Be Fashionable in Flower City Bandung With Rumah Mode

Categories: Fashion –  Be Fashionable in Flower City Bandung With Rumah Mode | Rumah Mode Bandung is the most famous factory outlets in Bandung. Rumah Mode Bandung including one shopping attractions in Bandung who became the target of the tourists. Tourism in Bandung certainly not out of shopping, it is evident from the many factory outlets in Bandung.

Rumah Mode Bandung seems to be a spot of shopping in Bandung, which is convenient for families. Factory outlet offering cool shopping experience with the family atmosphere at home. In addition to shopping, Rumah Mode Bandung also has a children’s play area and places to eat so if you do not want to shop, you can wait at the venue. Reporting from a variety of sources, see brief review of Rumah Mode Bandung below.

Location And Home Address Mode Bandung

Location and address Rumah Mode Bandung were in the way Dr. Setiabudi No. 41, Bandung. This shopping attractions are easy to find because it is equipped with a guide and a very clear marker location and large. For those of you who bring personal vehicles will not be difficult to find.

If you’re lost and confused, do not be shy to ask directions at the roadside because of Rumah Mode is a spot of shopping in Singapore is so famous that all citizens know the location of Bandung’s factory outlets. For those of you who use public transportation, Rumah Mode can be achieved through the following lines:

Be Fashionable in Flower City Bandung With Rumah Mode

Take public transportation department Plumbing from Jalan Merdeka, within approximately 20 minutes of public transportation will be through the front Rumah Mode Bandung.
Take public transportation from Terminal Plumbing towards Cicaheum, St. Hall, or Kalapa. Public transportation-public transportation will pass Rumah Mode Bandung after approximately 10 minutes away.

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Be Fashionable in Flower City Bandung With Rumah Mode A spot of shopping in Singapore is really sociable and fun because it is designed specifically to display the convenient shopping atmosphere, beautiful and very happy. No wonder the place is now shopping the most famous and loved by the fashionista Bandung and tourists.

It’s unique shopping wsiata this place is the shape of the building do not like buildings where towering shopping. This place show something more friendly and “down to earth” like a house with a garden ornament in front of the spacious complete with fountains. Feels like home deh when shopping at this place.

Amenities Rumah Mode Bandung

Rumah Mode Bandung has an extensive shopping area of the room and supported by other supporting facilities both for ease in shopping or to simply wait for a family member or friend who was shopping. Fun and comfortable it feels. Supporting facilities include:

Spacious parking area
coffee shop
Garden with a bench relaxing as dugout
The interior atmosphere of the traditional
Machine ATM Bank BCA and BNI
reflexology massage
Islamic Prayer Room
Stand ticket sales Trans Studio Bandung

For those of you who do not shop can perform activities such as enjoying a culinary tour, playing in the park, relax, get to enjoy entertainment from musicians and clowns. The fashion house provides comfort for visitors in order to feel at home and linger at home.

Working Hours Rumah Mode Bandung (Opening Hours)

Rumah Mode Bandung course very crowded in coming visitors. If you are going shopping in this place, it would be nice if you come in the morning when the new factory outlet is open.

If you arrive early, the streets around the shopping place famous Rumah Mode jammed on weekends can be passed smoothly. You can shop comfortably nevertheless choose your purchases without scramble with other visitors. Rumah Mode Bandung opening hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 9:30 am to 20:30 evening
Saturday – Sunday: 8:30 am to 21:30 evening

List of Goods Sold In Home Mode Bandung

As the name implies, Rumah Mode Bandung is the largest factory outlet in Bandung, which offer a variety of fashion, among other things:

Women’s clothing
Children’s wear
formal wear
casual clothing
Branded fashion merchandise exports leftovers
Children’s toy

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Prices of goods in Rumah Mode Bandung is a bit more expensive when compared to other existing factory outlet in Bandung, but with the comfort and support facilities in this shopping attractions will certainly comparable to the price of goods that Ada. If you did not bring enough cash then you do not worry because in addition to receiving payment in cash, Rumah Mode Bandung also accept payments using debit cards and credit cards.

You also do not have to worry about the models clothes There is here, it always presents the factory outlet fashion slang and trendy. You will not miss when using fashion from this place. Yuk prey to Rumah Mode Bandung to quench your thirst for fashion. Be Fashionable in Flower City Bandung With Rumah Mode