Bukit Cikahuripan Resort, A Cool Place To Stay In Lembang Bandung

Holidays to Bandung will make you able to enjoy a lot of fun tourist attractions.

You can visit the area of Lake Toba, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Kota Mini Lembang, and so on.

There are various tourist attractions in Bandung that will spoil you, see new sights, new experiences, and also new stories to share with your friends later.

There is also a lot of places to stay, so you don’t need to be afraid of the difficulty of getting a place to stay.

The trick to keep you in the room is that you have to book a room first via the internet so that when you come you just say you have a reservation with your own name.

One of the places to stay and at the same time the famous tourist spot in Bandung is Bukit Cikahuripan Resort.

There is a lot of local tourists waiting in line to stay at the inn because it offers tranquility, beautiful scenery, and also staying facilities that match the price.

Do you not know what Bukit Cikahuripan Resort is like? If not, see the following summary about the Bukit Cikahuripan Resort.

1. Address Bukit Cikahuripan Resort

Bukit Cikahuripan Resort is on Jl. Manoko No 28 RT.02 / RW08, Desa Cikahuripan, Kampung Cisaroni, Lembang. As the name implies, the Bukit Cikahuripan Resort is located right on the hillside.

2. Rental Fees

Rental cost per night per person is around IDR 600,000. In one room there will be around six people.

In the room, there are facilities such as a single bedroom, a large sofa, bathroom with hot and cold water, cable tv and a balcony.

This price does not include breakfast if you want to get breakfast you have to add fees starting from IDR 25,000.



3. Room type

Preparation fees will also be adjusted according to the type of room chosen, for example, superior rooms, you have to pay per night around IDR 700-800 thousand.

There are seven rooms, when high session the room will be full soon, so book via online first before coming to Bukit Cikahuripan Lembang.



4. How to reach the Bukit Cikahuripan Resort?

From Bandung, you can reach the Bukit Cikahuripan Resort hill by riding a city car.

It is recommended not to travel in the afternoon or at night because the road to the location is winding and quite dangerous at night because the lighting is only at a few points.

5. View from Bukit Cikahuripan Resort

You will not regret when you arrive at the Bukit Cikahuripan Resort, this place to stay is really cool.

The surrounding scenery is amazing, with cool air, a landscape filled with trees, flowers, and green hills, we will truly feel the refreshing that is extraordinary.

It is very suitable to be a place to get peace after gaining enormous pressure from the world of work. Each spot can be a place for photo hunting.


6. Stay Facilities at Bukit Cikahuripan Resort

In addition to room facilities, tourists who stay get other facilities such as tea or coffee facilities, sofas, barbecue facilities, terraces, toilets, spacious gardens, and so on.


Is it clear right? Just book via a trusted site so you don’t run out of rooms.

Determine the date of departure and adjust to room availability at the Bukit Cikahuripan Resort.

If so, prepare yourself for a pleasant trip to Bukit Cikahuripan Resort, Lembang, Bandung.

Thus the explanation about the Bukit Ciharipan Resort, hopefully helping those of you who want to travel to Bandung.

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