, the instructor says ‘bum’, we all squat and the rapids hit our body “byurrrrrrrr”, soaking wet. The perfect start. After that the boat drove quickly following the swift flow of water. Then the boat hit a cliff ‘byarrr’ our boat almost just upside down.

After a few minutes, the sheep or the rapids (about 1 meter) block our rubber boat, ‘argghhhhh …’ our shouts break the solitude of the Ciluenca Lake-Palayangan River. ‘Stop’, ‘Bum’, ‘Arghh’ Woow ‘, and others coloring throughout our journey from Ciluence Lake to Palayangan. The shade of trees on either side of the river spoil our eyes.

After an hour or so, this exciting and thrilling journey must end. The distance traveled approximately 5 km.

Say Good Bye

Satisfied rafting, we returned to the initial start transported by conveyance car. Down a winding path.
In my opinion, this will actually be more intense if everyone in the boat paddling the paddle, unfortunately the paddling paddle is only two people.. So, me and my three friends like the official who sat sweet behind the wheel of the driver.

But the overalls are all exciting. The field is quite extreme, very challenging adrenaline, but also safety. Back home, my body and brain are fresh. I can start Monday with the spirit. Next time I want to rafting again.


Location Information Rafting on Palayangan River: Situ Cileunca Street, Warnasari, Pangalengan, Pulosari, Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java 40378. Telep. 0812-2323-7562.

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