Cai Ranca Upas : Complete Your Holiday Essential

South Bandung has some interesting places to visited. One of them is Cai Ranca Upas. This place was called Bumi Perkemahan Ranca Upas, with the famous icons are campsite and deer conservation.

Nowdays, this place finally added “Cai” word in front of their official name since they built a hot spring pool. Their hot spring pool water are origin from Patuha mountain. They also improve some facility in order to get more visitor.

Location and Fee

Kampung Cai Ranca Upas located in Ciwidey, South Bandung, West Java. The distance for about 50 km from the Bandung. The actual location is in Jalan Raya Ciwidey Patenggang  KM.11, Alam Endah, Bandung Region. You can reach this place from the downtown of Bandung for about 3 hours.

The location is not too far from Kawah Putih. Eeven though is quite far from downtown, but don’t worry your effort to come up in here would be paid off.

For the entrance ticket, each person will be charged Rp 10,000. If you’re using a car you will be charged Rp 5,000, motorcycle Rp 2,000, and bus Rp 6,000. Kampung Cai Ranca Upas offers you scenic panorama with whole packaged facilities.

The Facilities in Ranca Upas

1.     Campsite

Kampung Ranca Upas possesed very large area for about 215 hectare this large area enough for 10.000 person. Since the area is beyond the large, the visitor have the ability to choose wherever they want to build their camp.

The panorama that this place offers is more than beautiful. The beuatiful mountain fulfill the background of this place, the green environment, the clear water in the lake. All you can see directly in front of your eyes together from this place.

Not far from this place, you can find protection forest. In there you can see some variant of rare trees like Kurai Tree, Huru Tree, and Pasang Tree. Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough you can heard a bird sing beautifully from the tree bench.

The temperature in here is quiet cold, the temperature touched 0 degrees in the night and 17-20 degrees in daytime. This is happening because Ranca Upas location is in the 1.700 meters above the sea.

If you’re not bring any camp equipment. You can rent some equipment here, such as sleeping bag and tend.

2.     Deer Conservation

Beside this place is nice to used as campsite with your family or friends, in Kampung Cai Ranca Upas also provided you a deer conservation. All of the deers in Ranca Upas is live freely in wild world without any interuption from the management. The management want to keep this conservation as natural as possible.

The unique thing is, the deer that been conservated in this place is Javanesse deer or Cervus Timorensis which the status is protected by the nation. Deers in here have a leg fur lighter than the fur in the body. Their body for has brown-red color.

In this deer conservation, all of the visitors all allowed to watch the deer closely or to feed them. The carrot and other feeds has already provided in here. So you don’t have to bring the feeds from the house

3.     Outbound

Kampung Cai Ranca Upas offers you another experience in outbound. The staff ready to bring you to very interesting outbound activities like games, challenges, or even trekking at the forest. This activities usually being practiced by the student during the scout event.

Nevertheless, the outbound also usually followed for some companies staff during the gathering in their companies. Around the outbound location, there are some facilities such toilet, restaurant, or a small mosque.


4.     Hot Spring Pool

In this area the visitors are get the opportunities to enjoy and feel the warmth from the hot spring. You can imagine right, how comfortable is it enjoying hot spring water between very cold temperature outside.

Near the hot spring pool, you can see the waterboom, this waterboom is one of the most favourite places that kids choose in Kampung Ranca Upas. If you want to enjoy a this facilities, you must pay the entrance ticket again for about Rp 10,000 for waterboom and Rp 3,500 for the hot spring pool.

5.     Paintball

Need some games to pump up your adventure soul? Paintball is the answer.Along with your team-mates you can feel the real war sensation.

The equipment for the paintball is really complete, they also provide an instructor that will guide you before the games being played. The advantage of this games, not only pumped-up your adventure soul but also practice your analytical thinking and team-build ability.


The Origin Souvenirs

It just feel incomplete if we’re not bringing some souvenirs from the place that we have visited. One of the original souvenirs from ciwidey is dodol strawberry. It’s not hard to find the dodol sellers, since most of the sellers usually sell them near around Ranca Upas.

Dodol Strawberry is made by local people. Most of them are having a strawberry garden. The process is so natural and easy. One pack of dodol only Rp 8,000 – Rp 10,000. Besides dodol the local people also usually sell Bandrek, the warm drink local taste with a ginger sensation.

The Bandrek is really appropriate to consume in the place wild cold temperature like Ranca Upas. Bandrek can be take away by bring it with a bottle. This Bandrek is worth for about Rp 7,000 – Rp 15,000. Quite cheap right?