Centrum Millions Ball, The Contemporary Destination in Bandung

Bandung Advertiser – Bandung does not stop offering many charming tourist destinations. After previously Rabbit Town, which provided many selfie spots that were so Instagenic, this city in West Java again offers a slick tourist destination.

Its name is Centrum Million Balls. This is a Bandung tourist destination under the same umbrella as Rabbit Town, namely Kagum Group. Come on, see how cool it is.

Newly Opened Centrum Millions Ball

This is one of the new tourist destinations in Bandung, just opened on Thursday, July 26, 2018. The opening itself was carried out by the son of the boss of the Kagum Group named Resi Husada. As made for contemporary young people, Centrum Million Balls are filled with various super cute spots.

Centrum Millions Balls Bandung , just from the name, you can already imagine that there will be many balls in this place. This relatively new tourist spot in the city of Bandung is currently the target of many photo enthusiasts. The concept of a unique and colorful selfie photo spot is the main attraction of this tourist attraction.

If travelers are curious about this newest tourist attraction in Bandung, keep reading this article! This article will review one by one, starting from the location, operating hours, to what is in this Centrum Millions Balls Bandung.

What’s happening at Centrum Millions Balls Bandung?

Before visiting a tourist attraction, make sure you know what tourist attraction you are going to see. Besides, you will have an idea before visiting it, and you can also adjust your dress style when you visit a tourist attraction.

At Centrum Millions of Balls, you will find 12 instagramable photo spots. But don’t worry, from these 12 photo spots, you won’t be bored because the themes and concepts are different. Let’s see!

1. Big Pool Party

This giant pool is called the Big Pool Party. Like the concept of making this pool, which is for fun. Visitors are free to run around, rollover, and even bury themselves in the ball pool.

To take pictures here is also very allowed. Visitors can ask the officers for help to take some photos. Pillows are provided for visitors who want to pose lying on the ball.

To maintain cleanliness, visitors who play in the pool must wear unique socks. The officers always clean the ball pool after the tourist attraction closes. Cleaned using a cleaner such as a magnet to pick up dangerous objects, such as needles.

2. Avocado Shake

The next spot is all green; from the walls to the property, they are colored with green like avocado. Of course, this is an okay place to take selfies.

3. Boba Shop

If you enter this spot, you will get a table with a red bean bag, a wall that matches the floor will also support your photoshoot.

4. Disco Darling

Visitors who like disco must go to the Disco Darling photo spot. As the name implies, this spot has many discotheque lights that will make your Instagram feed look very attractive.

5. Yellow Bubble Shower

The spot is also one of the favorite visitors. This all-yellow bathroom is equipped with a bathtub that you can use as an alternative for taking selfies, don’t forget the distinctive yellow duck is also here.

6. Butter Popcorn

You can also try to visit photo spots with Popcorn backgrounds to complete your selfie tour!

7. French Fries

Unique! French fries background with shades of red, equipped with a chair that you can use to express yourself on the camera screen.

8. Story Of My Life

Meanwhile, the Story of My Life photo spot is no less unique. Here, available coloring tools as well as pictures that have not been colored. Visitors not only take pictures, but they can also bring home their work. The background of the images with the doodle concept is made by describing a life. You can try to take pictures here; yes, the theme is black and white.

9. Comic

Wow, this is a spot full of color; you can visit here with your favorite comics background.

10. Rainbow Curtain

Well, this is the admin’s favorite! Taking pictures with colorful curtains makes for really cool photos.

11. Choco Sundae

This time the spot is charming; you will be presented with an ice cream cart complete with ice cream dolls that can be your property to take pictures.

12. Secret Door

The secret door is the cover for photo spots at the Centrum Millions Ball, two rooms equipped with mirrors and not forgetting to be equipped with colorful knick-knacks.

Those are the spots at Centrum Millions Balls Bandung that you can visit to satisfy your desire to take pictures.

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Information on Centrum Millions Balls Bandung

1. If you are going to visit the best tour in Bandung, you can come to the Centrum Millions Balls address at:

Jl. Belitung No.10, Merdeka, Bandung Well, Bandung City

Getting to the location is relatively easy because it is in the middle of the city. Precisely located next to SMA Negeri 5 Bandung. You can see directions on Google Maps. Of course, it is easy to reach by private vehicle, be it two-wheeled or four-wheeled.

2. For its operating hours, this attraction is divided into 2, namely weekdays and weekends:

Monday – Friday: 10.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday: 09.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.

3. Centrum Millions Balls Ticket Prices:

Monday – Friday: IDR 100.000,-/person

Saturday – Sunday: IDR 125.000,-/org

In addition, there are also regulations that Centrum Million Balls applies to visitors:

1. Must wear socks that have been provided

2. Toddlers must wear diapers. You can purchase it at the merchandise area

3. It is forbidden to carry sharp weapons

4. It is forbidden to bring food from outside

5. No pets allowed

6. No smoking except in the designated area

7. Take care of your safety and belongings

That’s a glimpse of tourist info about Centrum Millions Balls Bandung. This tourist attraction must be included in your bucket list when you are going on vacation in Bandung. What do you think? Do you interested to visit Centrum Millions Balls Bandung on the weekend? Prepare your spare time and stay with your family and friends.

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